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  • Resource Database / Crafts & Indigenous Skills / Plants, Trees & Shelters / Branches, Wood & Roots

    Resources: 4 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Cedar Tree: Customs, Preparation, and Uses
      Canada - Western
    Articles from U'mista News - The importance of cedar-bark to our past culture has left us many beautiful treasures from that era. The many beautiful baskets, mats and blankets that were produced for everyday uses, and the regalia that was made for purification ceremonies and the winter ceremonies. The Kwaguitl people are people having a great respect for the mother earth and give thanks to all its creatures great and small that provided life to its people. They had customs and prayers for all that they took from her. Many of those customs are still associated with the activity. The same remains true of the cedar-bark customs.
    More sites on www.schoolnet.ca
    Historic Crafts & Skills--Woodworking
    The woodworking projects presented in this unit require only basic skills and tools. The projects are items found among the accoutrements of wilderness travelers. For additional ideas, consult the library for sources on early American furniture and accessories.
    More sites on www.conservation.state.mo.us
    Native American of the Northwest - Culture Universal
      US - Northwest
    Made by the Vinh Co. This first page gives information about the Natives Indians of the northwest universals, foods, transportation, and arts.
    More sites on members.tripod.com
    Religious or ceremonial objects
      Canada - Western
    Weathercock / Courting mirror / Hearse / Saint John / Chandelier / Tsimshian mask / Interior house screen (Tsimshian) / Copper shields / Raven rattle / Secret society masks (Haida) / Image of Hindu goddess Durga / Dorset masks - The Canadian Museum of Civilization.
    More sites on www.civilisations.ca

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