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  • Resource Database / Genealogy (Tracing Roots)

    Tracing genealogy is one of most popular categories in the NativeWeb Information database. Since NativeWeb cannot possibly answer individual inquiries, we are in the process of reorganizing this category. 
    Genealogy (Tracing Roots) Sub-Categories:
  • American Indian and First Nations Genealogy
  • Resources: 21 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    A Barrel of Genealogy Links
    A list of bookmarks for access to various genealogy related WWW resources, sites and homepages.
    African - Native Genealogy Homepage
    Researching Black Indian Genealogy of the Five Civilized Tribes It is known that many Africans intermarried with Native Americans. Less widely known is the fact that many Native Americans also owned African slaves, and fathered children with African slave women. In addition there were smaller numbers Free People of Color who lived in many of the nations and who also lived and married persons from the same nations, and whose descendants claim ancestry from the Oklahoma Black Indian people. As a result, thousands of Americans have African and Indian ancestry.
    Ancestry Home Town
    Commercial Genealogy website. Ancestry.com (www.ancestry.com) is the leading resource for family history online. The site offers over 1 billion names in over 3,000 unique databases. New records are being added to the site each business day. With a paid subscription base of over 400,000 Ancestry.com is the third largest paid subscription site on the Internet behind ConsumerReports.org and the Wall Street Journalís WSJ.com. FamilyHistory.com (www.familyhistory.com) provides access to the Ancestry.com.com Message Boards and the FGS Society Hall, where visitors can learn about genealogy societies in their area. Also operates the free RootsWeb.com site.
    Documentation and Publications
      United States
    How to Document and File Family History and Genealogy, with key scholarly Internet sources.
    More sites on www.academic-genealogy.com
    Genealogical Research at The New York Public Library
    The New York Public Library's Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy is one of the largest genealogical and local history collections open to the public in this country, and, as such, it is one of the most heavily used divisions in the Library. What follows is a selective list of resources available to family historians at The New York Public Library, and information about The Library. Unless noted otherwise, all sources cited are located in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street.
    More sites on www.nypl.org
    Genealogy and History
      United States
    Scholarly genealogy and family history links to all Internet resources.
    More sites on www.academic-genealogy.com
    GENEoNZ - NZ & Maori Genealogy
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Georgia GenWeb
    More sites on www.rootsweb.com
    Helms Genealogy Toolbox
    NARA Genealogy Page
    Information provided by the U.S. Government on searching archives for genealogical information.
    More sites on www.nara.gov
    National Archives and Records Administration
    National Archives and Records Administration . . . to ensure ready access to essential evidence . . .that documents the rights of American citizens, the actions of federal officials, and the national experience . . .
    More sites on www.nara.gov
    Oklahoma State Vital Records Office
    Site includes other Oklahoma Genealogy links.
    Online Searchable Death Indexes for the USA
    Large list of online death indexes by state and county -- useful for genealogical research.
    Opata Tribes Research Project
    Mexico/Southwest This site was created to educate other's about the Opata Tribes from Northern Mexico and parts of the Southwestern United States. This is an ongoing project. These indigenous tribes occupied/occupy the central and northern region of Sonora, Mexico. Their decendants are scattered throughout northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States. The Opatas were still a distinct group in the early 1800s. Some fought with the troops of Governor Conde against the revolutionaries in the War for Independence, Battle of Piaxtla, Opata Revolt, Yaqui/Mayo Uprising, etc. Please write to me and let me know if you are a descendant. I would like to hear your stories.
    Parish Chest
    The premier online family history and genealogy shop where you can buy just about everything to trace your ancestry.
    RAND Genealogy Club
    Welcome to the RAND Genealogy Club, a group of RAND employees who share the hobby of tracing our family trees. We provide this page to share information about genealogical resources we've found available on the "information highway." Some of you have asked about joining the RGC. This club is simply a forum for RAND employees to discuss genealogy. Everyone, however, is welcome to submit information to the Roots Location List and Roots Surname List.
    More sites on www.rand.org
    RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative
    The primary purpose and function of RootsWeb is to connect people so that they can help each other and share genealogical research. Most resources on RootsWeb are designed to facilitate such connections. "But where do I begin?" That question is often asked by new users.
    More sites on www.rootsweb.com
    ShadCat's Free Genealogy Listings
      Canada - Western
    Strat43z's Tri Racial Genealogy Page
    A Question of Race. Native American, White, Black? These are the questions that this site tries to pursue. Tri Racial is a very limiting label, but when the predominant ancestry are these three origins, (given white is not an actual race), it can be a perplexing and almost impossible journey to research. Mix in the Melungeon, Roma and Gypsy mysteries, this only adds to the fuel that fires my passion to get to the truth, no matter how many answers I may find.
    More sites on members.aol.com
    Tan Americans of Natirah Ancestry
    The Tan community and the Natirah Heritage Council (NHC) are proud to announce that Natirah, a new ethnic term derived acronymically from Native Tan Inter-Racial American Humankind, was adopted in 1992 as a replacement designation for the outdated Mulatto term. Natirah, an "identity of reconstruction", is now the official designation for the ancestry of native hybrids of color, a people previously known as Mulattoes (Quadroons, Octoroons, Mestizoes and Triracials).
    USGenWeb Project
    The USGenWeb Project State web sites are your starting points for finding genealogical and historical information. Each state site features state information and also provides you with links to each county web site within the state.

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