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    Resources: 5 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    "Walking with steady steps"
      America - South
    Following is a synthesis of resolutions from recent meetings which have been organized by and for Indigenous women. We have come together to share experiences and solidarity, and to strengthen our organizational process. 1991.
    First Encounter of Aymara Women Leaders
    Aymara America - South
    Conclusions of Aymara Women Leaders. La Paz Bolivia, October 9-10, 1991
    Manifesto of the First Continental Summit of Indigenous Women
    Statement from the First Continental Summit of Indigenous Women, Puno, Peru, May 27-28, 2009
    Second International Indigenous Women's Conference
      America - South
    Second International Indigenous Women's Conference. Samiland, Norway, August 5-9, 1990.
    World Women's Congress for a Healthy Planet, International Indigenous Women's Caucus
    As Indigenous people, our lives are intertwined with the natural world. Our creation stories tell of our emergence in traditional homelands, which continue to nurture and give meaning to our lives. We are inseparable from the lands in which we as peoples were created. 1991.

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