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  • Resource Database / Performance (Music, Dance, etc) / Music / General

    Resources: 12 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    All Nations Project
    Unkechaug US - Northeast
    Flying Eagle Woman performed by Silvercloud Singers, written by Native American songwriters. Inspired by the sounds of indigenous people. Melding the original song with cutting edge musical approach.
    La mas grande comunidad virtual de músicos andinos y amantes del folklore. Asociación Internacional de Músicos Andinos: Única asociación democrática y unitaria de músicos andinos!
      Canada - Western
    This site makes individual MP3 tracks of native artists work available to the public for downloading at a cost of 99cents per track.
    Coast Salish Gambling Music
    Salish US - Northwest
    Slahal, also known as lehal, or the bone game, is an Indian gambling game played on the North Pacific Coast. The game is of interest to the ethnomusicologist because of the importance of the music which accompanies it. Gambling songs are an integral part of the tradition since aboriginal times and have been maintained and preserved by oral means.
    Earth Songs
    Cayuga US - Northeast
    Socials within all Iroquois communities are meant to be enjoyed by all in attendance, especially when everyone dances. Social songs vary in length, verses and tempo depending on the song selection of the singers. Standing Quiver, Moccasin Dance, Old Moccasin Dance, Robin Dance, Duck Dance, Alligator Dance, Pigeon Dance, Raccoon Dance, Chicken Dance, Sharpened Stick, Fishing Dance, Shake the Bush, Gartered Dance, Cousin's Dance, New Women's Shuffle, Northern Dance, Cherokee's Dance, Rabbit Dance, Round Dance, Friendship Dance, Delaware Skin Dance
    More sites on www.ohwejagehka.com
    Field recordings of North American Indian music, 1940-1952
    While working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs with equipment supplied in part by the Library of Congress, Willard Rhodes of Columbia University recorded the music of fifty Indian tribes living primarily in the western United States. From the start of the project in 1940, the ethnomusicologist found that Indian music was "not a relic of the dead past but a vital, dynamic force." He documented, in addition to traditional genres, Christian hymns in native languages, songs with English words, and other music of recent composition.
    More sites on lcweb.loc.gov
    Maasai Music
    Maasai Africa
    Aang Serian- meaning House of Peace in the Maasai language- is a cultural organization managed and operated primarily by young Maasais. Its mission is to preserve and promote indigenous culture in general and the Maasai culture in particular.
    Maasai Music and Culture
    Maasai Africa
    Listen to Maasai music and learn more about the Maasai people. Proceeds from CD sales help to provide free adult education in the communities where the music was recorded.
    The Aboriginal Music Network
      Canada - Western
    This site is a resource base for both fans and those professionals working in the aboriginal music industry.
    The Native American Music Ring
      United States
    The home of the Native American Music webring. Sites linked to one another for the purpose of promoting music by native american performers, songwriters, and record labels in an effort to better promote native american music projects nationwide.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Venezuela Tambor y Canto
      America - South
    Aunque el estudio de la música Afroamericana comenzara a principios de siglo en el norte del continente, el interés por la Afro-Latinoamericana es más reciente. Hoy, la música negra venezolana goza de un nuevo periodo de interés; se funde con otras influencias é instrumentos, produciendo músicas mestizas dentro y fuera de Venezuela.
    More sites on members.aol.com
    vimoksha - Indian classical music and dance portal
    Information on Indian classical, percussion, fusion music and dance. Teachers and institutions of classical performing arts.

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