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  • Resource Database / Native Travel & Eco-Tourism

    This category is ideally for travel and eco-tourism developed by or for indigenous or marginalized peoples. 
    Resources: 109 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    A Bedouin Experience in the High Mountain Region of Sinai, Egypt
    Jebeliya Bedouin Africa
    Discover this unique land, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its natural and cultural importance, with the Jebeliya Bedouin tribe and Sheik Mousa. Trekking and hiking tours; yoga and meditation; visiting ancient churches, monasteries and holy places; camel and jeep safaris. Rooms and camping provided in El Milga Bedouin Camp in Saint Katherina (St. Catherine), South Sinai, Egypt.
    Aboriginal Adventures with Safari Expeditions Panama
      America - Central
    Indigenous Tribes & Aboriginal Groups tours & eco tours in Panama, Visit the Kuna Indian community, Guaymi Tribes & Knobe Bugle, ecotours to the Primitive Embera Tribes comunity. Learn about their culture, way of life, art and religion with our specialized team.
    Aboriginal Cultural Eco-Resort Spa and Wellness Centre
      Canada - Eastern
    I am pleased to introduce you to a very unique and special opportunity to partner with my First Nation in the development of a high quality destination resort spa and wellness centre in our traditional lands of Northwestern Ontario.
    Aboriginal Experiences
      Canada - Eastern
    Turtle Island Tourism Company's mission, simply put, is to provide authentic Aboriginal experiences to visitors to Canada's capital region. Canadian and American Aboriginal culture is a source of much fascination to many world-wide, yet to many, it is as mysterious as it is fascinating.
    Aboriginal Journeys
    Kwagiutl Canada - Western
    Aboriginal Journeys is a wildlife and cultural tour operator, located in the Discovery Harbour Marina in Campbell River, BC, Canada. We offer wildlife adventure and cultural tours on a 24-foot zodiac, which include whale watching, bear viewing, First Nations dancing, traditional salmon barbecues and more.
    Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia (AtBC)
      Canada - Western
    The Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia (AtBC) is the voice of Aboriginal tourism throughout BC. Aboriginal Tourism of British Columbia visions a healthy, prosperous, proud, strong, and dynamic Aboriginal tourism industry offering high quality products that exceed visitor's expectations.
    Aboriginal Tourism Opportunities
    As an advocate for First Nations People, Aboriginal Tourism Opportunities hopes to link government, community and cultural organizations, and serve as a promotional tool for developing not just tourism, but locally owned and operated tourist destinations.
    Las comisiones de Turismo y Extensión Cultural tienen el gusto de invitarle a visitar la cabecera municipal con motivo de la realización de la tradicional feria anual y en todo y cualquier momento y siempre.
    Akwesasne Boat Tours
    Akwesasne US - Northeast
    St Regis Mohawk. View the scenic St Lawrence River.
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    Haida US - Northwest
    Alaska Timberwolf tours is a Native owned tour and transportion company in South Central Alaska. Offering VIP tours on Alaska & Native history. With Native Drivers and guides
    All Local Events
      US - Hawaii
    Free event calendar for all of the Hawaiian Islands supporting local artists,musicians, organizations, and more!
      Europe & Russia
    Site in french about communities of amazon bassin. Informations from a university work around indigenous culture in the XX° century.
    Ancient Storytellers
    Pueblo US - Southwest
    Native-Owned Organization that is committed to educating visitors about Northern New Mexico and the history of the Pueblo People. Offering pueblo tours and cultural events.
    Andean Trails
      America - South
    Andean Trails is a UK based tour operator that organises tours to Amazon Lodges run in conjunction or wholly by indigenous people in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. We offer tours on a small scale believing in working to protect and preserve indigenous people's culture, economy and the environment.
    Aotearoa Maori Homestay
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    Tourists can stay in our Maori homes and experience what it is like to live in this special environment. Great locations, people, history very friendly
    Arctic Sea Kayaking Adventure Tours
    Inuit Canada - Northern
    Inuit owned and operated Arctic sea kayaking adventure tours in Canada's high Arctic country of Nunavut. Follow the path of Victoria Jason's kayak adventures.
    ATNI-EDC Northwest Tribal Tourism
      US - Northwest
    ATNI and its Economic Development Corporation is one of the oldest and most respected tribal organizations in the Northwest. Its primary goal is to protect tribal sovereignty and facilitate tribal economic self-sufficiency. ATNI-EDC is presently aiding in the development and promotion of a culturally appropriate Tribal Tourism program in the Northwest region.
    Sioux United States
    Provides customized tours to all Sioux Reservations in South Dakota; profiles and links to each tribal membership; training opportunities; sustainable tourism since 1993
    Bangladesh Ecotours
    suggested nation: Mru We are a locally owned and operated ecotour group specializing in homestays in remote (and not so remote) Mru, Khumi, Tanchangya, Tripuri, Chakma villages in the Chittagong hilltracts near the Burmese border. We work as a liason between the tourists and the hosts
    Bastar a tourist place
    District Bastar of Chhatisgarh (India) is very beautiful place situated at height of nearly 2500-3000 feet.
    More sites on www.sadashivan.com
    Birch Narrows Lodge
    Dene Canada - Western
    Birch Narrows Fishing and Adventure lodge is located in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. The lodge is owned and operated by the Birch Narrows Dene Nation. Here, you will be able to experiment nature in a way you have never imagined. The lodge is open year round and can only be accessed by float plane or snowmachine.
      America - South
    BrazilMax is “the hip gringo’s guide to Brazil.” Acclaimed in The Guardian of London, the SonntagsZeitung of Zurich and on the Travel Channel website, BrazilMax features immersion travel, geotourism, cultural tourism and ecotourism in South America’s largest and most diverse country. Edited by Bill Hinchberger, former correspondent in Brazil for The Financial Times and Business Week.
    Canadian Aboriginal Network Of Entreprenuers
      Canada - Eastern
    MISSION STATEMENT: To create new, unique, authentic Aboriginal events or festivals using the experience, knowledge and proficiency gained while planning, programming and establishing successful projects and then to share that information with other Aboriginals to ensure a growing community of new entrepreneurs.
    Canyon De Chelly Tours
    Navajo US - Southwest
    De Chelly Tours is a 100% Navajo-Owned tour company based in Chinle, Arizona. We have over 2,700 archaeological sites within Canyon de Chelly National Monument. We offer Unimog Group tours as well as private Jeep tours.
    Canyon De Chelly Tours
    Navajo US - Southwest
    We provide 4X4 Jeep and Unimog Tours throughout beautiful Canyon de Chelly (d-shay). We have over 2,700 archaeological sites within Canyon de Chelly. We have over 700 standing ruins with only 13 having any kind of stabilization or re-enforcement. Come visit us soon.
    More sites on canyondechellytours.com
    Chapoose Canyon Adventures
    Ute US - West
    Utah's Native American Adventure Company offers whitewater rafting/kayaking and rock art tours in Northeast Utah.
    Chena Indian Village
      US - Alaska
    The Riverboat Discovery - The highlight of the cruise is a one-hour stop at the Chena Indian Village, where Alaskan Native guides will take you on a guided tour. You'll see an Athabascan Indian village with cabins made of spruce logs, a cache used for storing supplies, and fur pelts. Our guides will explain how the wolf, fox, martin, and beaver were used to provide food and protection in the harsh Arctic climate.
    Chief David Bald Eagle Ranch & Tours
    Lakota United States
    Traditional Chief David Bald Eagle will be 86 years old on April 8, 2004. His Grandfather Chief White Bull fought Custer at the Battle of The Little Bighorn in 1876. Guests at the Chief Bald Eagle Ranch will stay in tepees, learn Indian traditions and tour historic areas.
    Chisasibi Mandow Travel Agency
    Cree Canada
    Picture yourself rising every morning near pristine lakes and rivers. Heading into the bush to watch the wildlife and waterfowl. Gazing as countless stars fill the twilight sky. Falling asleep to the rush of the wind through the spruce forests. For once you won't go home exhausted. You'll bring back a renewed sense of what home means. The Cree people of Chisasibi invite you on an adventure off the beaten track. We want to share our land and our knowledge with you. We welcome you to visit our home.
      America - Central
    Masaya, Nicaragua. CINDURMA a Not For Profit that aids local low income people. Support of area Schools and programs. Great place to introduce your Mission.
    Conozca San Blas con Panama Kuna Tours
    Kuna America - Central
    Conozca San Blas y conviva con la naturaleza en las paradisìacas islas, sus senderos ecològicos, la cultura milenaria Kuna y las mundialmente conocidas molas, seguro que tendrà una experiencia inolvidable.
    Copper Canyon Ecotouridm: Trekking Among the Tarahumara
    Tarahumara (Raramuri) Mexico
    Custom educational, cross cultural trekking in Mexico's Copper Canyon with the focus on visits to Tarahumara homes and meeting the people-- maximum group size 4, with or without burro support
    Derechos Indígenas de Turismo Internacional
      US - Central
    Tomar control de la manera en que el turismo afecta a nuestras vidas.
    More sites on www.tourismrights.org
    Discover Navajo - People of the Fourth World
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Official site of Navajo Tourism, providing information about Navajo culture, travel, and attractions. Plan your Navajo vacation with maps, articles, calendar of events, and destination links.
    Eco Travels in Latin America
      America - South
    Includes El Planeta Platica. Planeta.com is the internet's clearinghouse for practical ecotourism. As a travel resource center, we provide more than 10,000 pages of practical features and in-depth scholarly reports and host a variety of online forums and conferences.
    A network promoting genuine ecotourism with members in over 130 countries. Here you will find genuine ecolodges, make friends or network in the cafe, read eco news from around the world, find rare eco-gifts for your friends, ask our eco experts for advice, find an eco job and many more.
    Ecotourism Research and Other Adventures
    Quechua America - South
    This site is devoted to research and education about ecotourism, ethnic tourism, nature tourism, and heritage tourism, along with other geographic interests of mine.
    Ecuador Ethnogastronomic
    Quechua America - South
    Ecuador Ethnogastronomic is one of a kind expedition introducing travelers to the native people of the Ecuadorian Andes. You will visit four indigenous communities, share in their ancient traditions, taste their traditional foods, delve into their knowledge of medicinal plants and meet the shamans. You will also explore the colonial cities of Quito and Cuenca and experience the spectacular natural beauty of the high Andes, all making positive contributions to the conservation of cultural heritage and providing more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, promoting cultural sensitivity and engendering respect between tourists and hosts.
    Montagnais Canada - Eastern
    The dynamic Montagnais community of Essipit invites you to live your passion for nature without any compromise in the confort of a luxurious condos, enjoy a whale-watching cruise.The services of an outfitter and a multitude of activities inspired by our north American Indian culture and heritage.
    Etiquette on the Reservation
    Respectful ways go a long ways on Ariz. Indian lands By Enric Volante The Arizona Daily Star The second largest Indian nation in the United States - roughly 2.8 million acres of saguaro forests, craggy mountains and small villages west of Tucson - has barely opened itself up to outsiders. It's no wonder. For centuries, members of the Tohono O'odham Nation and other tribes have not only been resisting encroachment on their lands and water, they've been putting up with visitors who blow it through intrusive, offensive behavior.
    Explore Central Asia
    Country information - Uzbekistan , Turkmenistan , Azerbaidjan , Iran.
      Pacific - South
    suggested nation: Fiji Fijibure.com is a unique project which provides Village Homestay accommodation in local indigenous Fijian communities. Guests are initiated as a member of the village, are invited to participate in village life during their stay, and learn about traditional customs and ways of life. Money paid to the villagers on arrival goes directly to fund community projects.
    galapagos islands cruises
      America - South
    The Galapagos Islands are a place where humans can watch, wonder and learn about the plants and animals that have inspired people since Darwin first stumbled upon the islands more than a century ago.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Gecko Villa
    Gecko Villa is loacted in the heart of "Isaan", or Thailand's Northeast. This sustaibanle tourism project aims to encourage visitors to visit this undiscvovered region in one of Thailand's poorest areas, often shunned by central Thais. Gecko Villa offers a large country house for holiday rent set among the rice fields of Isaan, complete with a private swimming pool. Guests are encouraged to explore and experience the loacl area, with its unique dialect, geography, cuisine and traditions, and your hosts will be delighted to help you to discover and live their traditional way of life.
    go native america
      US - West
    Join us to experience the historic, contemporary and cultural realities of life in Native America. Travel to the Heart of Indian Country in accordance with tribal traditions and cultural etiquette.
    Hadzabe tourist information
    Hadzabe Africa
    The Hadzabe live around Lake Eyasi to the south of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in northern Tanzania. They are the last remaining ancestors of the original hunter-gatherer tribes who first inhabited Tanzania, and their lifestyle has barely changed for millennia. Given that the Hadzabe are in such a precarious position, mainly due to the tourist industry, which has had such a devastating effect on their culture in recent years, the best thing that can happen to the Hadzabe is that they are left in peace. It is not appropriate to visit the Hadzabe as part of an itinerary, to prevent further damage to their culture and way of life.
    More sites on www.tribes.co.uk
    Hopi Archaeological Tours
    Hopi US - Southwest
    Information on monthly tours led by Hopi anthropologist/archaeologist/ethnobotanist Micah Loma'omvaya and colleagues visiting Anasazi & Sinagua archaeological sites and the contemporary Hopi pueblos. Hopi owned & operated tour company!
    Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Hubbell trading post has served the Navajo and Hopi Nation's people for over 100 years. The trading post continues to operate, buying Native American art from individuals and selling these items to visitors. This operation has been a National Historic Site since 1965. The store is operated by a non-profit organization,the Western National Parks Association. Our Friends group conduct events that raise funds that are donated to Native American college students.
    More sites on www.nps.gov
    Indian Country Tourism
      United States
    Marketing and promoting Indian Country Tourism in the U.S. both domestically and internationally. Creating adventures in Native American tourism.
    Indian Tiger Welfare Society
    Official website of ITWS is an India based welfare society formed for noble cause to create awareness amoung people to protect tigers and cat breeds. It provides information about the society, various wildlife conservations, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserves and wildlife organizations in India.
    Indigenous Tourism and more
    Show your solidarity and choose the original... Tourism, Business, Artwork, Music, Flutemakers, Events, owned and operated by Indigenous People.
    Indigenous Tourism Rights International
      US - Central
    Indigenous Tourism Rights International, formerly the Rethinking Tourism Project, is dedicated to collaborating with Indigenous communities and networks to help protect native territories, rights and cultures. Our mission is to facilitate the exchange of local experiences in order to understand, challenge and take control of the ways in which tourism affects our lives.
    More sites on www.tourismrights.org
    Indigenous World Tours
    Iroquois Canada - Eastern
    Indigenous World Tours is an indigenous organization dedicated to providing authentic educational travel experiences for those who wish to meet and learn more about American Indians of the Western Hemisphere and about Native Hawaii.
    Kawakanum Kennels
    Cree Canada - Western
    Let our native guide lead you along the trails of the past and enjoy driving your own dog sled along historical trails. Dog sled tours ar 1/2 day, full day, and custom packages to suit your budget and needs.
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    Kenya Space Travel Guide
    Includes information on safaris, travel packages, national parks, lodges, hotels, water sports, mountain climbing, culture profiles, security and health issues.
    Kipahulu Ohana
    Kanaka Maoli US - Hawaii
    Interpretive hikes and custom educational tours for hands-on experience of traditional resource management practices, including restored ancient taro patches at Kapahu Living Farm in the Kipahulu District of Haleakala National Park.
    Kisik Marketing and Communications
    Cree Canada - Western
    A 100% Aboriginal owned company formed in January of 1999 to serve the marketing needs of the Aboriginal tourism industry in Canada. Kisik Marketing & Communications offers special assistance to First Nations, Metis and Inuit tourism businesses by assisting them to grow and prosper with a view towards self determination.
    Leslie Scott Photography and Tours
    We specialize in unique photographic adventures to exotic and remote destinations and primitive worlds. Our tours are designed to take you upclose to the world's indigenous cultures and spend time with them in their environment.
    Lodgepole Gallery & Tipi Village
    Blackfeet US - West
    Our tipi encampment and gallery for contemporary and traditional Native American fine art is located near Browning, Montana and ten miles outside of Glacier National Park. We add to the surrounding beauty of Blackfeet country with its prairie and Rocky Mountains a Blackfeet cultural expierence.
    Magic Morocco,The
    Berber Africa
    Travel guide to morocco, provide informations for independents travellers to morocco.
    Metlakatla Tours
    Tsimshian US - Alaska
    Listing of our Alaska Native Village in Alaska which is in its fourth year of operating its tribal tourism receiving "Best Practice" Award from HUD in 1998.
    Mexico Deluxe
    Tours to Colonial Cities
    Moose Cree First Nation Tourism Initiatives
    Cree Canada - Eastern
    Traditional villages offer culturally oriented experiences year round, including all aspects of Cree camp life, wilderness expeditions and skiing expeditions with a cultural component.
    More sites on www.moosecree.com
    Nala Adventures
    Songhees Canada - Northern
    Aboriginal Hertiage and Eco tourism, located in a beautiful British Columbia, the capital city of Victoria. Victoria, within the Songhees territory is a world class tourism destination. This inter-tribal collaboration hopes to ensure that the first nations are accurately represented and receive economic and employment benefits. “Welcome to the territory of the Lekwungen (Songhees) People. Welcome is what we say to our guests who to witness the beauty of our traditional lands”. Chief Robert Sam, Songhees Nation.
    More sites on www.nalaadventures.com
    Natagam, Borealis adventures
    Cree Canada - Eastern
    Located in Wemindji and owned by Cree People, Natagam is offering year round packages so that you can enjoy all the seasons of the beautiful east coast of Jaems Bay in Northern Quebec, Canada, as well as the Cree traditional culture.
    Native Tourism
      United States
    Directory of Native American Tourism destinations. Search by State, Tribe or Activity.
    Chippewa US - Central
    As an American Indian owned and operated company, we offer a rare and unique insight into Native Nations. As members of the Native Nations we have made a commitment to honor our communities by working directly with the tribal governments, respected elders and community members to bring you the authentic American life as we live it.
    Navajo Sacred Mountains
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Sacred Mountains of the Navajos: Mt. Blanca, Mt. Taylor, San Francisco Peaks, Mt. Hesperus, Governador Knob, Huerfano Mesa, Navajo Mountain
    More sites on www.lapahie.com
    Nelson House Eco-Tourism and Adventure Tours
    Cree Canada
    The friendly people of the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation have decided to welcome tourists to share their lands, culture and traditions in carefully planned, unique wilderness vacation experiences. The only thing tourists may leave behind are footprints and all that they will take home with them will be lasting and fond memories.
    New Zealand Cultural, Heritage and Eco Tours
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    Explore New Zealand's, unique cultural, historic and natural heritage, while having the time of your life..From adventurous horse trekking, to enjoying a hangi, we have an adventure for you.
    New Zealand Maori History culture and Tourism
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    Cultural Heritage Tourism In the14th century the great waka "Tainui" arrived in New Zealand, and eventually entered Kawhia harbour where it 1st moored to the sacred Pohutukawa tree "Tangi te Korowhiti".... Hoturoa, the captain of the waka immediately gave thanks to the gods for guiding them safely across the perilous sea's, to this wondrous land and harbour of abundance. They established their first settlement to what is still a marae today, maketu..."Te Ahurei", the first wananga (school of learning) was also established, where all that was considered valuable, including their whakapapa (geneology) was taught, to specially chosen young boys. "Te Ahurei" also housed their taonga (treasures)...Tainui, having completed it's mission to bring them safely to Kawhia, was now considered "tapu"(sacred) and therefore not to be used for everyday chore's. Travel and explore New Zealand's unique cultural, historic and natural heritage, while having the adventure of your life. Journey off the beaten track to the eco-wonderland of King Country, North Taranaki and experience true kiwi hospitality. Cruise it's magnificent harbours and rivers on vintage vessels, and learn some of the fascinating history about this region.
    Nisga'a Tourism & Adventure
    Nisga'a Canada - Western
    The Nisga'a Nation and the Nass River Valley is a land like no other. It is rich in salmon, steelhead, oolichan, shellfish, waterfowl, eagles, grizzly bears, mountain goats, wolves and moose. The Nisga'a Nation is a place of pristine alpine beauty, unpolluted air, wild and raging rapids, ancient forests of giant cedar and hemlock, and dramatic landscapes of volcanic lava and glacial ice. Nisga'a Tourism & Adventure (dba True North Adventures) is an aboriginal-owned business.
    Nisga'a Canada
    All the wildlife, Scenery, Culture, Wild Salmon Fishing,river tours, helicopter tours, canoe & kayak, Eco Tours, Cultural Tours, Nisga'a owned & Operated since 1999 in the community of Gitwinksihlkw, call 1-877-633-2249
    Northwest Georgia's Chieftains Trail
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    The Chieftains Trail was designated by the 1988 Georgia General Assembly a state historic trail for the purpose of preservation, promotion and commemoration of Northwest Georgia's Native American heritage. The Chieftains Trail guides travelers to nine public sites representative of the Indian cultures which once thrived here in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. These sites showcase the pre-historic, Cherokee and Creek cultures.
    More sites on www.ngeorgia.com
    Notigi-Portage Outfitters
    Cree Canada - Western
    The friendly people of the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation have decided to welcome fishermen and hunters from around the world to share their lands, culture and traditions in carefully planned, unique fishing and hunting vacation experiences.
    Pennsylvania's Historic National Road
      US - Northeast
    Pennsylvania's Historic National Road, this section includes Fort Necessity, General Braddock's Grave, and numerous museums, and historic landmarks.
    Responsible Cultural Experiences Ltd
    The ecotourism project works with the local Non Government Organisation of Biocon. Based in Antique on the island of Panay assists in the conservation and livelihood efforts of our hosts. Working and living amongst the local community of North West Panay Penninsula. (Philipines)
    Rethinking Tourism Project
    The Rethinking Tourism Project (RTP) is an Indigenous Peoples organization conceived of and founded by Indigenous People in 1995. RTP is dedicated to the preservation and protection of traditional lands and cultures being destroyed by global tourism, the largest industry in the world. RTP works in partnership with Indigenous Peoples in rural communities worldwide who are striving for self-determination and control over their lands. We strive to bridge the gap in leadership and capacity between Indigenous and rural communities and the international policies and practices that affect global tourism development.
    Rosebud Sioux Tribe tourism
    Lakota US - Northwest
    A Trade Corridor Marketing travel site
    Rosebud Sioux Tribe Travel
    Sioux US - Central
    A South Dakota travel information site
    Runa Tupari Native Travel
    Quechua America - South
    A community-based tourism project in Cotacachi, Ecuador.
    SeeQuest Adventures
    SeeQuest Adventures is an Aboriginally owned and operated heritage and eco-tourism business. We are interested in cross cultural communications and sharing.
    More sites on www.nalaadventures.com
    Siksika Tourism
    Siksika Canada - Western
    Tourism through Siksika Nation Alberta, Canada.
    More sites on members.shaw.ca
    Skeena Eco-Expeditions
    We are a company with Gitxsan guides, situated in northwest British Columbia, inviting you to explore our traditional territory and our culture. Our trips are geared towards the average visitor and our excursions are paced according to your adventure level.
    Spaces Still Available for the Grassroots Indian Nation Tour
    Lakota US - West
    Spaces are still available for the 2001 Grassroots Indian Nation Tour --- Lakota (SD), Northern Cheyenne (MT), Arapaho and Shoshone (WY). The dates are June 24 - July 6(meeting and ending in Laramie, WY).
    More sites on www.canku-luta.org
    Sport Fishing on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.
    Nuu-chah-nulth Canada - Western
    Based out of Zeballos,B.C., on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Ferrer Charters is here to offer you the ultimate Salmon fishing experience. Aboriginal owned and operated.
    Sri Lanka Insider Tours
    Sri Lankan run ecotour group specializing in homestays and local transport in urban and rural towns and villages in Sri Lanka. Our tour is designed in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Ecotourism Foundation, enabling us to develop long term relationships between the tourists and the hosts.
    Sustainable Tourism Network (RedTurs)
      America - South
    RedTurs provide information on sustainable tourism in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru in order to promote benefits to indigenous people.
    Sustainable Tourism Network (Redturs)
      America - South
    RedTurs provide information on sustainable programes and projects organized by rural communities of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.
    T & T Travel, Inc.
    Ojibwe US - Central
    T & T Travel, Inc. is a native owned and operated Travel Agency. We work with Tribal Nations and Individuals.
    Talamanca Adventures
    Bri Bri America - Central
    At the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, Talamanca Initiative was awarded the coveted Equator Prize for being the world’s most outstanding example of a community based sustainable development initiative associated with a World Heritage Site.
    Temagami Anishnabai tipi Camp
    Anishinaabe Canada - Northern
    experiencing the beauty of mother earth while living in an Anishnabai tipi camp and gaining insight into the teachings and spirituality of living with creation. You can have this unique experience and learn about Anishnabai culture and traditions at the Temagami Anishnabai Tipi Camp owned and operated by a Temagami Anishnabai family.
    Terrantai Lodge Hotel
    Antai Aymara America - South
    Terrantai Lodge is owned and was founded by a member of the Antai Aymara Indian people, who are based in the Atacama desert in the North of Chile. It is built with traditional native materials in the traditional manner using techniques developed thousands of years ago. It is built with the hope of putting people in touch with the local culture and native people, which offering modern comforts which tourists require.
    Teslin Tlingit Heritage Center Opening
    Tlingit Canada - Northern
    Photos of Teslin Tlingit Heritage Center Opening and links to other Yukon and First Nations sites
    thai house resort
    The phu thai are a tribe of people that originate from Lao and settled in Isaan thailand. There are villages of Phu along and close to the Mekong river. There culture is colorful, they are farmers and foragers. They also weave cotton and the cuisine is just wonderful.
    The Aboriginal Way
      Canada - Eastern
    When many people hear the term "American Indian" they think of feather headdresses and hordes of whooping warriors on horseback. However, these stereotypes do not reflect either the modern-day or historic reality of aboriginal people in Québec.
    Tlaook Cultural Adventures
    Nuu-chah-nulth Canada - Western
    Paddle with our First Nations guides abaord our hand carved ocean-going canoes. Learn about First Nations culture and the environment in which it flourished...a history spanning over 10,000 years. (west coast Vancouver Island)
    Travel East Russia
    Evenki Europe & Russia
    We work with many different indiengous groups in Eastern Russia
    Travel-to-Honduras.com - Your Travel Guide to Honduras
      America - Central
    Honduras, Roatan, and Bay Islands travel information on hotels, maps, real estate, diving, pictures, weather, news, tours, airfares, chat and newsletters.
    Indian Tour Operator offering daily departure tours to Rajasthan, Agra, taj mahal, Jaipur, udaipur. Tribal tours.
    Quechua America - South
    Tribes is a fair trade tour operator which runs holidays working closely with and benefiting local communities. In Peru with the Quechua community (horse-supported treks to Machu Picchu), we promote the lodge of the Machiguenga people in Manu, and others.
    More sites on www.tribes.co.uk
    Tropic Ecological Adventures' Home Page
    Quechua America - South
    Promotes sustainable ecotourism programmes throughout Ecuador, including indigenous peoples' community managed enterprises. Also includes a page on environmental and cultural defense issues.
    University of California Research Expeditions Program
    The University Research Expeditions Program invites you to join in the challenges and rewards of field research expeditions around the world. Whether you choose to study archaeological sites to learn about the past, or record the biodiversity of fragile environments to aid future protection, your participation supports UC research and improves our understanding of the planet.
    Untamed Path
    Quechua America - South
    Untamed Path is a tour operator that works with culturally and ecologically sustainable projects and guides in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. Our goal is to offer alternatives to traditional tourism that value local culture and tradition, working with and for indigenous people's economies and natural environment.
    Vision Tours Ltd
      Europe & Russia
    VISION TOURS has a unique range of holidays with four basic themes of Discovery, Challenge, Renewal and Religion, enabling travellers to choose between discovering peoples and culture, offering help and support, reviving and replenishing their body and soul, or benefiting from a spiritual or contemplative experience.
    Wawashkesh Wilderness ATV Tours
    Ojibwe Canada - Eastern
    Wawashkesh Wilderness ATV Tours invite you to our ancestral home, Wikwemikong, Canada’s only officially recognized Unceded Indian Reserve. We are the people of the Three Fires Confederacy, The Ojibwa, known as the faith keepers, the Odawa known as the traders, and the Pottawatomi known as the fire keepers.
    World Primate Safaris
    World Primate Safaris, the only primate safari company, specialises in eco safaris to visit the primates of the world in Uganda, Rwanda, Borneo, Sumatra, Madagascar, Gabon and Tanzania. A donation from each safari sold goes towards the conservation and preservation of the endangered primates in the destination of choice.
    Yandup Etnoecoturismo
    Kuna America - Central
    This is a project of the Fundaciòn Dobbo Yala (www.dobboyala.org) for responsible tourism in Kuna Yala, based on its culture and ecology. The profits of this project are going to be used to benefit the population by diverse programs.
    Zuni Studio Artist Tour
    Zuni US - Southwest
    Zuni Artists open their home studios to the public to demonstrate and explain their cultural through the arts.

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