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    Resources: 41 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Caribbean Amerindian Discussion Forum
    Boardroom for discussions concerning the problems and prospects of modern Caribbean Amerindians. Through Centrepage of Caribbean Amerindian Communities and Educational Resources on the Internet.
    More sites on www.centrelink.org
    Cherokee and Creek Culture/history
    A great place to discuss the culture and history of these two nations, and Native American Music!!
    Cherokee Genealogy
    Through Cherokee.Net - Home of the Cherokee Archival Project at RootsWeb.
    More sites on boards.ancestry.com
    Cherokee Heritage Documentation Center
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    Our mission is to preserve and document the history, culture and genealogy of the Cherokee people. We provide the tools and resources with which descendants can discover and preserve their family heritage, learn more about who they are, and join together with tribal members.
    Choctaw Southeast Query Forum
    Through Chahta - Choctaw Genealogy & Research at RootsWeb.
    More sites on boards.ancestry.com
    Choctaw Talk
    For the discussion of Choctaw issues, language, culture, history, geneology & events.
    Comanche Lodge Native Forums
    Comanche US - Southwest
    American Indian Community Forums. Culture, Art, Solidarity!
    More sites on www.comanchelodge.com
    Creeks Queries
    Creek (Muskogee)  
    Through Creek-SouthEast Mail List (and RootsWeb).
    More sites on boards.ancestry.com
    East Coast Siouan Nation
    Saponi US - Southeast
    A web site to give us Descendants of the 39 East Coast Siouan tribes a place to learn about our ancestors. We cover Saponi, Catawba, Monacan, Lumbee and Tutelo.
    Eastern Delaware Nations
    Fiji Voices
      Pacific - South
    Online Community bringing together Fijians from all around the world to a piece of their home. The paradise Fiji.
    First Virginia Peoples Web Group
      US - Southeast
    This will be a place where natives and non natives can learn more about the history and the contemporary issues facing Virginia's Indigenous Peoples. Ideas will be exchanged, articles will be posted and hopefully a dialogue will be created that will inform and motivate people to learn about these rich cultures.
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    General discussion and individual forums by tribe.
    FreeSwinomish Message Board
    A place to discuss issues relating to the Swinomish Tribe, and other Native American Tribes in the United States in both current and historical context. Through Swinomish People's Home Page
    H-Net Discussion Networks
    H-Net's e-mail lists function as electronic networks, linking professors, teachers and students in an egalitarian exchange of ideas and materials. Every aspect of academic life--research, teaching, controversies new and old--is open for discussion; decorum is maintained by H-Net's dedicated editors.
    Indianfamilyroots.com offers an opportunity to create, update and preserve your familytree & family History online, find lost family links and share ancestral anecdotes.
    Innu Canada - Northern
    The purpose of the Innu-l email-list is to provide a forum for discussion, exchange and solidarity between the Innu Nation and those interested in supporting the Innu people.
    More sites on www.nativeweb.org
    Iroquois Mi'kmaq
    Mi'kmaw Canada - Eastern
    A friendly place for all nations to chat and share knowledge
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    Kahon:wes's Mohawk & Iroquois Phorum
    A series of topical forums through Kahon:wes's Mohawk & Iroquois Index.
    Kanaka Maoli US - Hawaii
    The Hawaiian Sovereignty Discussion List, Kanakamaoliallies-l, was created to further the on-going discussions about the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement, and all other issues related thereto.
    More sites on www.nativeweb.org
    Kipawa.com Discussion
    Eagle Village-Kipawa is one of nine communities that make up the Algonquin Nation in Quebec. Through Kipawa 1st Nation Community.
    Kumeyaay Nation discussion forum
    Join in the discussion of all things Kumeyaay. Participate in current threads, or create your own. This is your opportunity to be heard, on Kumeyaay.com.
    More sites on www.kumeyaay.com
    Kumeyaay Nation discussion forum
    Join in the discussion of all things Kumeyaay. Participate in current threads, or create your own. This is your opportunity to be heard, on Kumeyaay.com.
    More sites on www.kumeyaay.com
    Lenapehoking Long House
    The Long House group was formed so that Lenape and Nanticoke Indians across the web would have a place to meet, chat and discuss issues that affect us tribally as a people.
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    Michigan Native American
      US - Northeast
    Welcome to "Native Americans Living In Michigan" Community Messageboard. This community was made to bring the Natives living in Michigan together. Members are welcome to use this community in a respectful manner. Post messages to help Native people living in Michigan, Pow Wow information, Native programs, Native events, prayers, birthdays, weddings, or just to say hi. Messageboard is here to set up times and dates, and let members know when to meet or where to go for help in Michigan.
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    Native American Lineage Group
      United States
    Group Consist of Individuals who share a common Maternal Indigenous heritage as proven by DNA testing Belonging to Haplogroup A found among Native Americans Clans and thier decendants. We are from African, European and Hispanic backgrouds but are distantly related. Some of us Such as myself founder and moderator have researched our family histories and are re-establishing our native heritage through discussion, education, articles, links and research. Some will seek enrollment upon completetion of thier research all thanks to DNA testing and Scientific proof. Thanks to the National Geographic DNA project and FTDNA project. Thank you Shoshone Moderator
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    nez perce language
    Nez Perce  
    A good place to learn the language of the Nimíipuu Native Americans (Nez Perce) together and to get in contact with the history and culture of the tribe
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    Ohwejagehka Hadegaenage
    'Songs of the Earth'. General Inquiries; Mohawk Language; Oneida Language; Onondaga Language; Cayuga Language; Seneca Language; Tuscarora Language; Iroquois Songs; and Genealogy Inquiries.
    Ohwejagehka: Ha`degaenage Message Board
    Through an organization based on Six Nations of the Grand River. Looking for an Iroquoian song or word? Leave a message here for others to answer.
    Ojibwe Forum
    Post questions or chat. Through First Ojibwe Language and Culture [ Here is the Archived Posts, and the Old Board]
    Abenaki United States
    I would like to invite you to become a member of our website, Olidahozi (Gathering). We are primarily an Abenaki focused group, but invite other First Nations and friends of First Nations People to share with us. We discuss current events, genealogy, NA issues, news items, web links, , gardening, herbs and cooking, crafts, recipes, and many other topics. Sometimes we just chat. We have an archive under which messages are filed by topic and also a photo gallery. We also maintain a site calendar listing NA events.
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    Opatas Unidos
    Opata Mexico
    This group is for the descendants of the indigenous Teguima, Eudeve, and Jova peoples of Sonora, collectively known as the "Opata," for the study and discussion of our history, traditions, dialects, ancestors, and contemporary life in Opata country.
    Este grupo es para los descendientes de los pueblos indígenas Teguima, Eudeve, y Jova de Sonora, colectivamente conocidos como los "Opata", para estudiar y discutir nuestra historia, las tradiciones, los dialectos, nuestros antepasados, y la vida contemporánea en el país Opata.
    Pamunkey Message Board
    This message board is intended for comments about this website and to allow users to share information. Through the Pamunkey Indian Unofficial Homepage.
    Potawatomi Genealogy Query Page
    Our hope is that those who leave a query followed by their email address will be contacted by others researching the same Potawatomi family surname and that together they can help one another discover their family's roots.
    Remember the Cherokee/Tsalagi
    Cherokee United States
    Site dedicated to learning Cherokee ways, including: legends,foods,arts,language, genealogy,PowWows & much more. Astila(born & raised on Qualla in N.C.)adds new items daily.
    More sites on groups.msn.com
    Saponi Town
    A forum bringing together descendants of the Eastern Siouan tribes in NC and VA who were last together at Fort Christanna, Brunswick County, VA in the early 18th century. History and migration. Also reported as Blackfoot ancestry in many families.
    Sherman Indian High School Alumni Forum
      United States
    A forum for Amuni of Sherman Indian High School, Riverside, CA to meet up, catch up, and share your expirences!
    Tribals of Chotanagpur
    Chotanagpur Asia
    TRIBALZONE is a place for all Chotanagpur tribals , regardless of blood quantum, to "gather" and to heal, and share their unique cultures, artistic talents and rich heritage.
    Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory
    The Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte BBS - The intent of this message board is to serve as a community forum. Please refrain from posting requests for geneological information. FNTI's old WWWBoard First Nations Technical Institute - Tyendinaga Mohawk.
    Wampum Chronicles Message Board
    Through The Wampum Chronicles A website of Mohawk History. News, Politics, Culture, Genealogy, Arts, and more.
    E-mail discussion group of the Zo(mi) indegenous peoples. The Zo peoples are in the northeast India, Bangladesh and in the nortwest part of Burma/Myanmar

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