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    Resources: 22 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    1815 Map of Cherokee and Creek lands
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    University of Georgia Rare Map Collection
    More sites on www.libs.uga.edu
    A map of that part of Georgia occupied by the Cherokee Indians [n.a. 1831] [225kb]
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    University of Georgia Rare Map Collection
    More sites on www.libs.uga.edu
    Aboriginal Mapping Network
    The Aboriginal Mapping Network is a collection of resource pages for First Nation mappers who are looking for answers to common questions regarding mapping, information management and GIS. It is a network where First Nation mappers can learn about what other native mappers are doing, and share their own experiences throughout the aboriginal community.
    Arctic Rim Maps
      Arctic Circle
    Regions of the Arctic Rim. Maps of regions within the Arctic Circle.
    More sites on arcticcircle.uconn.edu
    Boundaries of the Contiguous United States
      United States
    Animated time-line map showing the creation of boundaries and state lines into Indian territories.
    California Indian Tribal Maps
      US - Southwest
    From the Museum Informatics Project, an academic department within Information Systems and Technology, a collaborative effort at the University of California, Berkeley.
    More sites on www.mip.berkeley.edu
    Global land environments - maps of 20,000 years
    An atlas of the ice age Earth The following ecosystems maps, compiled by Jonathan Adams, are still under development and as-yet unpublished. Their presentation here is intended to provoke comment and criticism which can lead to them being improved.
    Gold Bug Historical Maps
    historical information and software for genealogical research, academic study or personal interest. We have a large selection of reproductions of early maps of the U.S., Europe and the world, going back to the 16th century. Our atlas software is designed to aid in historical research.
    Map Collection - World Sites Atlas
    Maps of continents/regions, countries, states, and provinces.
    Map Collection of the University of Arizona
    This exhibit illustrates and describes a selection of original rare and historic maps chosen from the Map Collection of the University of Arizona Library. They portray a region of New Spain once called Pimerķa and chronicle four centuries of mapping from the earliest map of the region in the collection, a 1556 view of North and South America, up to the Gadsden Purchase of 1854 when Pimerķa Alta--or southern Arizona--was acquired by the United States from Mexico.
    Map History - History of Cartography
    Early maps, and the resources and activities associated with them, form the subject of over 100 'pages' on this site. All the worthwhile information about old maps can be found here, directly or indirectly. You will find comment and guidance, and links to hundreds of other sites - selected for relevance and quality.
    Map of Hopi Reservation
    Hopi US - Southwest
    Provided by the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office.
    More sites on www.nau.edu
    Map of Missouri River Basin Tribes
      US - Central
    The numbered circles below correspond to the Tribes in the Missouri River Basin. Click the number for the name of the Tribe and go to its link on the Mni Sose website for information on the tribal chairman and delegate to the Mni Sose Coalition.
    More sites on www.mnisose.org
    MAPS - GIS Windows on Native Lands, Places, History
    A major listing of cultural, historical & political maps. Geographical Information Systems, where maps are used as windows to organize and examine data of various kinds that relate to location, to places. Canadian cartography grad student collects some basic explanations of GIS and what some tribes are doing (mostly finding out they can't afford it; been seeing the wrong consultants!)
    More sites on www.kstrom.net
    Muturzikin - Linguistic Maps
    We have redrawn linguistic map of Africa, south and central America, Canada and Basque Country . As we do know, many languages cross borders, and with the respect of each languages, you got another point of view on geopolitics and ethno-linguistic. Have a look! There are the Basque GIF of the day, Basque Saints and other services for your website.
    National Atlas of the United States
      United States
    The Indian Lands of the United States map layer shows areas of 640 acres or more, administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Included are Federally-administered lands within a reservation which may or may not be considered part of the reservation.
    National Geologic Map Database
      United States
    From the USGS National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program.
    Oriental Institute Map Series - ancient Near East
    Egypt, Sudan, The Levant, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran, locating primary archaeological sites, modern cities, and river courses set against a plain background.
    More sites on www-oi.uchicago.edu
    Phil Konstantin's Links to American Indian Maps
    A major listing of maps of American Indian territories and boundaries. Many links - a prime reference site.
    Pine Ridge Reservation Landcover Map
    Lakota US - Central
    This map was created in ArcView 8.0 from the USGS 30-m Landsat imagery classification (http://landcover.usgs.gov/natllandcover.asp). For further exploration of this map in ArcView please inquire at email above. For nominal disk and shipping cost, I can supply a CD containing the relevant landcover .tif and shapefiles.
    More sites on www.olc.edu
    Rare Map Collection - The New World
    University of Georgia Hargrett Library Rare Map Collection
    Tribes-by-States Map Index
    A list of federally-recognized tribes with contact info for that region, plus BIA area office and field office contact info. Map is color coded for areas administered by BIA Area Offices. This is information assembled by Paula Giese, and now hosted by Karen Strom. Tribal names and placements on the map come from the maps and data in Veronica Tiller's "American Indian Reservations and Trust Areas", Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1996. Tribal listings modified from the BIA webserver. Last Updated: 4/5/97
    More sites on www.kstrom.net

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