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    Resources: 77 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Aboriginal Rights -- Cosmopolitan Party of Canada
    Cosmopolitan is Canada's aboriginal rights inspired federal political party. We are commited to affirming aboriginal rights across Canada; but we can only do this, with your support, assistance, direction, and participation. Aboriginal rights in Canada can be redressed in a timely manner, if we come together via Cosmopolitan, with other Canadians who also support our treaty, cultural, and other rights.
    Aboriginal Veterans Canada's Warriors
    Honouring our Aboriginal Veterans and seeking Veteran's Rights and equal treatment under the law from Canadian Veterans Affairs.
    More sites on www.cadvision.com
    An extensive collection of links and information about the Zapatistas.
    ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)
      United States
    Ahwaz Studies Center
    This website is dedicated to the study of Ahwaz (Khuzestan), a province in southwestern Iran. Educating the public and publicizing the cause of the Ahwazi Arab people is our top priorities. We are advocating freedom and democracy and support the cause of national self-determination for the Ahwazi Arab people.
    Comanche United States
    The American Indian Religious Rights Foundation is a non-profit organisation working to represent and support American Indian prisoners. Our objectives are to build a public foundation of support to secure and protect the religious rights and spiritual needs of incarcerated American Indian prisoners.
    Akha Heritage Foundation
    Akha Asia
    A not-for-profit, non-religiously or politically-affiliated, grassroots organization dedicated to improving the life-threatening realities that confront the Akha of 300 plus mountain villages in northen Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, China and Vietnam. We believe that the annhilation of a culture is not only a complete disregard of a very basic human right, but a tragedy suffered by the world at large and its future generations, as already experienced countless times throughout history. The Akha are a unique people with deep, rich traditions which are on the verge of being completely destroyed, and we are in the process of trying to uphold for them the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
    Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras
      United States
    The Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras/Indigenous Alliance Without Borders is an Indigenous grassroots organization committed to promoting respect and protection of Indigenous rights, including indigenous sovereignty and self-determination, rights of mobility and passage for indigenous members on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, indigenous workers' rights and environmental protection of Native lands and sacred sites.
    Amazon Alliance
      America - South
    The Amazon Alliance works to defend the rights, territories and environment of indigenous and traditional peoples of the Amazon Basin.
    Amazonian Peoples Resources Initiative (APRI-Minga)
      America - South
    APRI-Minga is a community-based reproductive rights organization promoting women's empowerment and gender equity in Amazonia.
    Amnesty International USA's Urgent Action Network
      America - South
    The Urgent Action Network (UAN) is an Amnesty International program designed to provide a quick, effective response to situations of urgency involving prisoners, detainees and other threatened individuals.
    BiasHELP Online
      US - Northeast
    A not-for-profit agency dedicated to preventing, monitoring and lessening the effects of bias crimes and hate-related harassment.
      Europe & Russia
    We are a non-profit Human Rights Organization to support the struggle of the Navajos (living at Black Mesa, Arizona) against forced relocation, harassment and environmental devastation.
    Canadian Culture
    Researched commentaries on Canadian Culture, past and present including The Canadian Native's place in past and present day Canadian Culture The Motto "To Inform and Amuse provides facts, pictures and includes a humerouse view of our Culture.
    Carlos Fontes
      Europe & Russia
    Um espaço de reflexão sobre migrações,refugiados e exilados em todo o mundo
      America - South
    Chacolinks is a support group for the oppressed Wichi people of Northern Argentina. We are combining small scale development projects, with pressure on national and provincial governments to uphold the land rights of the Wichi.
    Chagos Islanders Web Site
    The Chagossians are the natives of the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. 100% of the Chagossians have been sent in exile to make way for a military base on the biggest island: Diego Garcia
    Colombia Support Network
      America - South
    Paz y Justicia Para Colombia / Peace and Justice For Colombia
    Comision Coordinadora Ejecutiva Defensoria Maya
    Maya America - Central
    More sites on www.puebloindio.org
    Comision Internacional de Derechos de Pueblos Indigenas de Sud America
      America - South
    La Comision Internacional de Derechos de Pueblos Indigenas de Sud America es una organizacion no gubernamental indigena internacional independiente de caracter tecnico y academico, cuyo fin es la promocion, proteccion y defensa de los derechos colectivos e individuales de los pueblos indigenas, que se constutuye como asociacion civil sin fines de lucro.
    More sites on www.puebloindio.org
    Comite de Apoyo de Indígenas de Honduras / Honduran Indigenous Support Committee
    Lenca America - Central
    The Honduran Indigenous Support Committee is made up of a group of people who are in solidarity with their just and modest demands, participate in activities in their comunities and seek to publicize their struggles.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Comunidad Indígena AshaninKa "Marankiari Bajo" / Perú
    Ashaninka America - South
    Web actualizado por la Comunidad Ashaninka de Marankiari Bajo.
    Consejo Indio de Sud America (CISA)
      America - South
    Organizacion fundada en 1980, surge como entidad aglutinadora y representativa de los PUEBLOS, NACIONES y ORGANIZACIONES indigenas de Sud America. El CISA es una organizacion no gubernamental con status consultivo en el Consejo Economico y Social de las Naciones Unidas (ONU).
    More sites on www.puebloindio.org
    Coordinadora de las Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica (COICA)
      America - South
    La Coordinadora de las Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica - COICA - es una entidad que agrupa a más de cuatrocientos pueblos indígenas nucleados en las organizaciones de los nueve países que abarca la selva amazónica: Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guayana Francesa, Guyana, Perú, Surinam y Venezuela.
    Cultural Survival
      US - Northeast
    All over the world, governments are seeking to extract resources from areas that have not hitherto been developed and, in the process, are mistreating their indigenous inhabitants. What should be done about this? What can be done about this? Cultural Survival was founded to try to answer these questions and to work for solutions developed by indigenous and pro-indigenous movements.
    Dakota Lakota Nakota Human Rights Advocacy Coalition
    Sioux US - West
    The Dakota/Lakota/Nakota Human Rights Advocacy Coalition (DLN), chatered on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation, is a traditional grassroots Oyate movement for the protection of our Red Nations' treaties and human rights. We stand with the Traditional Treaty Councils and Elders on our inherent rights as indigenous peoples. Our members are volunteer American Indian activists and activists for American Indian issues involved in advocating for integrated human, civil, legal, and indigenous rights, and social justice for traditional Dakota/Lakota/Nakota People. In addition to advocating in these matters, DLN is dedicated to providing solutions to Indian families who face hardship within reservation and border communities.
    More sites on www.dlncoalition.org
    Degar Website
    Montagnard Web Site. A site about the indigenous people known colectively in French word Montagnard.
    Derechos Humanos en América Latina - Equipo Nizkor
      America - South
    La historia de América Latina está plagada de opresiones y represiones, de gobiernos de facto, y de otros que aunque supuestamente democráticos se comportan como verdaderas dictaduras. Los derechos humanos han sido - y siguen siendo - frequentemente dejados de lado, como ideales bonitos pero molestos en épocas de conflictos internos.
    More sites on www.derechos.org
    Dialogue Between Nations / Dialogo Entre Naciones
    An interactive global communications network, hosting an ongoing educational forum for the self-representation of Indigenous Peoples and their nations in relation to the goals of the United Nations International Decade of Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations International Decade for Human Rights Education (1995-2004). Also includes the Digital Broadcast Network, with audio and video presentations about issues affecting the identity, self-determination and presence of Indigenous Peoples in the modern world
    Documents from the Indigenous Hunger Strike in Honduras
      America - Central
    Documents from the Indigenous Hunger Strike in Honduras (May 1997)
    Earth Times
    Web newspaper on the human environment and related economic, humanitarian and social issues.
    Ending Offending - Our Message
    A collaborative intitiative involving inmates of Northern Territory Correctional Centres that addresses issues of alcohol and drug misuse and offending through education, training, art, music, personal stories and therapeutic programs.
      Europe & Russia
    The website of Stateless Nations, native peoples, national, cultural and linguistic minorities, ethnic groups, areas with strong identity and autonomist, independantist or separatist tendencies in Europe.
    European network for Indigenous Australian Rights
      Europe & Russia
    UK-based campaigning/support group for Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders
    Global Exchange
      US - West
    Global Exchange is an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting political, social, and environmental justice globally. Please check out our website to see all of our activities and campaigns, including a store with fairly traded goods from all over the world, a Reality Tours program dedicated to giving travelers the real experience of a new environment, and activist campaigns such as Fair Trade coffee and anti-sweatshops programs.
    Global Rights: Partners for Justice
      United States
    With a record of successes spanning 27 years, Global Rights, based in Washington DC, has been working on the ground around the world, with offices and programs in more than 20 countries, including the United States. While many human rights organizations investigate and monitor human rights violations, we work directly with organizations and human rights advocates inside each country, to help groups and individuals become more effective within existing infrastructures; to better advocate for human rights where the laws are inadequate; and to ensure enforcement where such laws exist, but are ignored. Believing firmly that sustainable change can only come from within a society, we help existing local organizations build their internal capacities for challenging injustice.
    Gold for the Kogi
    Kogi America - South
    By donating golden objects to shamans of the Kogi tribe from Colombia, we want to show them our respect for their work for Mother Earth. With this campaign we also want to call attention to their message: ‘They way you treat the earth will lead to big disasters. Live in harmony with the earth.’
    Honor Our Neighbor's and Rights
      United States
    Honor Our Neighbor's Origins and Rights (HONOR), established in 1988, is a national coalition of tribal,secular,and ecumenical individuals and organizations who stand together on critical issues facing American Indians. HONOR seeks to promote intercultural understanding about American Indian tribal sovereignty, treaties, land preservation, culture and history.
    Human Rights Site of Nepal
    This is an active site of Human Rights and Peace Campaign (HURPEC) Nepal operated by youth human rights activists of Nepal. The site contains many information about the situation of Human Rights in Nepal and worldwide.
    Indigenous Peoples' Caucus at United Nations
      US - Northeast
    The Indigenous Peoples' Caucus supports the United Nations objective to usher in a new era for human rights within the UN system, to strengthen human rights as one of the pillars of global order, and the Human Rights Council's role to establish a non-political approach to human rights for all peoples and individuals, and especially the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
    IWGIA - The International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs
      Europe & Russia
    IWGIA - The International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs is a an independant organisation which for more than 30 years have supported indigenous peoples in their struggle for human rights, their right to self-determination, cultural integrity, and the right to development.
    More sites on www.iwgia.org
    Katalla-Chilkat Tlingit
    Tlingit US - Alaska
    The Council of Elders, the governing authority of the Government Katalla-Chilkat Tlingit (provisional government): Kaliakh Nation (Region XVII) is initiating this site in order to expose crimes against humanity committed upon the original inhabitants of Alaska.
    KOLA International Campaign Office
      Europe & Russia
    KOLA is a grassroots human rights organization which was founded in September 1987 near Red Scaffold, on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, South Dakota. In 1990, we opened the international campaign office in Brussels, Belgium.
    Minga social para un Mundo mejor
      America - South
    Espacio para las organizaciones sociales, promoción de fundaciones, organizaciones, colectivos, redes e individuos mingasocial para un mundo mejor...para todos todo... Space for the social organizations, promotion of foundations, organizations, groups, networks and individuals mingasocial for a better world... for all whole...
    Minority Rights Group International: Trouble in Paradise Campaign
    Minority Rights Group International's online cmapign in support of the indigenous Endorois community in Kenya, seeking just compensation for their removal from their land and a share of the revenue generated by tourism on their land.
    Miskito Coast Historical Society, Inc.
    Miskitu America - Central
    Our organization provides a variety of projects to the Miskito Indian communities in Nicaragua that help rebuild their communities.
    Mni Sose Intertribal Water Rights Coalition, Inc.
    Shoshone US - West
    The Mni Sose Intertribal Water Rights Coalition assists Tribes in the protection of their rights to the use of Missouri River water, tributaries, and groundwater located on, near, and under their respective reservations. The Coalition also addresses all issues and matters related to their reserved water rights in a broad and comprehensive manner
    More sites on www.mnisose.org
    Naga Asia
    A support site for the Naga Peoples of Nagalim who have been resisting invasion since 2953 and actively fought against india for independence. Now peace talks are held since five years, but the giant India will not give access to press rto cover the atrocities that have been committed. An isolated nation that needs our full support.
    NAIDA National American Indian Defense Association of Massachusetts
    Mohegan US - Northeast
    Web site of N.A.I.D.A. National American Indian Defense Association of Massachusetts (naida)
    NAIDA National American Indian Defense Association of New York State
    Mohegan US - Northeast
    Web site of N.A.I.D.A. National American Indian Defense Association of New York State (naida)
    National Mobilization on Colombia
      America - South
    The Colombia Mobilization is a national coalition of organizations and individuals working to transform U.S. policy toward Colombia and the Andean region.
    Native American Inmates And Families Support Group
    Support Group for our Warriors in Prison. Help for them and the people who love them. Full of information and resources. We want them to know "They Are Not Forgotten."
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    Native American Prisoner Support (NAPS)
      United States
    NAPS provides an online database for all organisations and individuals working on behalf of religious rights for Native American prisoners to register. This incudes the registration of groups, grassroots movements, spiritual advisors, law firms & associations, newgroups, and media. It also provides an online outlet for prisoners and spiritual advisors to be heard, and the opportunity to build profiles on prisons and corrections departments. The long-term goal of NAPS is to publish its directory and to get it to the prisoners who, in many cases, do not know who to contact for assistance. NAPS is found on the Human Rights Internet website under Partner Sites. Bookmark.
    North East Zapatista (Solidarity) Network
    Maya Mexico
    "Unlike many of the Zapatista/Chiapas-related sites on the web, the North East Zapatista Solidarity Network is an actual organization, and this site is merely one of our organs. The NEZSN is an affiliation of autonomous groups and activists around the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada concerned with the ongoing events in Chiapas, in particular the Zapatistas' struggle against the oppressive impositions of multinational capital and the Mexican government."
    Open letter from the U'wa people to the national government and people of Colombia
    U'wa America - South
    On the U'wa threat to commit collective suicide
    More sites on sisis.nativeweb.org
    Organisation Mondiale Contre la Torture (World Organisation Against Torture) (OMCT)
      America - South
    On the basis of the information received from members of OMCT network, and in particular from LAW and the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, the International Secretariat of the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT), condemns all violence by all actors in Israel, and the occupied territories, including territories under the Palestinian National Authority.
    Organización de Pueblos Indígenas de Pastaza (OPIP)
    Quechua America - South
    The defense and conservation of our cultural identity and the legalization of our homelands OPIP, Organization of Indigenous Nationalities of Pastaza, Ecuador, was founded in 1.979 and is the largest organization of native peoples in the province of Pastaza. Approximately 120 communities are organized in the OPIP. The main objectives of the organization have been to legalize our rights to our homelands, watch over the preservation of our cultures and languages and foment the unity between the indigenous communities.
    More sites on www.applicom.com
    Program on Nonviolent Sanctions and Cultural Survival (PONSACS)
      United States
    Program research, analysis, and direct interventions focus largely on conflicts between culturally distinct groups in situations of sharp structural asymmetry with emphasis on disputes over land and natural resources and indigenous rights.
    Project Underground: Colombia
    U'wa America - South
    Project Underground on the U'wa threat to commit collective suicide. An organization supporting the human rights of communities resisting mining and oil exploitation.
    Red Intercultural Tinku
    Quechua America - South
    TINKU es una expresión Aymara-kechwa que significa ENCUENTRO INTEGRAL DENTRO DE LA COSMOVISIÓN ANDINA. Un enfretamiento de poderes antagónicos y complementarios; un diálogo de caracteres, de sentimientos, de fuerzas, de experiencias y de concepciones. Un encuentro físico, ideológico, intelectual integral con la esencia cultural de los pueblos originarios. Una verdadera expresión de interculturalidad entre de los países andinos y los países nórdicos. Si bien Tinku es una expresión andina esta misma concepción de fraternidad existe en las diferentes culturas de otros pueblos originarios y entre ellos en los nórdicos.
    More sites on www.kaapeli.fi
    Religious Freedom with Raptors
    Religious Freedom with Raptors provides a comprehensive overview of the attack on indigenous sovereignty and racial segregation federal wildlife laws promulgate. The website details efforts to change these laws and provides visitors with civil rights resources and ways that they too can get involved. It is a valuable resource for all people invested in religious freedom, racial equality, and indigenous legal rights.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Resource Center of the Americas
      America - South
    Save Tibet - International Campaign
    Today, the movement to help Tibetans is growing, as public awareness, and public outrage builds. World governments are beginning to recognize the atrocities, and to address them. But Tibet is entirely dependent on grass-roots support, and we need your help.
    SEJUP- Serviço Brasileiro de Justiça e Paz
      America - South
    SEJUP was founded in 1991 and specializes in preparing news and reports in English about Brazilian human rights and social issues. Our interests in this area are many - amongst the issues we cover are land questions, indigenous issues, environment, the churches, women's issues, violence, children, grassroots movements.
    More sites on www.oneworld.org
    Servicio Internacional para la Paz / International Service for Peace (SIPAZ)
    Maya Mexico
    Servicio Internacional para la Paz/International Service for Peace is a coalition of North American, Latin American and European organizations formed in 1995 to support the peace process in Chiapas, Mexico. SIPAZ combines violence reduction and peacebuilding strategies in Chiapas with efforts to inform and mobilize the international community.
    The website represents the Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign and its struggle. It is the main national body coordinating the struggle of a coalition of 54 popular committees all along the Wall's path and Palestinian NGOs resisting the Wall. It acts as the voice of communities on the local level; mobilization and coordination on the national level; and in addition, is part in the global struggle against colonization and racism. The Campaign, since its inception has worked as an independent body, following and responding to no political party but to the peoples’ needs and demands based on the fulfilment on the pillars of our national struggle.
    Survival International
    Survival International is a worlwide movement supporting tribal peoples. It stands for their right to decide their own future and helps them protect their lives, lands and human rights. Their website contains information on many of their campa
    The American Indian Friends Coalition
    Maya United States
    Our initial objective is to provide badly needed aid and assistance to the large number of Mayan families that have recently moved to the United States for political asylum.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    The Bigger Picture
    Ngarrindjeri Aotearoa-New Zealand
    The Bigger Picture - A grassroots campaign for Human Rights
    The Cincinnati Zapatista Coalition
      United States
    The Cincinnati Zapatista Coalition is a non-profit group whose main focus is Indigenous Rights here in the US and throughout the Western Hemisphere, but also works on all forms of oppression here within the United States.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    The Human2Human Network
      US - West
    The Human2Human Network. "Serving the Humanity of Humans".
    More sites on www.human2human.net
    The U'wa Defense Project
    U'wa America - South
    The U'wa ("the Thinking People") fight California-based Occidental Petroleum, Shell International, and the Colombian Government for the internationally recognized rights of Indigenous peoples.
    Watu Acción Indígena
      America - South
    WATU Acción Indígena es la sección española de IWGIA, (International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs)
    Witness Justice
      US - Northeast
    Witness Justice will provide comprehensive information and innovative services for survivors of violent crime and their family and friends. From understanding how a violent experience changes you to navigating the roads to justice and recovery, Witness Justice provides information, tools, understanding and support for every aspect of the healing process. We are in the process of building a comprehensive guide to understanding criminal justice within Native American tribal communities.
      Europe & Russia
    Many times a Pen-Pal is the only window for an Inmate to the free world, you could be this window. Worldwidefriends.org is the largest place for Indigenous Prison Pen-Pals. You find there also: Help/Support for special Projects and Needs, Looking for Relatives, Friends, Pen-Pals, Events, personally websites of prisoners where they show you their Art, Poems, Stories, Artworks and more. It is free!
    Zapatistas in Cyberspace
    The international circulation through the Net of the struggles of the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico has become one of the most successful examples of the use of computer communications by grassroots social movements. That circulation has not only brought support to the Zapatistas from throughout Mexico and the rest of the World, but it has sparked a world wide discussion of the meaning and implications of the Zapatista rebellion for many other confrontations with contemporary capitalist economic and political policies.
    A non-partison, not-for-profit making organization, ZOHOPE fOUNDATION believe healthy societies rely fundamentally on respect for individual rights, the vitality of communities, and a celebration of diversity. Mission to advance the work of progressive organizations and individuals for peace, justice, economic opportunity, human rights, democracy and environmental sustainability in Zoram.

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