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    Resources: 13 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Bulletin from the Regional Coordinating Body of Indian People (CORPI)
      America - South
    Following the bloody coup which toppled the democratically elected Allende government in 1973, the Mapuche nation received the brunt of military oppression in the rural areas of Chile. 1984 was a year of despojo(plunder) during which many Mapuche leaders were arrested and beaten; the Alianza Chilena Anticomunista issued threats against the lives of several leaders of the Mapuche AD-Mapu movement. 1982.
    Bulletin from the Regional Coordinating Body of Indian People (CORPI)
    Mapuche America - Central
    List of concerns from the Mapuche
    Campesino Unity Committee (CUC) Calls for Solidarity
    Indians and poor Latinos, organized in CUC, urgently denounce the following atrocious crimes before their people and the international community.
    CRIC Issues Statement On M-19 Guerrillas
      America - South
    The Cauca Regional Indian Council (CRIC) has published the foIlowing statement on the military strife in southwestern Colombia in the latest issue of Unidad Indigena. September 8, 1986.
    Declaración de Machu Picchu sobre la democracia
      America - South
    Declaración de Machu Picchu sobre la democracia, los derechos de los pueblos indígenas y la lucha contra la pobreza, Machu Picchu, 28-29 de julio de 2001.
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    Declaración Pública
    Mapuche America - South
    La organización mapuche Consejo de Todas las Tierras, ante la detención y encarcelamiento de los dirigentes de nuestra organización comunicamos a la opinión pública nacional e internacional, lo siguiente.
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    Indian Blood is being Spilled by Racist Colonialism
    Aymara America - South
    This message is a request for your support in the denunciation of the oppression and massacre of indigenous peoples in Qullasuyu-Bolivia (November 2001).
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    La Raza Unida
      US - Southwest
    La Raza Unida party is a party born of the Indigenous Chicano peoples. The Chicano who is of Indigenous descent mainly Mexican and U.S. southwest struggles for political power along with and recognizing we are a part of the whole indigenous peoples struggle for Self-Determination.
    La tierra es vida y la Pachamama es nuestra madre
    Aymara America - South
    Consejo Nacional de Ayllus y Markas del Qullasuyu (noviembre 2001)
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    Peru: Declaration of the International Commission CISA for the rights of Indian populations
      America - South
    People who defend Human Rights, and the governments of the world, should first of all understand that the Genocide taking place in the Central Sierra of Peru, is due neither to the present government, nor to the irrational members of the "Communist Party of Peru", called "Sendero Luminoso". Lima 25 February, 1985
    Surinam-Indigenous People Speak
      America - South
    The following is from a statement by George Pierre, representing Caraiben and Lokono people of the Indigenous organization TUNA-SARAPA at the meeting of the Coordinadora of the Amazon Basin, June 1988.
    The First Gathering of All Indian Nations of El Salvador Held
      America - Central
    The National Association of the Indigenous People of El Salvador (ANIS) held its first nationwide gathering of Indian Peoples on September 17-22,1990 in San Salvador. Those present made concrete proposals directed specifically at the Salvadoran Armed Forces and the national government.
    URNG-Government Dialogue: Indians Exluded Once Again
    Maya America - Central
    The following statement is from the League of Organizations of the Maya People of Guatemala (Coordinación de Organizaciones del Pueblo Maya de Guatemala, COPMAGUA, also known by its Maya acronym SAJB'ICHIL) on negotiations. May 2, 1995.

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