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  • Resource Database / Health & Elder Resources / AIDS

    Resources: 5 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association
      US - Alaska
    Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association works together with the community to provide support for people living with HIV/AIDS and their familes. Four A's covers the whole state of Alaska including all the rural areas and villages. We want to be a source of information for all the native peoples of Alaska
    American Indian Health Council
      US - Southwest
    The mission of the Native American Program is to improve the overall quality of life and health for both urban and reservation Indian communities throughout Arizona by increasing the primary care resources for Native Americans. This mission will be accomplished through a unique approach specifically developed for the Native American Program that includes Advocacy, Coalition building, Education, and Support (ACES).
    More sites on members.tripod.com
    Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network
    A National Coalition of Aboriginal people and organizations that provides leadership, support, and advocacy for Aboriginal people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS regardless of where they reside.
    National American Indian AIDS Foundation
    Seneca US - Northeast
    This foundation is the only one of its kind in the Western Hemisphere dedicated specifically for American Indians/Native Americans living with HIV/AIDS. Since the AIDS crisis (past 23 years) no HIV/AIDS foundation has been set up to serve this specific population. Current guiodelines as to grants and requests can be accessed through the website address.
    More sites on webspawner.com
    National Native American AIDS Prevention Center
    The Native Care: HIV/AIDS Integrated Services Network is a collaborative effort between NNAAPC, the Ahalaya Project, and six Native American organizations. All network participants implement the Ahalaya Case Management model to provide culturally responsive HIV-case management services and HIV education to local Native American communities.

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