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    Resources: 5 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Resolutions on the Creation of a Real Peasant Education
      America - South
    Meeting in La Paz, Bolivia in late 1973, organisations which signed the Manifesto of Tiawanaku developed many of its themes into Practical demands. Central to their concepts was a large-scale Programme for cultural and moral revival.
    Schooling for Survival
      America - South
    Indigenous communities in Colombia have frequently addressed the issue of self-determination in education. One of these, the Arhuaco formed an educational committee which presented its demands to missionaries in early 1975: demands the missionaries initially accepted, but a little later tried to reject. The Arhuaco stated their position in ten main points.
    Schooling for Survival
    Mohawk Canada
    quote from a Mohawk girl
    Schooling for Survival
      America - South
    Seven years later, the first National Indigenous Congress held in Colombia and attended by more than 2,500 people representing 25 indigenous communities, asserted the right to "bilingual, bicultural education under the control of indigenous authorities." The commission on education of this new Organizacion Nacional Indigena de Colombia (ONIC) produced a measured report whose most radical proposal was probably that "school should be a means through which to strengthen indigenous struggles."
    The Mexico Declaration
    This is a declaration by various newspapers and journalists in a reaction against how the media generally portray indigenous peoples.

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