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    American Indian Sovereignty - Now You See It, Now You Don't
    by Peter d'Errico, University of Massachusetts/Amherst. Full text of the inaugural lecture in the American Indian Civics Project at Humboldt State University (Arcata, CA, USA), presented October 24, 1997, and sponsored by the HSU Center for Indian Community Development.
    Certificate Program in Native American Indian Studies
    Cherokee US - Northeast
    at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    Dr. Josephine White Eagle Cultural Center
    Ho-Chunk US - Northwest
    The White Eagle Memorial Cultural Center was founded in 1989 and named after Dr. Josephine White Eagle, a member of the Ho-chunk Nation and a valued faculty member of the School of Education here at UMASS Amherst. known for. Her commitment to Native Heritage, Language Preservation and Community Development is still an ongoing inspiration to the center's goals and achievements. Before her passing in July 1989, Dr. White Eagle worked closely with the American Indian Student Association (AISA) as a mentor while continuing her linguistical research and program development for early education to preserve her Ho- chunk Language for future generations.
    Hollister Collection - Southwestern Native American Pottery
      US - Southwest
    This collection of 94 pieces of Southwestern pottery is the result of the efforts of Mr. Hollister, who collected these pots one or two at a time for nearly 60 years. The collection was purchased by Mr. F.A. Rosenstock of Denver, Colorado in 1966. Mr. Hollister died the following year. Despite numerous offers from collectors interested in only a few pieces, Mr. Rosenstock maintained the collection as he had acquired it and sold it to the University of Massachusetts in 1969.
    Jeffrey Amherst and distribution of smallpox-infected blankets to the Indians (1763)
      US - Northeast
    documentation of Amherst's letters on this subject
    John Marshall: Indian Lover?
      United States
    by Peter d'Errico (originally published in Journal of the West)
    Far from being an "advocate for Indians," Chief Justice John Marshall may be seen as advocating a concept of "tribal quasi-sovereignty," to protect the chain of land title derived from royal grants and colonial "discovery." Marshall's adoption of "Christian discovery" as the foundation of land title in the United States is a subjugation of indigenous peoples to 15th century theological and colonial legalisms, in derogation of their status as free and independent nations.
    Multinationals and the United Nations: A Working Paper
    by Prof. John Bonsignore
    "Indigenous people are both inside and outside conventional law-government systems, national through international, an odd position for people who have often been in a place from time out of mind."
    Native American Spiritual Freedom in Prison
      US - Northeast
    Trapp v. DuBois, Massachusetts Superior Court
    Peter d'Errico's Law Page
      US - Northeast
    Essays and teaching materials on indigenous peoples' legal issues.

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