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    Resources: 8 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
      America - South
    FAIENAP es la Fraternidad de Asosiaciones de Iglesias Evangélicas Nativas de la Amazonaía Peruana.
    Missionaries and Present Struggles
    Quechua America - South
    In 1980, the Wangurina Federation of Quichua Indians of the River Napo region of Peru also served unequivocal notice on the SIL to get out of their communities. In a letter to the authorities they said...
    Missionaries and Present Struggles
    In September 1974, the third Congress of ANUC - an assembly of 4, 000 people - issued a wide-ranging statement of aims and policy which included an unequivocal condemnation of SIL's methods.
    MY Heritage My Faith
    Chippewa US - Central
    We are american Indian people seeking answers to spirituality when societal differences make it difficult to adept to Christian and/or American Indian religious beliefs.
    Original Peoples Work Fair Principles and Traditions
    Ojibwe Canada - Northern
    A Story and Works of an Warrior of Original Peoples Work Fair Principles and Traditions advocating for Cross Cultural Alcoholic After Care Councelling Services through the Traditional Teachings of the Elders and understanding of Mythological Philosophy of Life.
    More sites on lucid.dreaming.org
    SIL Serves Government Interests In Brazil
      America - South
    The Summer Institute of Linguistics has operated in Brazil since 1959. The following statement on their activities was presented by the Union of India Nations (UNI) to the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Peoples in Geneva, Switzeland, in 1985.
    The Spiritual Feng Shui
    Find Feng Shui advice and guide lines for Feng shui way of life. Look for exclusive Feng Shui advice to use Feng Shui products to balance the energy flow in your home and office.
    United Tribes for Christ Fellowship
      US - Central
    A 26 year old organization made up of many tribal members to minister to anyone in need of help and to present a positive lifestyle to the youth in the form of annual rock christian concerts.

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