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    Name and DescriptionNationLocation
    A gathering place for those who seek to change the situation of our people.
    DLN Advocacy
    Dakota US - Central
    Dakota/Lakota/Nakota (DLN) Human Rights Advocacy Coalition was formed by a group of human beings who have bonded in the spirit of the Oyate...grassroots for the protection of our native peoples Human and Civil rights. We will work on behalf of the oyate to bring help and solutions to the issues of poverty, human sufferings, and many civil right violations against our peoples. This list will support those throughout the Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota nations.
    First Virginia Peoples Web Group
      US - Southeast
    This will be a place where natives and non natives can learn more about the history and the contemporary issues facing Virginia's Indigenous Peoples. Ideas will be exchanged, articles will be posted and hopefully a dialogue will be created that will inform and motivate people to learn about these rich cultures.
    Indigenous Sobriety
    Yuin Australia
    This group has been set up to enable Indigenous/Aboriginal people who are sober from alcohol and other drugs - to make contact and support each other. Our sober friends are welcome to join us too! So if you are happy to stay sober - one day at a time - join up so we can support each others sobriety and recovery.
    Iroquois Mi'kmaq
    Mi'kmaw Canada - Eastern
    A friendly place for all nations to chat and share knowledge
    Lenapehoking Long House
    The Long House group was formed so that Lenape and Nanticoke Indians across the web would have a place to meet, chat and discuss issues that affect us tribally as a people.
    Michigan Native American
      US - Northeast
    Welcome to "Native Americans Living In Michigan" Community Messageboard. This community was made to bring the Natives living in Michigan together. Members are welcome to use this community in a respectful manner. Post messages to help Native people living in Michigan, Pow Wow information, Native programs, Native events, prayers, birthdays, weddings, or just to say hi. Messageboard is here to set up times and dates, and let members know when to meet or where to go for help in Michigan.
    Native American Issues & Causes
    NAIC is dedicated to providing information and educating people about issues in Indian Country. This group is about activism, awareness, unity, spirituality and helping to make a difference for our people in Indian Country. Includes daily posts with up to date news and events in Indian Country.
    Native American Lineage Group
      United States
    Group Consist of Individuals who share a common Maternal Indigenous heritage as proven by DNA testing Belonging to Haplogroup A found among Native Americans Clans and thier decendants. We are from African, European and Hispanic backgrouds but are distantly related. Some of us Such as myself founder and moderator have researched our family histories and are re-establishing our native heritage through discussion, education, articles, links and research. Some will seek enrollment upon completetion of thier research all thanks to DNA testing and Scientific proof. Thanks to the National Geographic DNA project and FTDNA project. Thank you Shoshone Moderator
    Native Lands BrotherHood
    The Native Lands brotherhood is a place where we can just hang out and be ourselves. Talk about whatever we like and don't like. Don't flame each other unless you intend to make up before the end of the night. We are all brothers here and while brothers may fight, they also make amends to each other too.Discussing Native American tribal decisions and issues concerning us all and regular chating among brothers. we can talk about sports, chicks, politics...or whatever
    Native Lands sisterhood
    The sisterhood is a great place for all native women to gather together. We talk about many different issues, from children to crafts to animals. No men are allowed in this group I apologize but we do have a brotherhood for the guys.
    native lodge
    this is a native lodge , family style group, we have many members who love to chat and meet others. We are natives from all tribes some mixed and some non natives with only love and respect to give.
    This forum is dedicated to the sharing, re-discovery, and preservation of some of the nearly lost Native American technology skills, including, but not limited to, flintknapping, ethnobotany, primitive pottery, primitive archery, atlatls, cordage making, beading, quillwork, basketry, and brain-tanning of leather.
      United States
    NativeShare is a FREE educational/employment list serve for Native Americans. NativeShare started as a project with the Urban Indian Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1999, to identify and share opportunities with local Natives people. Today, the group has grown to well over 1200 Natives throughout the United States and Canada. NativeShare sends out weekly education, employment, and select event digests. Since the creation of the list serve, NativeShare averages three digest postings a week and is moderated by Alyssa Burhans and Jennifer Villalobos.
    This is a list for the discussion of natural dyes -- materials and techniques.
    nez perce language
    Nez Perce  
    A good place to learn the language of the Nimíipuu Native Americans (Nez Perce) together and to get in contact with the history and culture of the tribe
    Northern CA Native events & news
      US - West
    Northern CA Native Events and News Group. A New Bulletin Board / E-mail List To view the bulletin board go to the following Web Site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ncanativeeventsandnews/ To recieve annoucments from this site click on join on the home page, or reply to this e-mail with a note that you would like to be added. To send in announcements or press releases use the post feature on the site, or the following e-mail address: harvest95546@yahoo.com If you have questions you don’t want to post on the site, you can also send e-mail to: Harvest McCampbell: harvest95546@yahoo.com Please feel free to forward this message to anyone interested! Harvest http://profiles.yahoo.com/harvest95546 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ncanativeeventsandnews/
    Ojibwe Language Society Miinawaa
    A group put together to teach, learn and speak the Ojibwe language. Please come join us.
    United States
    I would like to invite you to become a member of our website, Olidahozi (Gathering). We are primarily an Abenaki focused group, but invite other First Nations and friends of First Nations People to share with us. We discuss current events, genealogy, NA issues, news items, web links, , gardening, herbs and cooking, crafts, recipes, and many other topics. Sometimes we just chat. We have an archive under which messages are filed by topic and also a photo gallery. We also maintain a site calendar listing NA events.
    Opatas Unidos
    Opata Mexico
    This group is for the descendants of the indigenous Teguima, Eudeve, and Jova peoples of Sonora, collectively known as the "Opata," for the study and discussion of our history, traditions, dialects, ancestors, and contemporary life in Opata country.
    Este grupo es para los descendientes de los pueblos indígenas Teguima, Eudeve, y Jova de Sonora, colectivamente conocidos como los "Opata", para estudiar y discutir nuestra historia, las tradiciones, los dialectos, nuestros antepasados, y la vida contemporánea en el país Opata.
    The Ancient Baybayin Scripts Network
    The Ancient Baybayin Scripts Network(ABSN) is a community of open forum academic exchange & discussion on the ancient writing scripts & writing systems of the Philippines and the writings of Baybayin(Alibata)scripts in the many languages of the Philippines. The Alibata forum brings unique,rare, and diverse topics about Ivatan syntax, Igorot Studies, Hanunoo-Mangyan poetry, Kinaray-a semantics, ambahan, computer fonts, ethnobotany, ethnopoetics, Surat Mangyan, Philippine ethnolinguistic groups, epigraphy, ethnomedicine, Aklanon phonetics, Bisayan genetic classification, Pangasinan grammar, Sambal proverbs, Agta linguistics, Ilonggo morphology, Mindanao news, & Lumad tribes.
    Tribal Women
      United States
    Welcome and don't be shy....this is the place to meet, greet, and even find love if you can with stand the heat to seek the one that makes your life just a little bit better. So take a chance to find romance, we all need a little love. I just ask that you have fun and feel free to add emails or just messages that tell us about you. We are a group dedicated to helping the real Native American Romance singles find their mates for romance and friendship!

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