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Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World
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    Resources: 7 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Capucine's Native Resources
    I define a "Native Resource" as any information, data or research relating to First Nations, First Peoples, Native Americans, Aboriginals, Status and Non-Status Indians, Metis, Inuit, Innu, and Native peoples of all continents, including: North and South America, Central and Latin America, Australian Aborigines as well as the Circumpolar Regions and the Pacific Islands.
    Indigenous Knowledge Pages
    selected information and documentation presented by topic, geographical region, and source of information, such as projects & programmes, best practices, organisations & networks, calls, conferences, journals, articles, mailinglists, databases and toolkits & audio-visual materials.
    "Indigenous or local knowledge is knowledge that is unique to a given culture or society. It is seen to contrast with the knowledge generated within the international system of universities, research institutes and private firms."
    maintained by Centre for International Research and Advisory Networks, The Netherlands.
    More sites on www.nuffic.nl
    Mikmaq Net
    Information, Education, Resources, Technology, Issues, and so much more...
      Europe & Russia
    Aims to inform and educate, inspire and tell about the Romani people, our history, culture, traditions, language etc.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    The Other Métis in Canada
    Metis Canada
    As the title of this site implies, the emphasis of the information presented here will be related to those Métis who are not represented by the better known Canadian prairie Métis organizations and their national organization, the Metis National Council. It is these "other" Métis who most need the opportunity to present their case.
    Univ of Iowa: Gender, Race, & Ethnicity in Media: Native Americans & Indigenous Peoples
    University of Iowa Department of Communication Studies - links to worldwide native & indigenous resources.
    More sites on www.uiowa.edu
    Vanishing Cultures
    National Geographic article by Wade Davis, with photos by Maria Stenzel (August, 1999). Focuses on Ariaal (Kenya), Penan (Borneo), and Chipaya (Bolivia).

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