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    Name and DescriptionNationLocation
    Adela Diyatsodi Ageyv -
    anasayfa [img][/img]
    Ah-Mut Pipa Foundation
    Quechua US - Southwest
    The mission of the Ah-Mut Pipa Foundation is to educate the Quechan community, the Tribes of California, and the general public, in order to increase understanding of Native American ethnohistory, culture, and art. The Foundation will maintain facilities for research, publication, instruction, performance art, film and television production. It is the intention of the Foundation to promote the history and culture of Native California through the voices of the people themselves; sharing Native American methods of storytelling and research that will enrich the lives of all people.
    Allen Bettis' Flintknapping Page
      US - Central
    This page is currently being developed to disseminate information to the archaeological community and the interested public on experimental lithic replication developments and techniques.
    Alquimou News
    MicMac Canada - Eastern
    Mi'kmaq e-news on issues that affect the Mi'kmaq Nation or Mi'kmaq Communities.
    American Indian Health Council
      US - Southwest
    The mission of the Native American Program is to improve the overall quality of life and health for both urban and reservation Indian communities throughout Arizona by increasing the primary care resources for Native Americans. This mission will be accomplished through a unique approach specifically developed for the Native American Program that includes Advocacy, Coalition building, Education, and Support (ACES).
    ANIS El Salvador
      America - Central
    Bear Boedecker
    Brain Tanning Photos: work in progress
    Windy-One & Deer Hide Skin-side has been fleshed of meat; now to scrape the hair. The husband using hair clippers to shave hair off. Sped the process up! *L* The hide actually looks pretty neat with the hair cropped close! Was amazed to learn just
    Caribbean History Website
    Information on Caribbean History, geared to CXC students (english speaking Caribbean) topics (so far) myths re: "Caribs" and "Arawaks"
    Coy's Dock Tulalip, Washington
    Tulalip US - West
    Information about the Tulalip Native American Reservation, the history and stories
    Delaware Treaty History
    Delaware US - Northeast
    The Delaware, or Lenape, signed the first-ever "Indian treaty" with the newly-born United States of America in 1778.
    Didahnedi Gakanehoi Tsalagi Home
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    All Things Cherokee
    Eric Schweig Unofficial Web-site
    Inuit Canada - Western
    This web-site is a fansite page dedicated to this Canadian actor/carver. It includes a biography, filmography, pictures, fan board and a whole lot more.
    Feather Poetry
    Sioux US - Central
    Poetry that breaks new ground on subjects that have been written and talked about for years and years to come.
    First Nations Musician Linklist
    Metis Canada - Western
    A comprehensive Native Musician Links (Traditional and Contemporary) covering North and South America. Comes with some pictures and bios of artists created by webmistress.
    Grass Roots Oyate
    Sioux United States
    Free Online Fax for Leonard Peltier Clemency
    Hau Kodas
    Blackfeet United States
    Horn Dyeing - Mad Monk
    Man has long used mineral pigment dyes as a means of coloring goods made from various animal proteins. In addition to being decorative, the mineral pigment dyes also provide varying degrees of protection against attack by insects or bacteria. The mineral pigment dyes are both decorative and protective. While the mineral pigment dyes were used on cellulose-based goods, it was on protein-based goods where they were at their greatest value. Animal proteins used by man include; leather, fur, horns, silk, wool, bone and antler. Hides, leather, horn, silk and wool are all food sources for a wide number of animals and microbes.
    Illini Confederation: Lords of the Mississippi Valley
      US - Northeast
    When French explorers first journeyed down from Canada to the upper Mississippi Valley in the early Seventeenth Century, they found the region inhabited by a vigorous, populous Algonquin nation who called themselves "Hileni" or "Illiniwek" which means "men." (1). This the French rendered as "Illinois". Today most people know little about this once powerful confederation of tribes: the Peoria, Kaskaskia, Tamaroa, Cahokia, and Michigamea. The purpose of this web page is to provide an overview of the Illinois People which will hopefully stimulate the reader to further investigate the history of the Illinois people and their population decline.
    Index of beading techniques
    Instructions for beading techniques including Peyote Stitch, Brick Stitch, Loom Beadwork, Vertical Netting, Oglala Butterfly, Single Needle Embroidery, and other tips and tricks.
    Indian Territory, Warm Springs
    Delaware US - Central
    Indigenous tab page
    Kihew's FAS Site
    Cree Canada - Western
    A site to raise awareness for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Comes with messgeboard, testimony, resourcebooks etc.
    Lakota Dakota Nakota Spiritual Group
    Sioux United States
    Leaf Arrow - Native American StoryTellers
    Sac US - Northeast
    Native American Storytellers Donna Couteau Cross and Joe Cross present an interactive show featuring coyote tales, creation stories and historic folklore filled with tribal family values. They are a married couple using story, song and dance to celebrate the special relationship the Native American people have always had with the Earth and their respect for the natural environment. They have brought their unique performances to the National Museum of American Indian Smithsonian, United Nations International School, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Newark Public Library and Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival. Joe Cross and Donna Couteau Cross are tribally enrolled members of the Caddo/Potawatomi tribe and the Sac & Fox nation respectively.
    Leonard Peltier: Shackled Eagle
    Nanticoke Indian History
    Naticoke US - Northeast
    The Nanticoke Indians once roamed the area of what is now Maryland and Delaware. The Last villages and Reservations On Delmarva were dissolved during the decade preceding 1750. The people from Delmarva were relocating to the North and West. But some indian families stayed behind,merging invisibly into the white society. Now their customs and their language is lost. The last speaker of Nanticoke language,Mrs. Lydia Clark, Died between 1840 and 1850.
    NAPA of GA
      US - Southeast
    Native American Preservation Association of Georgia, Inc. is a non-profit Native American Education and Charitable organization. The Purpose of NAPA of GA is to preserve and teach the Native American ways, not only to Native Americans, but to non Native Americans.
    Native American Cultural Society (NACS) ~ University of Connecticut
      US - Northeast
    Native American Indian Genealogy Webring
    This ring will be a circle of knowledge for all those seeking information about their Native American Indian Genealogy heritage. If you have genealogical pages with Native American Indian information or other Native American Indian information that could prove useful, you are welcome to join.
    Native American of the Northwest - Culture Universal
      US - Northwest
    Made by the Vinh Co. This first page gives information about the Natives Indians of the northwest universals, foods, transportation, and arts.
    Navajo Architecture: Concepts & Design
    Navajo United States
    This site is a general interpretation of Navajo dwellings as it relates to the culture.
    Ceramic & pottery archaeological link resources
    Powwow Traditions
    Cherokee United States
    Being in the powwow arena, singing, or watching gives most of us a wonderful feeling. It's a certain kind of happiness that cannot be described. People whose Nations were enemies shake hands and smile. Powwows are intertribal, people from all Nations are together, laughing and sharing.
    Red Stick Confederacy
      US - Southeast
    The Red Stick Confederacy is a non-profit organization based out of Nashville, Tennessee. We are a group of Indians, from many different Nations including Shawnee, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Apache, Souix, Ojibway, and Choctaw. The Confederacy raises money to buy land throughout the United States. The land bought is that which our ancestors are buried on.
    Sawol - A Catalog for California Indigenous Cultures
      US - West
    Sawol is a catalog of the art from the indigenous cultures in California. This site includes not only art but creation stories, history and culture.
    Southeast Kituwah Nation
    Cherokee United States
    The U ganawvkalvgvKituwah Ayeli is a non-federally recognized tribal entity. We are not affiliated with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, the Qualla Boundary, or the United Keetoowah Bands. We have banded together to form a traditional Tsalagi Band. Our primary purpose is to preserve, protect, and practice our traditions and religion and the preservation and speaking of our language.
    The Eagle's Aerie
    The Unofficial Website of the Santa Rosa Carib Community
    Carib Caribbean Islands
    Papers, articles, essays, photo galleries and news concerning the Carib Community of Trinidad and Tobago
    This Week in American Indian History
      United States
    maintained by Phil Konstantin
    Tulalip Indian Mission School
    Tulalip US - Northwest
    USP Atlanta Native American Prisoners
      United States
    USP Atlanta Native American Prisoners is the page for the Native inmates of the Atlanta Federal Prison. The purpose of the site is to foster contact and communication for the inmates with the outside. Let them know they are NOT forgotten. Very new, the site currently contains the applications submitted by the participating inmates, and some artwork. As contributed, additional artwork, information, stories, will be shared.
    Warm Springs Productions, Indian Territory
    Celebrating the beauty and strength of Native American cultures & histories.
    Warrior Spirit
    An Electronic Journal for Native Americans and Their Supporters
    whanganui Rivercity Young Maori Wardens
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    Tangatawhenua O Aotearoa NGA RANGATAHI WATENE MAORI O TE AWA O WHANGANUI (WHANGANUI RIVERCITY YOUNG MAORI WARDENS) Nga mahi aroha Ki Te Tangatawhenua O Aotearoa Mo Te Ko Tahitanga (Working for the love of the people of the land of New Zealand in Peace and Unity)
    Where Is My Family?
    Ojibwe Canada
    Searching for Lost Relatives. Adoptee William Spoon, parents died. Taken from his home and placed with white family. Brothers also adopted to who knows WHERE? Searching for Kenny and Caribou. We are all members of Seine River First Nations in Ontario.

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