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    Name and Description Nation Location
    A Line In The Sand
    This site is offered as a place where the debate over where to draw the "Line in the Sand" on the issues of cultural property, Native American sovereignty, Native American identity, ethnic stereotypes, the commodification of Native American culture, and all related issues, can take place.
    More sites on hanksville.org
    A.I.M. San Diego Chapter
      US - West
    American Indian Movement - San Diego, Ca. Chapter. Our New Approach Is "Positive Activism" In Support Of Indian Heritage, Culture & Sovereignty. Get To Know The American Indian Movement From The 70's To The Positive Changes Taking Place Today
    Aboriginal Rights Coalition - British Columbia
      Canada - Western
    More sites on arcbc.tripod.com
    AIM South Florida Support Groups
      US - Southeast
    Home of the American Indian Movement South Florida Support Groups.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    American Indian Movement
    Jordan Dill's wonderful and extensive website with information about the American Indian Movement (AIM).
    More sites on www.dickshovel.com
    American Indian Prisoners
      United States
    American Indian prisoner support network for American Indian prisoners; pen pals, writings, poems, arts & crafts.
    American Jewish Committee Statement on Team Names
      United States
    The following statement was released to American Comments Magazine on May 6, 1998, by American Jewish Committee representative, Ken Stern. Stern's book, LOUDHAWK: THE UNITED STATES vs. THE AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT (U/Ok. 1994) addresses the genocide of Native Americans. Mr. Stern has distinguished himself in the Native American community and in the Intenational Human Rights arena by publicly addressing issues of hatred for Native Americans. Speaking at the University of Illinois, April 3rd May of 1998, Mr. Stern chastised Jewish and other religious communities along with human rights organizations for their silence in the face of appeals for help to combat Native American defamation.
    More sites on www.iwchildren.org
      US - Central
    A student organization at the University of North Dakota (Grand Forks), working to remove the infamous "Fighting Sioux" name and logo from the University.... we need outside support!!
    Bringing the Circle Together
      US - West
    suggested location: Los Angeles, California Bringing the Circle Together: A Native American Film Series is a FREE monthly film series located in downtown Los Angeles at the National Center for Preservation of Democracy. No reservations are needed and all screenings are open to the public. The film series was established to provide quality documentaries and films by and about Native Americans, and bring together a central gathering place where discussion and news can be shared with the community and its supporters.
    More sites on www.myspace.com
    California's Modern Indian War
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    canadian folk for peace
      Canada - Western
    Canada is prophesized as the nation that will lead the world to peace. start the circle, email lists to the canadian government, united nations and american government. we can attain peace the 'native way'.
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation
      Pacific - South
    The Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation comprises 25 community leaders drawn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the industries which have most impact on Aboriginal people and from business and other sectors. The Council calls on its fellow Australians to join together across this land and demonstrate a commitment to reconciliation through a people's movement. Through this action we are establishing a lasting foundation for reconciliation which will ensure that Australians can proudly celebrate the centenary of our nationhood in 2001
    More sites on www.austlii.edu.au
    Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation
    Western Australian Aboriginal Artists Advisory
    First Nations/First Peoples Issues
    activist site with information and petition campaigns on many current issues
    More sites on www.dickshovel.com
    Four Directions UK
      Europe & Russia
    Four Directions UK's mission is to work with American Indians, raising awareness, both within the UK and worldwide, of their history and culture, and of the current issues faced by them. We stand for the sovereignty of American Indian Nations and work with them to help protect their lives, cultures, lands and human rights.
    Grass Roots Oyate
    Sioux United States
    Free Online Fax for Leonard Peltier Clemency
    More sites on members.tripod.com
    Honor the Earth
    Our mission is to create awareness and support for Native environmental issues and to develop needed financial and political resources for the survival of sustainable Native communities. Honor the Earth develops these resources by using music, the arts, the media, and Indigenous wisdom to ask people to recognize our joint dependency on the Earth and be a voice for those not heard.
    Indian Mascot & Logo Taskforce
      US - Northeast
    The Wisconsin Indian Education Association, "Indian" Mascot and Logo Taskforce seeks innovative legal, educational and political means to eliminate the use of "Indian" mascots, logos and nicknames from all Wisconsin state supported educational facilities.
    Kaliko Guys
      US - Hawaii
    Activist site informing native Hawaiians and their supporters about activities by the occupying government and our efforts to counter those activities that are determental to our people and/or our land. This site also keeps our supporters informed about spiritual activities and ceremonies (such as sweat lodges) being conducted here on the Big Island.
    Kanesatake Mohawk Voice
    Mohawk Canada - Eastern
    Political action site for Mohawks concerned about federal government meddling in internal politics. The group also opposes a proposed local niobium mine. The discussion board is a very active forum concerning Mohawk politics and issues.
    Kickapoo Justice
    Kickapoo US - Southwest
    Native Women - we will continue the fight for the future of our people, for our children, and grandchildren to come...
    More sites on www.freewebs.com
    Kingdom of Hawai`i - Reinstatement and Recognition
      Pacific - South
    Lake Cowal, Sacred Heartland of the Wiradjuri Nation
    Lake Cowal is the Sacred Heartland of the Wiradjuri People and is threatened by cyanide gold mining and many cultural artefacts are being destroyed
    Landrights For The Millenium
    This site is an interactive documentary by a group of indigenous and non-indigenous Australians committed to involvement and interactivity for exchange and growth of documentary material on the issue of LAND RIGHTS, worldwide.
    Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (LPDC)
      United States
    The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (LPDC) seeks the immediate release of Leonard Peltier. The LPDC is the center of communication between Leonard Peltier, his supporters, his family, the media, key government officials, and all other relevant individuals and groups. We also coordinate the national and international freedom campaigns through grass roots organizing, legal efforts, and political lobbying.
    More sites on www.freepeltier.org
    Leonard Peltier: Shackled Eagle
    More sites on members.tripod.com
    Mapuexpress - informativo mapuche
    Mapuche America - South
    sitio informativo mapuche desde el territorio mapuche en Chile. (noticias - publicaciones - biblioteca)
    Mexica Movement
    These materials are written primarily for people of "Mexican" descent. But they may also serve those people of "Central American" descent and the "Native Americans" of Aztlan who know that we are with them one same people. We welcome that they join us and come back into our Mexica identity. We, the Original Inhabitants of Aztlan and Anahuac are a people of one same mother culture, brothers and sisters separated by artificial European boundaries----their boundaries on our land.
    Native American Prisoners Network
      US - West
    New, main site replacing USP Atlanta Native American Prisoners Pen Pal Network. To obtain support for native inmates via pen pals; promotion & display of native artwork, crafts & writings.
    Native American Support Group
    Native American Support Group of New York City - Native American, Alaska Native & International Indigenous issues. American Indian Activist Sites and Media. New York City Native American sites and events. NYC guide and media. More Native American resources. Indigenous Issues: Big Mountain Issue:Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute. Alaska Natives- Sovereignty, Subsistence, Landless Tlingits and Haidas. Hawaii Independent and Sovereign Nation. Sandy Lake Band of Ojibwe. Apache Survival Coalition- Mt Graham. Zapatista. People of Vieques, Puerto Rico. Peace in Northern Ireland and Amanaka's Amazon Network.
    Native Political Prisoners
    More sites on sisis.nativeweb.org
    newtfn - New Tobique First Nation website
    Maliseet Canada - Eastern
    A site for fairness to everyone so we can work together. Stop the abuse of power now!
    Our Red Earth
      United States
    The homepage of a grass roots internet .org concerned with Native rights, free speech, and indirect support through communication.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Pro Indios di Roraima
      Europe & Russia
    Pro Indios di Roraima Association (Brasil), is situated in Rome (italy). L’associazione PRO INDIOS DI RORAIMA (BRASILE) è impegnata dal 1988 a favore degli indios dello stato brasiliano di Roraima.
    Sacajawea's people exiled after the Lewis and Clark Expedition
    Shoshone US - Northwest
    Sacajawea's People Exiled After Lewis and Clark Expedition Did you know that Sacajawea’s people were exiled to Fort Hall after an executive order established the 100 square mile Lemhi Valley Indian Reservation by an executive order from President Ulysses S. Grant on February 12, 1875.
    Southeastern Native American Alliance (SENAA)
      United States
    SENAA International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to activism on behalf of in indigenous peoples.
    United American Indians of New England (UAINE)
      US - Northeast
    UAINE is a Native-led organization of Native people and our supporters who fight back against racism and for the freedom of Leonard Peltier and other political prisoners. We support Indigenous struggles, not only in New England but throughout the Americas. We fight back on such issues as the racism of the Pilgrim mythology perpetuated in Plymouth.
    More sites on home.earthlink.net
      Europe & Russia
    Respect for the American Indians - Italy based Web Magazine

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