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  • Resource Database / Nations Web Sites & Information / United States Indigenous Peoples / Locally Recognized Tribal Groups

    Listings here are separated into to US Federally "recognized" or "unrecognized" tribes. Realizing the controversy surrounding governmental "recognition", NativeWeb utilizes BIA criteria only for listing purposes in our Resource Center. Visitors are encouraged to contact individual web sites listed for specific information about recognized tribal governments, reservations, and contacts.

    The Library of Congress maintains a list of "Indian Entities Recognized and Eligible to Receive Services from the United Sates Bureau of Indian Affairs"

    The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 25, Part 83 describes the "Procedures for Establishing that an American Indian Group Exists as An Indian Tribe."

    See the website for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) for further information. 

    Resources: 41 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw of Louisiana
      US - Southeast
    The three bands of the Confederation are the Grand Caillou/Dulac Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha, Isle de Jean Charles Band of Bilox-Chitimacha and Lower Lafourche Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha.
    Blackfoot Nation
    Blackfoot US - Northwest
    This site is for cultural, spiritual, educational and marketing purposes.
    More sites on www.blackfoot.org
    Chinook Nation
    Chinook US - West
    We just want it to be known that we do exist as a tribe still even though the Bush administration says differently. We are currently fighting recognition status.
    Clatsop-Nehalem Confederated Tribes
    Clatsop-Nehalem US - Northwest
    A Quest For Identity: The Clatsop-Nehalem Confederated Tribes have established this wedsite for the purpose of storing and organizing historical and cultural information pertaining to their people.
    Confederated Western Cherokee
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    Official homepage of the Confederated Western Cherokee. Website contains national news, cultural and historical information, events calendar, links, and enrollment information.
    Coqui's Village
    Taino United States
    Sites dedicated to Taino Culture including arts & crafts and Computer artwork related to the Taino Culture.
    More sites on www.indio.net
    Costanoan (Ohlone) and other Indigenous Californians
    Costanoan US - Southwest
    WELCOME to the Costanoan Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource A Resource of Information and Multimedia about California Costanoan (Ohlone) and other Indigenous Californians: History, Current Events, Contacts, Native American experience.
    Cowasuck (Koasek)Traditional Band
    Abenaki US - Northeast
    Website of the Cowasuck(Koasek) Traditional Band Council of the Abenaki Nation
    Duwamish Tribe
    Salish US - Northwest
    Indigeoneous native people of the Pacific Northwest. The city of Seattle, Washington was named after our leader Chief Sealth. Chief Sealth was a chief of the Duwamish and Suquamish people. Today the Duwamish Tribe fights for federal recognition and strives to revive its cultural and native heritage for its 500+ members.
    Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iorquois And United Tribes of South Carolina, Inc.
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    Multi-category Tribal Organization, Heritage Society, Cherokee Indian Tribe of South carolina Tribal Adminstration.
      US - Hawaii
    Welcome to the EnenKio Online Network These pages, this website, the former web host (NetNation), the government of the Kingdom of EnenKio and the people loyal to the king of Eneen-Kio Atoll have been subjected to a wide assortment of deliberate disruptive actions by persons and agencies of the federal government of the United States.
    Fernandeno Tataviam Tribe
    Fernande˝o/Tataviam US - West
    Web site of Tataviam Tribe in Southern California. Information and history of the Tataviam Tribe and contact information with tribal officers. The Tataviam are a California Indian Tribe of the Antelope, San Clarita and San Fernando Valleys in Southern California area.
    Kawaiisu Tribe of Tejon, Southern California Native American Art and History
    Kawaiisu US - West
    Chairman Laughing Horse describes Kawaiisu Native American history, Cobaji tribal territory, Father Garces, Treaty D, Tejon Indian Reservation and rock art from Nuooah of Death Valley, Tehachapi, and Tomo-Kahni.
    More sites on home.att.net
    Little Shell Tribe
    Chippewa US - Northwest
    Offers official and federal recognition news, enrollment forms, and stories and history of the "Land-Less" Indian tribe.
    Little Shell Tribe
    Chippewa US - West
    Active members providing information, history, events, news, message board, forms, letters of impotance.
    Lumbee Tribe
    Lumbee US - Southeast
    Welcome to the Lumbee Tribe! Located in Robeson County, North Carolina, we are over 48,000 American Indians strong. We are the ninth largest tribe in the country and the second largest east of the Mississippi. This site is hosted by Lumbee Regional Development Association. Since 1968 we have been in service for the Lumbee people.
    Mohegan Tribe and Nation
    Mohegan US - Northeast
    We are the official site of The Mohegan Tribe and Nation. We offer: news, health, resources, events, and articles sent in by our readers.
    Monacan Indian Nation
    Monacan US - Southeast
    The Monacan Tribal Nation of Bear Mountain in Amherst,Virginia,concerns the tribal efforts to bring its people into the 20th century. and to educate the White man about what the Indian tribe is doing to continue its survival in his world.The Education of its people,and self help programs.Its continued research into its past history which has continued for over 500 years.
    Cherokee US - Central
    Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory
    North-Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
    Cherokee US - Northeast
    We, the North-Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, have a long history of struggle to keep our language and traditions. Although we are now far from the place and time of our ancient origin, we continue to celebrate our heritage and teach our future generations the worthy ways of our Aniyvwiya ancestors.
    More sites on www.nebci.org
    Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation
    Saponi US - Southeast
    Ohlone Indians
    Ohlone US - Southwest
    Pee Dee Indian Tribe of South Carolina
    Pee Dee US - Southeast
    We are the Pee Dee Indians, Our ancestors were some of the Indians that Juan Pardo met in 1560 when he was exploring the interior of what is now the state of South Carolina. Our ancestors lived along the Big Pee Dee River, Which got it's name from our people. This site has been developed by the Pee Dee Indian Tribe of SC to inform those who visit our site who we are. We'll also include specific information about our tribe and our members. We'll also include photos that relate to our tribal members and activities the tribe is involved in or have been a part of in the past.
    Pocomoke Indian Nation
    Pocomoke US - Northeast
    Home Page of the Pocomoke Indian nation
    Ponkpapoag Tribal Council
      US - Northeast
    We would like to pursue several claims against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to retrieve lands stolen from us. There are two locations currently under consideration, the 6000 acres named Ponkapoag lands in the Blue Hills area and the 16 square miles centered at the conjunction of Summer St and the Taunton River at the Bridgewater - Middleboro town lines.
    More sites on members.aol.com
    Powhatan Renape Nation
    Powhatan US - Northeast
    Welcome to the Powhatan Renape Nation, an American Indian Nation located at the Rankokus Indian Reservation in Westampton Township, Burlington County, New Jersey. We are recognized by the state of New Jersey as an American Indian Nation, as well as a non-profit entity.
    More sites on www.powhatan.org
    Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe of Rhode Island
    Wampanoag US - Northeast
    Welcome to the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe of Rhode Island. Here you will find a vartiety of pictorial and written descriptions of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe of Rhode Island. Links to a variety of resources are included.
    Southern Cherokee Nation Home Page
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    Official Home Page of the Southern Cherokee Nation. Information and history of the Nation, enrollment information, links to other Native American sites.
    The choinumni tribe
      United States
    The choinumni tribe is a non-federally recognized tribe. we are striving to obtain our federal recognition.
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    The Jatibonic¨ Taino Tribal Band of New Jersey
    Taino US - Northeast
    More sites on www.hartford-hwp.com
    The Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Council Longhouse
    Taino US - Northeast
    This is the Tribal Elders Longhouse, Homepage of the Taino Tribe of Jatibonicu, Great People of the Sacred High Waters.
    More sites on members.dandy.net
    The Lenape Nation on the Web
    Lenape US - Northeast
    The official web page of The Lenape Nation. Tribal offices are located in Tamaqua, PA. This is a site dedicated to culture, history, and current happenings in the Lenape Nation. Updated regularly with news of the nation and its members and upcoming events.
    The SamE'-Na-Qwa Se'-Nom Nation
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    The Tekesta Taino Tribal Band of Bimini Florida
    Taino US - Southeast
    This is the Tekesta Taino Tribal Band of Bimini Florida's Home Page. The Tekesta are one of the original indigenous tribes of Florida.
    More sites on www.hartford-hwp.com
    Tigua Indians
    Tigua US - Southwest
    More sites on www.texasindians.com
    United Confederation of Taino People
    Taino US - Northeast
    The United Confederation of taino Peopple web site.
    More sites on www.uctp.org
    United Houma Nation
    Houma US - Southeast
    Official website of the United Houma Nation,a state-recognized tribe in south Louisiana.
    Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri for preserving and restoring the rights of our Native American Ancestors
    Winnemem Wintu Tribe
    Wintu US - West
    Official Tribal website - Links to Winnemem issues, language, memorials for elders, ceremony dates, related sites.
    Wintu of northern California
    Wintu US - West
    The Wintu Peoples of northern California (between the Sacramento Valley and the Trinity Mountain Ranges)
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Wyandot Nation of Kansas
    Wyandot US - Central
    More sites on www.wyandot.org

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