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    This category includes information about specific subjects (e.g., religious freedom, prison rights, land title issues) and organizations specifically devoted to indigenous law, territorial and cultural integrity, government relations, etc. 
    Resources: 109 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    "Doctrines of Dispossession" - Racism against Indigenous peoples
    A statement from the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, held in Durban, South Africa in 2001.
    More sites on www.un.org
    Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Corporation (Q.E.A) for Legal Services
      Australia - Torres Strait
    Aboriginal Connections - An Indigenous Peoples Web Directory: Law
    Cree Canada
    links to Canadian sites primarily; maintained by Rob Wesley, Cree and a member of the Constance Lake First Nation Reserve.
    More sites on www.aboriginalconnections.com
    Aboriginal Constitutional Issues
    Publication of the John Howard Society of Alberta, 1992. Presented by the Access to Justice Network (ACJNet), an electronic community that brings together people, information, and educational resources on Canadian justice and legal issues.
    More sites on www.acjnet.org
    Aboriginal Genocide Litigation Resources
    On 26 September 2002 legislation enacted by the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia outlawed genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity: Division 268, Criminal Code Act. Australia is demonstrably "unwilling and unable" to investigate and prosecute Aboriginal Genocide claims and thus the International Criminal Court has jurisdiction. This site contains genocide charges against top government officials-- including the Attorney-General, who is the only person under the legislation who can bring such charges. Notification to the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court: Monday 16 June 2003. Director: Robert Thorpe, Gunnai Cases: included Kevin Buzzacott, Arabunna; Wadjularbinna Nulyarimma, Gungalidda; Isabel Coe, Wiradjuri; and others.
    Aboriginal Law
    A searchable index of legal information on the Internet. Maintained by CataLaw.
    Aboriginal Law and Legislation
    Maintained by Bill Henderson, an Ontario lawyer providing a range of services to clients from several provinces, including general litigation and advice on issues of Aboriginal, Treaty and other rights and concerns of First Nations.
    More sites on www.bloorstreet.com
    Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement Inc. (South Australia)
    Nungas (Australia) Pacific - South
    legal services information and Internet resources for ALRM solicitors and aboriginal field officers.
    Action for Aboriginal Rights
      Pacific - South
    "designed for students (and other researchers) looking for information on current Australian Indigenous issues"
    More sites on home.vicnet.net.au
    Ahupua`a Action Alliance
      US - Hawaii
    A coalition of grassroots and Hawai'ian organizations, focused on protection and restoration of Hawai'i's natural, cultural, and spiritual resources.
    Alaska Natives and First Nations
      US - Alaska
    University of Alaska, Anchorage - Justice, law, & other resources relevant to Alaska Natives. See also our American Indians & Canadian First Nations page for national, Canadian, and international indigenous links, including selected on-line periodicals and other publications and papers.
    American Indian Law Science
      United States
    "to entice Native Indians and Volunteers from other cultures, into becoming involved in research and writing concerning matters of which are effecting the Native American Indian Nations, Tribes, and Bands"
    More sites on www.ableza.org
    American Indian Movement
      United States
    Grand Governing Council site.
    "The American Indian Movement is attempting to connect the realities of the past with the promise of tomorrow ..."
    American Indian Nations and Tribes - General Materials
      United States
    Links to materials involving American Indian Nations and Tribes originally provided to the public courtesy of the United States House of Representatives Law Revision Counsel.
    More sites on www.nativeweb.org
    American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation
    a non-federally-funded intercultural partnership
    Applied Legal Anthropology
      US - West
    Allen C. Turner, Ph.D. & J.D., Environmental Program Coordinator, Soboba Indian Reservation, San Jacinto, CA
    Australian National Native Title Tribunal
    The Tribunal is a Commonwealth Government body that facilitates the making of agreements among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, governments, industry and others whose rights or interests may co-exist with native title rights and interests. The Tribunal is not a court and does not decide whether or not native title exists.
    Australian Native Title Cases Archive
      Pacific - South
    a collection of legal authorities and documents arranged by the Department of Anthropology, University of Western Australia
    Aztec and Maya Law Resources
    Aztec (Nahua) America - Central
    Compiled by Mike Widener, Archivist/Rare B ooks Librarian, Tarlton Law Library, University of Texas at Austin
    Bank Information Center
      United States
    The Bank Information Center (BIC) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides information and strategic support to NGOs and social movements throughout the world on the projects, policies and practices of the World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs). BIC advocates for greater transparency, accountability and citizen participation at the MDBs.
    More sites on www.bicusa.org
    Canadian Alliance in Solidarity with Native Peoples
    CASNP, a support group which consists of both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal persons, was incorporated on December 21, 1959, to actively involve and educate individuals on issues facing Aboriginal peoples in Canada, North America and around the world.
    Canadian Legal Expert Directory: First Nations law
    The First Nations law practice area is generally understood to encompass aboriginal and treaty rights; comprehensive and specific land claims; treaty claims and interpretation; aboriginal self-government; the fiduciary relation between governments and aboriginal peoples; claims to renewable and non-renewable natural resources; hunting, fishing and trapping rights; government relations; economic development; taxation; and various public policy issues.
    Center for World Indigenous Studies
    Access to knowledge and peoples' ideas reduces the possibility of conflict and increases the possibility of cooperation between peoples on the basis of mutual consent. By democratizing relations between peoples, between nations and states, the diversity of nations and their cultures will continue to enrich the world.
    More sites on www.cwis.org
    Chad Smith, Attorney at Law
    Cherokee United States
    Cherokee Attorney, Legal Historian, and Chief of the Cherokee Nation. This site contains links to Cherokee history and other information.
    Chiapas Zapatista Crisis Section
    News documents archive maintained by ZNet and Z magazine.
    More sites on www.zmag.org
    Chippewa Treaties Understanding and Impact
    Chippewa US - Northeast
    This is the second edition of Chippewa Treaty Rights: Understanding and Impact, a booklet first produced to provide a resource for younger readers. It is hoped that the publication will introduce the reader to Anishinaabe history and culture as well as the modern day exercise of treaty rights and resource management of the tribes.
    More sites on www.glifwc.org
    Choctaw Elections Information Clearinghouse
    Choctaw US - Central
    Choctaw Elections Information Clearinghouse is a web site created for the purpose of facilitating information between tribal voters and candidates seeking election to office in the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and for anyone who is interested in the elections process of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO). To advance this goal, any and all candidates for office within the CNO who want to notify tribal voters of their candidacy and promote his or her campaign on this web site will be provided an individual page at no cost for the service.
    Coalition for the Human Rights of Immigrants
    a New York City area organization
    More sites on home.earthlink.net
    Derechos Human Rights
      America - South
    Derechos works with human rights organizations in Latin America and the world to bring you accurate and timely information on the human rights situation in their countries, as well as opportunities to help. We also coordinate several human rights mailing lists, publish an internet human rights journal, and work on the preservation of memory and for justice for the disappeared
    More sites on www.derechos.org
    DLN Issues: The Black Hills
    Dakota US - Central
    Information from the Dakota-Lakota-Nakota Human Rights Advocacy Coalition about Black Hills issues.
    More sites on www.dlncoalition.org
    DNA-People's Legal Services
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Providing free legal services in civil matters to qualified low income residents on and near the Navajo Nation
    Early Recognized Treaties with American Indian Nations
      US - Central
    This is a website that supplies the texts of the nine treaties that are not included in the Oklahoma State University Kappler database (http://digital.library.okstate.edu/kappler/). Taken together, this resource and the OSU one provide the final texts of all 375 recognized treaties.
    Environmental Justice - Law School Course
    course materials focus on mining issues and include references to Native American and Papua New Guinea sites
    Eye on the Law
      United States
    Indian Country Today column with information on Native American issues and the U.S. Supreme Court
    More sites on indiancountry.com
    False Promises: The Lost Land of the Wenatchi
      US - Northwest
    Using the words and songs of the Wenatchi people; the rich trove of historical documents and photos; the dry but picturesqe plains of the Colville Indian Reservation (where the Wenatchis now live), and the wild forests and rivers of the Cascade mountains, the resulting film, False Promises, weaves a tale of a lost land, a proud people, and a hopeful quest for justice.
    Federal Indian Law and Policy for Tribal Leaders
      US - West
    Federal Indian Law for Tribal Leaders: IPLP Tribal Leadership Curriculum is an online course developed by ArizonaNativeNet for educational purposes. The course has been designed especially for use by Tribal Leaders, attorneys, college students, and anyone with a general interest in learning about the history and development of Federal Indian Law.
    More sites on www.arizonanativenet.com
    Federally Recognized Indian Entities
      United States
    Alphabetical list provided by the NDN Rights Project.
    Fond du Lac Elections
    Chippewa United States
    The Fond du Lac Elections web page is designed to provide the most current information about the election process and candidates running for office at the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation in nothern Minnesota.
    Forum on Doctrine of Discovery: VIDEO
    Video of a forum to address the implications of the Doctrine of Discovery in context of the standards established by the adoption on September 13, 2007 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Official Video of Public Record Recorded by the Arizona State Legislature, 23 March 2012. 3 hours.
    Fourth World Center
      US - Central
    The Fourth World Center for the Study of Indigenous Law and Politics was founded in 1984 as a resource commons of authoritative information on indigenous peoples' affairs. The major components of the Center's educational project are: the creation and presentation of a university-level multidisciplinary curriculum focused on the stucy of indigenous peoples; the publication of the Fourth World Bulletin, a journal on indigenous politics with a global concentration; the development of university textbooks for the study of indigenous politics; the presentation of public forums; and the presentation of testimony before international legal organizations.
    Fourth World Documentation Project
    An online library of texts which record and preserve our peoples' struggles to regain their rightful place in the international community.
    More sites on www.cwis.org
    Tlingit US - Alaska
    Essays and articles by Dr. James P. Bailey on legal and historical issues especially affecting the Kuiu Kwaan Thlingit Nation.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Garrison Dam: The Unfinished Dream
    Hidatsa US - Central
    George Gillette, chairman of the Fort Berthold Indian Tribal Council, covered his face and wept in Washington on May 20, 1948, as Secretary of the Interior J.A. Krug signed a contract to buy 155,000 acres of North Dakota’s best Indian land for a government reservoir. Five decades and 2½ generations later, the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara, which became the Three Affiliated Tribes under an 1851 treaty, still are recovering from the inundation of 155,000 acres of their best land.
    A special report by Patrick Springer in the Fargo Forum.
    More sites on www.in-forum.com
    Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission
      US - Central
    Comprised of eleven sovereign tribal governments located throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, the Commission's purpose is to protect and enhance treaty-guaranteed rights to hunt, fish, and gather on inland territories ceded under the Chippewa treaties of 1836, 1837, 1842, and 1854; to protect and enhance treaty guaranteed fishing on the Great Lakes; and to provide cooperative management of these resources.
    More sites on www.glifwc.org
    Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases
    A compendium of useful online legal resources worldwide. Written and maintained by Mirela Roznovschi of the New York University School of Law Library, the guide offers users an organized approach to the overwhelming amount of legal information available on the Internet. The searchable guide is divided conveniently into twenty topic areas related to foreign and international law.
    Health Care to Native Americans
      United States
    Online Version of an Exhibit Held at the National Library of Medicine 15 April -- 31 August 1994
    More sites on www.nlm.nih.gov
    Human & Constitutional Rights Resources
    maintained by The Arthur W. Diamond Law Library at Columbia Law School and the Reed Foundation
    Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch
    "dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world"
    Indian Country Criminal Jurisdiction
      United States
    A guide regarding determination of criminal jurisdiction for crimes committed on tribal land: tribal court, federal court, or state court. Includes Indian country law enforcement links and tribal police links.
    Indian Defense League of America
    Haudenosaunee US - Northeast
    The IDLA was established in 1926 to guarantee unrestricted passage on the continent of North America for Indian people. Includes information on the Jay Treaty.
    More sites on www.tuscaroras.com
    Indian Law Resource Center
    a non-profit law and advocacy organization established and directed by American Indians
    More sites on www.indianlaw.org
    Indigenous Law Bulletin
      Australia - Torres Strait
    a publication of the Indigenous Law Centre, funded by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC), at the University of New South Wales, Faculty of Law.
    Indigenous Law Centre (University of New South Wales, Australia)
      Pacific - South
    established in 1981 to develop and co-ordinate research, teaching and dissemination of information in the multi-disciplinary area of Indigenous peoples and the law.
    Indigenous Law Program
      Canada - Western
    Indigenous Legal Issues Subject Guide
      Australia - Torres Strait
    a list of the major sources in the area of indigenous law available in the Library, University of New South Wales, Australia
    Indigenous peoples are engaged with both international and domestic law and politics. This site is intended to illuminate these engagements in a global context: a teaching and research resource.
    More sites on www.nativeweb.org
    Indigenous Peoples and the Law
      Aotearoa-New Zealand
    an online institute of law affecting indigenous peoples. It aims to provide links to the best and latest articles available on the internet. Original essays and considered reader responses are also published on this site.
    Supported by Victoria University of Wellington Foundation
    More sites on www.kennett.co.nz
    Indigenous Rights are Human Rights: Four Cases of Rights Violations in the Americas
    An Amnesty International Report (PDF format), including: Brazil, Canada, Guatemala, and United States, plus additional information. Issued May 2003.
    More sites on www.amnestyusa.org
    Instituto Indigena Brasileiro para Propriedade Intelectual (INBRAPI)
      America - South
    Nossos Objetivos: Promover a defesa de bens e direitos sociais, coletivos e difusos, relativos ao meio ambiente e ao patrimônio intelectual dos povos indígenas.
    More sites on www.inbrapi.org.br
    Inter-American Human Rights Database / La Base de Datos Interamericana de Derechos Humanos
      United States
    The Inter-American Human Rights Database contains documents in English and Spanish adopted by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights since its first session, celebrated in 1960.
    La Base de Datos Interamericana de Derechos Humanos contiene documentos en inglés y español adoptados por la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos desde su primera sesión, celebrada en 1960.
    International Indian Treaty Council
      US - West
    The International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) is an organization of Indigenous Peoples from North, Central, South America and the Pacific working for the Sovereignty and Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples and the recognition and protection of Indigenous Rights, Traditional Cultures and Sacred Lands.
    More sites on www.treatycouncil.org
    Law and Policy Institutions
    Law and Policy Institutions provides a well-organized point of access for legal and legislative information. In addition to domestic legal topics, this site provides information on significant international treaties, journals, and legal databases ranging from antiquity to the present and representing all nationalities. Includes Native American Law resources and a chat room to discuss legal issues.
    More sites on www.lpig.org
    Legal Research on the Net
    Directory to selected general legal information sites.
    More sites on home.att.net
    Links to Aboriginal Resources
    maintained by Bill Henderson
    More sites on www.bloorstreet.com
    Mabo - The Native Title Revolution
      Australia - Torres Strait
    This multimedia resource gives an overview of the case and provides an insight into both the man at its centre, Eddie "Koiki" Mabo, and Torres Strait Islander culture. It also examines broader concepts such as colonisation, land rights and native title.
    Maine Native Prison Project
      US - Northeast
    This web site is being developed to help Native American Prisoners & thier families residing in Maine.
    Maori Law Review
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    a monthly review
    More sites on www.kennett.co.nz
    Maori Legal Resources
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    An index of sites which provide legal information relating to New Zealand Maori.
    More sites on www2.waikato.ac.nz
    Monteau & Peebles, LLP
      US - Central
    a nationwide practice specializing in Federal Indian law, complex governmental negotiations, business transactions in Indian Country, administrative law and federal lobbying.
    National American Indian Court Judges Association
      United States
    NAICJA: an online repository of information relating to American Indian Tribal Courts
    National Indian Justice Center, Inc.
      United States
    The National Indian Justice Center, Inc., (NIJC) is an Indian owned and operated non-profit corporation with principal offices in Petaluma, California. NIJC was established in 1983 through the collective efforts of the National American Indian Court Judges Association, the American Indian Lawyer Training Program, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs in order to establish an independent national resource for tribal courts. Its goals are to design and deliver legal education, research, and technical assistance programs which seek to improve tribal court systems and the administration of justice in Indian country.
    Native American Advocacy Program
      United States
    maintained by the Friends Committee on National Legislation (Quaker)
    Native American Consultation Database (NACD)
      United States
    A tool for identifying consultation contacts for each Indian tribe, Alaska Native corporation, and Native Hawaiian organization. The database is not a comprehensive source of information, but it does provide a starting point for the consultation process by identifying tribal leaders and NAGPRA contacts.
    A cooperative project of The Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies and the National Park Service.
    More sites on www.cast.uark.edu
    Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Database
    Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies, University Of Arkansas
    More sites on www.cast.uark.edu
    Native American Law
    A moderated discussion group for current Native American Law issues.
    Native American Law -- Law and Policy Institutions
    Law and Policy Institutions provides a well-organized point of access for legal and legislative information. In addition to domestic legal topics, this site provides information on significant international treaties, journals, and legal databases ranging from antiquity to the present and representing all nationalities.
    More sites on www.lpig.org
    Native American Legal Issues
      US - Alaska
    law office of Douglas Mertz (Juneau, Alaska)
    Native American Legal Resources
      United States
    maintained by The University of Oklahoma Law Center
    More sites on www.law.ou.edu
    Native American Political Systems and the Evolution of Democracy
      United States
    An Annotated Bibliography by Bruce E. Johansen
    Native Heritage Software: Tribal Repatriation Database
    Wampanoag United States
    Native Heritage Software, a Native-run enterprise, provides resources for tribes working to repatriate their ancestral remains and cultural property. We provide products and services sensitive to the complex nature of this federally-regulated process. Our NEW Tribal Repatriation Database (TRD V1.00) makes repatriation efforts easier, faster, and more effectove through a customized program designed to meet NAGPRA's procedural requirements.
    Native Law Centre of Canada
    University of Saskatchewan
    More sites on www.usask.ca
    Native Legal Net
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Native Legal Net is a project of DNA-People's Legal Services. On this site you will find: help with legal problems; information about Navajo and Hopi courts, cases and laws, including court forms; Indian law resources and links; poverty law resources; information about DNA-People's Legal Services, our clients, and service area; employment opportunities with DNA and the Navajo and Hopi Courts; and links to other legal research and information resources on the Internet.
    Native Sense
      US - Alaska
    Reference site maintained by James McCanna, a trial attorney who has been immersed in Indian law for nearly ten years. He is a Yupik Eskimo.
    Native Tribes of the U.S. and Canada
    Alphabetical Index of federal and state recognized tribes in the United States and Canada.
    More sites on www.dickshovel.com
      US - Central
    Law firm providing Native American governments and communities with superior but cost-effective legal services in matters of cultural and sovereign importance.
    NativeNet Archives
    postings from the oldest listserv on indigenous issues
    More sites on bioc09.uthscsa.edu
    Navajo Nation Courts
    Navajo US - Southwest
    description of Navajo judiciary
    Pacific Actions
      Pacific - South
    Pacific Action provides a voice for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People working together to re-create an independent and peaceful Pacific.
    Peter d'Errico's Law Page
      US - Northeast
    Essays and teaching materials on indigenous peoples' legal issues.
    More sites on www.umass.edu
    Pine Tree Legal Assistance: Farmworker and Native American Units
      US - Northeast
    Legal Services office in Maine.
    More sites on www.ptla.org
    Quinnehtukqut Legal News
      US - Northeast
    A Newsletter of Pine Tree Legal Assistance, for Indians in Connecticut.
    More sites on www.ptla.org
    Reconciliation & Social Justice Library
      Pacific - South
    government and non-government publications; maintained by the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation
    More sites on www.austlii.edu.au
    Research links for Native American law
      US - Northeast
    provided by the New England School of Law (Boston, MA, USA) Library Staff as a starting place for legal researchers
    Researching Indigenous Peoples Rights under International Law
    by Steven C. Perkins
    This is a revision of a document prepared for presentation at the 1992 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries.
    More sites on www.rci.rutgers.edu
    Resources in Native American Politics
      United States
    maintained by the American Political Science Association section on race and ethnicity
    Sacred earth - Terre sacree
    Devoted to struggle against GM and others technologies which imperil
    Social Science resources: Law and Law Enforcement
    A wide range of links to general and specialized legal information. Sponsored by McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited.
    South Eastern Anti-desecration League
      US - Southeast
    Activist site to protect against grave digging, artifact trafficking, and any other form of grave robbery. Includes NAGPRA information.
    The Roots of NAGPRA
      United States
    An interview with Professor Steve Russell, the University of Texas at San Antonio. Prof. Russell is a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and is also a judge in Texas.
    Third World Network
    The Third World Network is an independent non-profit international network of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to development, the Third World and North- South issues. The TWN's international secretariat is based in Penang, Malaysia.
    This Week in American Indian History
      United States
    maintained by Phil Konstantin
    More sites on members.tripod.com
    Treaties and International Law - General
    Links to Treaties and International Law originally provided to the public courtesy of the United States House of Representatives Law Revision Counsel.
    More sites on www.nativeweb.org
    Trial Lawyers for Public Justice
      United States
    A national public interest law firm dedicated to using trial lawyers' skills and resources to create a more just society. Includes a searchable database of contacts and resources for American Indians' and Indigenous Peoples' rights.
    Tribal Court Clearinghouse
      United States
    devoted exclusively to providing information to people working in Native American tribal courts
    Trueblood Kitto, A Professional Corporation
    Choctaw US - Northeast
    Trueblood Kitto, PC is a law firm dedicated to protecting tribal sovereignty. All attorneys are Indian lawyers. Our specialty is bringing opportunity to the tribe with zero exposure.
    View from the Hogan
    Navajo US - Southwest
    In a remote corner of ne. Arizona, U.S.A., the war against native people continues. The issue, known to some as "Big Mountain", is barely reported, and when it is, it is clouded by propoganda and disinformation. This site is my humble attempt to rectify that.
    Wabanaki Legal News
    A Newsletter of Pine Tree Legal Assistance
    More sites on www.ptla.org
    Water law: selected cases
      United States
    Wisconsin Judicare's Indian Law Office
      US - Central
    Wisconsin Judicare is a non-profit law firm which provides free legal services, in civil matters, to low income persons in northern Wisconsin. The Indian Law Office handles issues involving Indian and Tribal law.

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