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    Resource Database / Materials Hosted on NativeWeb / Hosted Web Sites

    NativeWeb hosts the following organizations on our web server. If you would like to help with this project, please contact us. 
    Resources: 58 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location Hits
    Abya Yala Fund
      America - South 2749
    The mission of AYF is to increase the control and self-reliance of Indigenous Peoples of the original nations of Abya Yala by supporting the priorities, initiatives and processes of indigenous self-development.
    Abya Yala Net
      America - South 2882
    Information on Indigenous peoples in Mexico, Central, and South America
    More sites on abyayala.nativeweb.org
    Abya Yala News
      America - South 2503
    A quarterly journal which presents a unique source of news and analysis relating to Indigenous issues in Meso and South America from Indigenous peoples' perspectives.
    More sites on saiic.nativeweb.org
    American Indian Language
    Lakota US - Central 7969
    A brief look at (and sounds of) several American Indian languages.
    Quechua America - South 0
    AnpeWEB, Agencia de Noticias Pluricultural del Ecuador, es una agencia de prensa local, con covertura general, dando atención a las actividades de las organizaciones indígenas y sociales.
    Asociación de Juntas Administradoras de Agua Potable Rurales (ASOJAAPA-Ecuador)
    Quechua America - South 0
    Son organizaciones comunitarias integradas en las jurisdicciones cantonales ecuatorianas, instituciones locales reconocidas en la Ley para controlar sistemas con infraestructura de saneamiento básico, construidos en el sector rural del Ecuador mediante cogestión entre el Estado y las comunidades, que las manejan y administran con características sustentables y sostenibles.
    Centro de Asistencia Legal Para Pueblos Indígenas (CALPI)
    Miskitu America - Central 2003
    The Center for Legal Assistance to Indigenous Peoples (CALPI), based in Bluefields, Nicaragua, represents indigenous and ethnic communities throughout Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast. CALPI works to defend the constitutional rights of indigenous peoples to their land, traditions, and natural resources.
    Confederación Sindical de Colonizadores de Bolivia
    Quechua America - South 1637
    The CSCB is the main organization of the Reconstituted Native Peoples of Bolivia; it fights for the self-determination of the original nations of Kollasuyo.
    Consejo Nacional de Ayllus y Markas del Quillasuyu (CONAMAQ)
    Aymara America - South 797
    CONAMAQ es autoridad nacional de los Pueblos Indígenas Originarios de los Ayllus, Markas y Suyus del hoy llamado estado boliviano.
    Consejo Nacional Indio de Venezuela (CONIVE)
      America - South 383
    El Consejo Nacional Indio de Venezuela (CONIVE) es el órgano nacional representativo de los pueblos y organizaciones indígenas del país. Tiene carácter no gubernamental, sin fines de lucro, ni credo religioso o político. El CONIVE agrupa alrededor de 60 organizaciones indígenas y en su Consejo Interétnico hay representantes de los 32 Pueblos Indígenas.
    Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe
    Costanoan US - West 2156
    Originally from the area now known as "Carmel by the Sea" in Northern California just South of the Monterey Bay. Come read and learn how our Tribe lived in that area and how we came to where we are now. Learn what we are doing to help the Community and the Environment. Come in take a look and stay for awhile. This is our story.
    Cumbre Continental de Pueblos y Organizaciones Indígenas
      America - South 0
    En esta organización se congregan todas las entidades que promueven el efectivo reconocimiento de los derechos de los Pueblos Originarios, que llevarán a cabo acciones concretas hacia la Cumbre Continental de Pueblos y Organizaciones Indígenas (30, 31 de Oct. – 01º de Noviembre 2005. Mar del Plata. Argentina).
    Dulenega o Kuna Yala
    Kuna America - Central 1919
    This web site intends to illustrate the culture, literature, language, art, spirituality and daily life of the Kuna or Dule people of Panama.
    Quechua America - South 1640
    Confederación de Pueblos de la Nacionalidad Kichua del Ecuador (ECUARUNARI) / Federation of Peoples of the Quichua Nationality of Ecuador / Ecuador Kichua Llaktakunapak Jatun Tantanakui.
    Enlace Continental de Mujeres Indígenas
      America - South 1737
    Enlace Continental de Mujeres Indígenas es un espacio de intercambio de experiencias y de indentificar prioridades comunes entre las mujeres indígenas de continente.
    Escuela de Formación de Mujeres Lideres Dolores Cacuango
    Quechua America - South 1476
    La Escuela de Formación de Mujeres Lideres Dolores Cacuango de Ecuarunari se forjan mujeres como dirigentes, protagonistas y promotoras para sus comunidades, pueblos y organizaciones.
    Feather River Tribal Health Organization
      United States 1896
    The Feather River Tribal Health Organization (FRTHO) has been providing health care services to Native Americans in three California counties (Butte, Yuba and Sutter) since 1993.
    Federación de Comunas Unión de Nativos de la Amazonía Ecuatoriana (FCUNAE)
    Quechua America - South 1504
    La FCUNAE es una organización indígena de segundo grado. Su objetivo principal es defender los territorios indígenas y promover el desarrollo económico autónomo de sus comunas filiales.
    Federación Indígena y Campesino de Imbabura (FICI)
    Quechua America - South 1645
    The Indigenous and Peasant Federation of Imbabura (FICI) is the Quichua organization of Imbabura, Ecuador. Its birth was the result of the historical heritage of thousands of years of cultural construction, discriminatory state policies, and more than five hundred years of resistance in the face of colonial and neo-colonial exploitation and oppression of our people.
    Federación Nacional de Organizaciones Campesinas, Indígenas y Negras (FENOCIN)
    Quechua America - South 1525
    La FENOCIN se define como una organización campesino-indígena de carácter multi-étnico, constituida por Uniones regionales y locales en todo el Ecuador.
    FPCC Talk Indian
    Dakota US - West 2250
    This website and the accompanying audio tapes/CDs were developed at Fort Peck Community College through funding provided by the “Learning Lodge Institute” a W. K. Kellogg project that serves the seven tribally controlled community colleges in Montana. Fort Peck Community College worked with consultants who provided the language expertise. The consultants who assisted are Leah Grant, Regina Grant and Del First, all fluent Dakota speakers.
    Fundación Agri-Cultura Marcos Orozco
    Maya America - Central 1488
    Healing the Wounds and Honoring the Peace in Guatemala.
    Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust
      Canada 1807
    The Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples by Church and State in Canada, by (Rev.) Kevin Annett
    Hopi Basketry Presentation
    Hopi US - Southwest 1887
    A short archival of information on Hopi Basketry.
    More sites on www.nativeweb.org
    II Cumbre Continental de Pueblos y Nacionalidades Indígenas de Abya Yala (Américas)
    En cumplimiento de lo resuelto en la I Cumbre de los Pueblos Indígenas realizado en el mes de octubre del 2000 en México y ratificado en el Encuentro Continental contra el ALCA, realizado en Quito en Octubre del 2002, se realiza del 21 al 25 de Julio de 2004, la II Cumbre Continental de los Pueblos y Nacionalidades Indígenas de Abya Yala (América).
    Indigenous Law Institute
      United States 1937
    "The Indigenous Law Institute assists American Indian and other Indigenous communities to work toward a future of restoration and healing. We do this by working to develop a radically new basis for thinking about Native rights, from a Traditional Native Law perspective, and by contending that Native nations and peoples have an inherent right to live free of all forms of empire and domination."
    More sites on ili.nativeweb.org
    Indigenous Peoples Council On Biocolonialism
      United States 1892
    The IPCB is a Native organization dedicated to prevent the genetic exploitation of indigenous peoples. The IPCB assists indigenous peoples in developing safeguards to protect their biological resources, and to develop policies which prevent the unethical collection and commercialization of human DNA from indigenous peoples.
    Indigenous Peoples in Ecuador
    Quechua America - South 1704
    Resources on Indigenous Peoples in Ecuador
    Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement (IPSM)
    Kanienkehaka Canada - Eastern 0
    The Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement (IPSM) is a Montréal-based, Native support collective that is actively engaged in aiding the Kanienkehake (Mohawks) of Kanehsatake in their struggle for sovereignty as well as a mass education program aimed at spreading the importance of decolonisation into active and mainstream Canadian societes.
    Indigenous Peoples' Law and Legal Issues
    This site is dedicated to information about law and legal issues related to indigenous peoples of the world.
    Instituto Científico de Culturas Indígenas (ICCI)
    Quechua America - South 1623
    El Instituto Científico de Culturas Indígenas (ICCI) es una institución privada y sin fines de lucro. Actúa como un frente técnico-científico recogiendo el pensamiento y las experiencias de lucha del proceso de organización de los distintos pueblos indígenas.
    Ioway Cultural Institute
    Ioway US - Central 1407
    Baxoje, The Ioway Nation presents comprehensive information on the Iowa (or Ioway) tribe. It is developed as part of the Ioway Grassroots Project, which is made up of Ioway tribal members who have Internet access.
    Ioway Otoe-Missouria Language Website
    Ioway US - Central 0
    The last of the fluent Ioway, Otoe-Missouria Elders passed away in the winter of 1996. This website has been created as a knowledge resource for academic, cultural and language multi-materials.
     NEW! Kuri Ashpa
    Quechua America - South 0
    Independent publisher of books with Indigenous communities of the Americas.
    Metis Eastern Tribal Indian Society of Maine
    Metis US - Northeast 1077
    Home of the Metis of Maine Website, Band & Membership information.
    Wabanaki Canada - Eastern 1786
    Miingignoti-Keteaoag is a partnership of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and organizations, committed to maintaining the integrity and way of life of the Wabanaki Nations and our relationship to the Creator.
    Movimiento Indígena y Campesino de Cotopaxi (MICC)
    Quechua America - South 464
    El MICC tiene su ámbito de influencia en las comunidades rurales de la provincia de Cotopaxi; provincia que se halla en la zona central del callejón interandino ecuatoriano.
      US - Northeast 33
    Informational site about native americans.
    Native AmericanRegistry
      United States 0
    This is a mutal consent adoption/reunion registry for the Native American community.
      United States 2049
    Dedicated to disconnecting the term "primitive" from perceptions of Native American technology and art.
    More sites on www.nativetech.org
    NativeWeb News Digest
      United States 2394
    A daily law news update from mainstream and American Indian media.
    More sites on www.nativeweb.org
    Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut
    Nipmuc US - Northeast 2081
    The Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut is dedicated to our Nipmuc ancestors, to our future seven generations, and to all who have helped our People. Nipmuc Indians are the original people of central New England, and are among the "Eastern Woodlands" or Algonquian Indians of the Eastern United States.
    More sites on www.nativetech.org
    O Ró
    Xavante America - South 1364
    Venha conhecer o Ró, o mundo dos índios Xavante. Site da Associação Xavante Warã.
    Kuna America - Central 1333
    ONMAKED es un sito del Congreso General de la Cultura Kuna (CGCK) y su entidad académica el Instituto de Investigaciones Koskun Kalu (IIKK).
    Pintores de Tigua: Indigenous Artists of Ecuador
    Quechua America - South 1977
    The indigenous artists of Tigua, Ecuador are renowned for their colorful paintings depicting life high in the Andes mountains of rural Ecuador.
    Primer Encuentro Internacional de la Resistencia y Solidaridad de los Pueblos Indígenas y Campesinos
      America - South 330
    Los mas de cinco mil delegados de los pueblos indígenas y campesinos del continente Americano se dieron cita en Caracas, Venezuela para ratificar el 12 de Octubre 2003 como el día de la resistencia indígena y campesina, en el primer Encuentro Internacional de la Resistencia y Solidaridad de los Pueblos Indígenas y Campesinos para articular y fortalecer las diversidad organizativa del sector rural latinoamericano.
    Quechua America - South 0
    Fortalecimiento de las nacionalidades indígenas de la amazonía norte del Ecuador
    Pueblo Kayambi
    Quechua America - South 1477
    El Consejo de Coordinación de Pueblo Kayambi, Ecuador.
    Pyramids of México
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico 3033
    A student web page surveying Aztec and Maya pyramids in Mexico.
    Quechua America - South 1878
    RICANCIE is a network of ten Quichua communities in the Upper Napo valley who have established a unique and genuine ecotourism programme based on our traditional respect for our natural and cultural heritage, as an alternative way of developing our communities for both present and future generations.
    Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty (SISIS)
      Canada 1852
    indigenous sovereignty struggles around the world
    More sites on sisis.nativeweb.org
    Solidify Our Sovereignty
      US - West 2157
    On August 22nd, 1998, the California Indian People from our many Indian Communities gathered at Pala Reservation to begin the first steps of a Prayer Walk (spiritual) to establish the unification of our Native California People. We hold this vision as a "United Nations of California Tribes", and are walking to Save Our Sovereignty!
    South and Meso American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC)
      America - South 1776
    The South and Meso American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC) exists to ensure that the struggles of Latin America's Indigenous peoples for self- determination and respect are heard in the US and internationally, and to support Indigenous peoples' organizing.
    More sites on saiic.nativeweb.org
    Suscol Intertribal Council
      US - West 0
    Suscol Intertribal Council plans to develop a Native American Cultural Center on it's land in Pope Valley for urban indians, landless tribes, and tribal groups to use for ceremonies such as Pow-wows and Big Times, workshops, to harvest basketry plants, medicinal plants and for education to the general public about California Native Indians.
    Tambo Amana
    Quechua America - South 451
    Tambo Amana is a small ecotourism project in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Operated completely by the indians themselves it represents an unique cultural and natural experience.
    The Mixtec Language of Santa Catarina Estetla
    Mixteca Mexico 230
    Tu Idau, The Mixtec Language of Santa Catarina Estetla, Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico (A Variant of Peñoles Mixtec)
    Union of Peasant and Indigenous Organizations of Cotacachi (UNORCAC)
    Quechua America - South 1342
    The Union of Peasant and Indigenous Organizations of Cotacachi (UNORCAC) is a non-profit, class-based, second-level organization constituted by forty-one communities, and various peasant, indigenous, and mestizo base organizations in the Andean zone of Cotacachi Canton, Imbabura Province, Ecuador.
    Wotanin Wowapi Online
      United States 2895
    The Wotanin Wowapi is North America's oldest Indian weekly newspaper.

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