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    Resources: 10 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    1992 All People's Network Conference
    March 1991
    A Call to Indigenous People
      America - South
    Quito, Ecuador, April 1989 There is an urgent need to organize an indigenous response to the celebration of the so-called "Discovery of America," now officially called by some governments "the Encounter of Two Worlds."
    A Historical Look at Native Resistance in South America
      America - South
    The following is excerpted from a position paper written by CONAIE for their National Program.
    Call to Action on the First Continental Meeting of Indigenous Peoples
      America - South
    This is an invitation to all Indian people throughout the Americas, to take part in the First Continental Meeting of Indigenous Peoples on the "500 Years of Indian Resistance" commemorations in 1992. The meeting will take place in Quito, Ecuador at the end of June, 1990. The meeting is being organized by the Confederation of Indian Nations of Ecuador (CONAIE).
    Day of the Indian
      America - South
    From Message of the Day of the Indian 19.4.1977, signed by representatives of the Xavante, Bororo, Pareci, Apiaká, Guarany, Kaingang, Kayabi, Terena & Kaiowá tribes.
    Declaration of Quito
    Quechua America - South
    Quito, Ecuador, July 1990
    More sites on www.nativeweb.org
    Letter of Solidarity from Nicaraguan Indian Leaders about the So-called "Discovery of America"
    Miskitu America - Central
    Letter from Kisan Por la Paz in Summer, 1990.
    Letter to the Pope from the Indigenous Delegates
    Letter to the Pope from the Indigenous Delegates present at the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva, August 1, 1991
    Resolutions of the Continental Indigenous Coordinating Counsel
      America - Central
    Representatives of indigenous organizations from South, Central and North America met in Kuna Yala, the Kuna Nation, in the country of Panama, from the 19-21 of December, 1991, and solemnly declare the following.
    Second Continental Encounter of Indigenous Nations and Organizations
      America - South
    The fifth meeting of the Continental Commission of Indigenous Nations (CONIC) took place from April 2-4, 1993, in the Ceremonial Center Ixacacal Guardia, in Quitana Roo, Mexico. The purpose of the meeting was to continue preparations for the Second Continental Encounter, a follow-up to the First Continental Encounter of Indigenous Nations and Organizations which took place In Quito, Ecuador in July 1990.

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