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    Resources: 8 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Abolish Columbus Day Petition
    Petition asking governments, organizations, businesses, to Abolish the Columbus Day Holiday and re-name it "First Americans Day" in honor of the First Nations and peoples.
    More sites on www.petitiononline.com
    Indigenous People Against Bigotry
    Menominee US - Southeast
    LITTLE ROCK, AR KARN radio talk-show host flooded with "bigot complaints "Good little Indians" remark reaches Natives nationally For more than a century, the federal government forced Native Americans to attend boarding schools in order to turn them into "good little Indians". A Little Rock, AR. talk-show host is, apparently, of the same mindset - as evidenced by his comment made over KARN radio on June 2, 2003. "I was on my way to work, listening to Dave Ellswick's show," recalled Kathy Bauer. "They'd been talking about rude people, when Ellswick said, if they didn't act like little Indians there would be no problem!". Help stop the hate by signing the petition today!
    More sites on http
    Muwkema Ohlone Tribe Petition
      US - West
    Petition to demand that official recognition by the United States Government be restored to the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe.
    Oklahoma Powwow photos
    Petition Against Gale Norton as Interior Secretary
    Choctaw US - Southwest
    Indian Nations and Supporters Against Gale Norton - sign the petition to stop her confirmation as Secretary of the Interior.
    More sites on www.PetitionOnline.com
    Protect the Sacred Red Stone
    Nakota US - West
    Protect Sacred Red Stone (aka pipestone) petition/bill
    Wokiksuye Canpe Opi (Wounded Knee Page)
    Help mend the Sacred Hoop that was broken at Cankpe Opi (Wounded Knee).
    WOUNDED KNEE: A Campaign to Rescind Medals
      United States
    Twenty U.S. soldiers received Medals of Honor for their actions in the Wounded Knee massacre. Trying to correct history, Native Americans want the medals rescinded.

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