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    Resources: 31 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Anthro Hangman
    Guess the letters of the unknown Anthropology word.
    More sites on vlib.anthrotech.com
    Bingo - Surfing the Net with Kids
    Get your cards and grab your daubbers!
    More sites on www.surfnetkids.com
    Bone Yard - Assemble fossil animal bones
    You, a paleontology assistant with two months experience, must go to an old cabinet filled with unmatched fossil fragments left over from various digs, and do what you can.
    Buffalo Parts - A matching game
    What can you make from a buffalo?
    Chief Plenty Coups Musuem Electronic Field Trip
    Crow US - West
    Can you imagine what it was like to be a Crow Indian more than 100 years ago when Chief Plenty Coups was alive? There's so much to tell you. Did you know that the Crow Indian people believed that animals had special abilities? One of my ancestors even helped Chief Plenty Coups become a great leader. That's why he picked me to guide you on this field trip.
    Duoh! Gamer Corner - Native American
      United States
    Native American languages are richly descriptive. Can you find the locations described by these Native American place names? Play the game and find out! - requires shockwave
    First American Forefathers - Native American Photo Puzzle
    Click on the piece of the puzzle you want to move and then click on the place you want to put it.
    More sites on members.aol.com
    Fun and Games: Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage
      Canada - Eastern
    The games created in these pages are based on the principle that learning should be fun. The aim is to provide an entertaining way for you to learn about Newfoundland and Labrador through playing crossword puzzles, memory games, and sliding puzzles. Because the games are intended to positively reinforce learning, where appropriate, links are provided to pertinent articles.
    Hands on Crafts
      United States
    Virtual 'art studios' with activities for kids - pottery, weaving, etc.
    History Mystery - Solve the Mystery with the Fewest Clues
      United States
    Call me a daydreamer, but Iíve been thinking lots about the boat trip I took last summer on the Missouri River. It was dreamy. ''Missouri,'' by the way, is an Algonquin Indian term meaning ''river of the big canoes.'' Our countryís heritage owes a lot to Native American cultures, including the names of places, foods, inventions, customs, and even many words. I was reminded of this while on the trail of this gameís mystery subject. Do you know who or what it is?
    Indian Dwellings Mix & Match Word Game - Surfing the Net with Kids
    Match each Indian dwelling to its North American Locale
    More sites on www.surfnetkids.com
    Indian Tribes Word Search
    Game through Surfing the Net with Kids
    More sites on www.surfnetkids.com
    Is It a Bead? Quiz - from thebeadsite.com
    Things not made as beads can become beads by someone using them that way. But, there are also bead-like things that were never used as beads and cannot be considered as beads. Test your bead vs. non-bead skills with this little quiz.
    More sites on www.thebeadsite.com
    Journey Through The Six Nations
    Iroquois Canada - Eastern
    Your aim is to complete the journey in the fewest number of days possible and most importantly, have fun! - This website is an interactive educational art game. Played in full the game will take approximately 2.5 hours.
    Kid's Place
      US - Southeast
    Maze Puzzles, Coloring Pages, Word Search Puzzles, Crossword Puzzles, Interesting Facts, Links to Other Relates Kid's Pages, Picture Library, Games
    Mancala Game - play online version of this pebble game
    Mancala games are among those ancient games that last and last because the rules to play are simple, but the subtleties of winning take a long time to master. My Mancala is one version of these games, also called Kalaha.
    Mayan Game of Chance
    Maya America - Central
    Games of chance were quite popular in a number of Mesoamerican cultures; the Aztecs' addiction to the game of Patolli is well known. Fra Diego Duran wrote that the stakes they played for sometimes rose so high that the loser lost not only his wealth but his freedom too, selling himself into slavery to pay his debt. (One should keep in mind that Father Duran may have been prejudiced; he fiercely disapproved of Patolli because the players invoked the names of Aztec gods during the game).
    More sites on www.halfmoon.org
    National Wildlife Federation - Ranger Rick's Kids Zone
    Quizes, Riddles, Matching Games and Stories.
    Native American Games
    Native American Madness, Native American Memory, Spot the cLoner and Matching Game Part 1 and Part 2
    NIAC's (Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut) Kid's Corner
    Nipmuc US - Northeast
    Find Things in a Wetu / Find Tribes in the Northeast, Match the Animal with their Tracks, Can you String these 9 beads?, Woven Wampum Maze, Native American or European Foods?, Help the Chipmunk find his Acorn!, Finger Puppets
    More sites on www.nativetech.org
    Northeast Native American History Quiz
      US - Northeast
    Test knowledge of Northeastern Native history.
    NOVA Online - Search for the Lost Cave People
    This pile of pot shards has just come in from the field. Your assignment? Reassemble the pot to its former glory. The trick? Well, as archaeologists will tell you, it's possible that not all the pieces you need are there, AND, perhaps some of the shards in the pile don't belong to this pot. But we know you can do it! Good luck!
    More sites on www.pbs.org
    Pack 114 Fun Pages
    A word game by Barb Stephens where Indian Tribe names are hidden in the sentences.
    Play Buffalo Trailzz @ Buffalo Trails
    Buffalo Trailz game
    More sites on www.native-americans.org
    Quia - Cheyenne/ Grassland Vocabulary
    Cheyenne US - West
    Match the word form the Cheyenne cultural history and environment to it's definition
    More sites on www.quia.com
    Quia - Concentration
    Native American Review - Native American Review for 5th grade Social Studies VA SOL - Try to uncover matching pairs of cards.
    More sites on www.quia.com
    Quia - Native Americans and Jamestown
      US - Southeast
    A multi player Jeopardy style game.
    More sites on www.quia.com
    Race the Buffalo @ Buffalo Trails
    Buffalo Race game
    More sites on www.native-americans.org
    Salmon Challenge
      US - Northwest
    Adopt a coho salmon fry and help it to survive.
    SunWatch Indian Village Circa 1200 AD
    Let's play a game! Hidden within this picture are links to other pages explaining more about life in the village back in 1200 AD. Read the instructions below the picture, and let's learn more.
    The Mesoamerican Ballgame
    An educational website about this traditional sport of life and death. Play an version online.

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