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  • Resource Database / Crafts & Indigenous Skills / Stone & Tools / Archery & Throwing

    Resources: 5 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    American Indian Archery Technology
      US - Central
    American Indians did not always have the bow and arrow. It was not until about A.D. 500 that the bow and arrow was adopted in Iowa some 11,500 years after the first people came to the region.
    More sites on www.uiowa.edu
    Archeryrob's Index
    This is my page with Primitive Archery information and links. I also have a page about having America's Sportsmen working under a united front. If you do one thing in your sporting adventures, please join a club. Be it a bow, gun or other club but, join and add your name to their ranks to give us all support. Also, encourage any club in which you belong, to be a member of a State run Sportsmen's Association. If we all work together we can do anything.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Flight Toys
    Ted Bailey's Home Page on Flight Toys and Primitive Technology. My main interest is boomerangs and throwsticks. In the process of acquiring old throwsticks for my collection, I occasionally find other items that stimulate my interest in primitive weaponry. From this page, I hope to pass on information about some of these technologies and add links to other web pages that have a similar focus.
    More sites on www.flight-toys.com
    The Bowyer's Den
    American Indian Weapons Information Page
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Traditional Archery Supply
    Hard to find supplies for creating primitive style bows. Natural materials include premium hickory staves, hide glue, deer sinew, deer rawhide and more!

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