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  • Resource Database / Crafts & Indigenous Skills / Craft Supplies & Sources / Rendezvous & Colonial

    Resources: 19 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    American Broadcloth
      US - Central
    Broadcloth is a product that was originally made as trade wool, manufactured for the past 200 years out of 100% wool. The cloth was used as a trade item with Native Americans. American Broadcloth Co. only manufactures 100% wool cloth with an authentic "selvedge" edge. This edge was used to identify different manufactures of cloth by the use of colored bands going the length of the warp. Our edge is an 8 band reproduction of an original 18th century edge.
    Blanket Brigade
      US - Northeast
    Dale & Donna Harrison, Costume Designers/Mfg.; Buckskin clothing, shirts, war shirts, capotes, Witney blankets, etc.
    Burnley & Trowbridge
      US - Southeast
    Fabric and notion dealer in 18th century items aimed at historical recreation.
    Clark & Sons Mercantile, Inc.
      US - Southeast
    Heirloom Seed Listing and The Camp Blanket information on early American foods and forage.
    Eholee-Opal Designs
    Maya United States
    18th Century style Southeast Indian finger weaving created by Central American natives. Museum quality reproductions. Woodland Indian, Cherokee, Creek, Seminole clothing and accessorie
    Great Lakes Lithic Supply Co
      US - Northeast
    Knapping and Lithic supply online catalogue. We want to meet your flintknapping needs with quality tools and supplies. Our goal is to be the "one stop source" for the things you need to pursue the lithic craft. You'll find it here: Books and videos for all levels of experience, moose and other antler types in raw or shaped billet form, flakers and tools of all kinds, and more! If you are a beginning knapper be sure and check out our Beginner knapping kits located in our Tools Section.
    Great Northern Trade Company
      US - Northeast
    Specialize in historically correct items of the French and Indian War, (The first World War) the Revolutionary War,and the Fur Trade Era. We offer reproductions of the time period, plus many Original Items such as, Cast Iron cooking impliments, axes of many shapes and uses, flatware, eyewear and Original books.
    Hats & Sashes of the Fur Trade
    Annette Hepner - making costumes for reenactors that are interested in early American history since the 1970's. I do custom weaving of yardage for clothing like shirts, breeches, frocks, and hats using only the best natural fibers like wool, silk, linen, and cotton for those who want to be totally authentic. I also finger or loom weave sashes and straps from commercial wool or my hand spun wool in the patterns and designs that are representative of the Fur Trade Era. I custom dye the wool yarn with natural or synthetic dyes. if necessary, and do beading. .
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.
      US - Northeast
    Men's 18th Century Clothes, Men's 19th Century Clothes, More Men's 18th and 19th Century Clothes, Cold Weather Gear, Belts and Bags, 18th Century Men's and Women's Footwear, 18th and 19th Century Hats, Womens Clothing, Weaving and Spinning, Buttons, Buckles, Clasps and Fabric, Patterns, Books, Videos, Music, Pewter Items, Eating Equipment, Cooking Equipment, Making Fire, Canteens and Writing Tools, Glasses and Other Personal Accessories, Trade Silver, and lots more!
    Joe River Initiative - Birch Bark Canoes
    Canoe | Prices | Courses | Contact | Construction Process
    Knapper's Corner
    The flintknapping information at this site is made available to you by D.C. and Valerie Waldorf of Mound Builder Books. Mound Builder Books is dedicated to the advancement of the Art of Flint Knapping.
    Native Way
      US - Southeast
    Primitive Archery and Flintknapping Supplies, Related Ancient and Primitive Links, Arrowhead Hunter's Primer
    More sites on www.nativewayonline.com
    Nomadics Tipi Makers
    Since, in as much as possible, our tipis are authentic in every respect, they bring to the 20th century a "Living Artifact." The tipi makes it possible to experience on a daily basis what a nomadic culture experienced hundreds of years ago. Since 1970 we have made more than 12,000 tipis including all the tipis for the movie Dances With Wolves. Our project is self-styled and integrates our love of the wilderness with rural life and the demands of tipi making.
    Northwest Traders
      US - Northeast
    Whether you're emulating the western mountain man, voyageur of the north, eastern longhunter, Native American or military from the French and Indian Wars to the Civil war, NORTHWEST TRADERS is the foremost supplier of finished capotes, capote kits and blankets anywhere. We offer the most extensive line of authentic styles available and all of our products are manufactured by the best companies in the business.
    Original Design Ribbon Shirts
      US - Southeast
    Original Design Ribbon Shirts are made of high quality material. Carole Durham, owner and shirt designer, has 45 years sewing experience and has designed and sewn ribbon shirts and regalia for 15 years. They are not cut from a pattern. No two shirts are made alike except upon request. All shirts have a collar and cuffs and are 33" long. Other styles are available upon request.
    Period Provisions
    Cauldrons, racks, dogs and trivets, Spun Bosses and helmet domes, Woodware, Weapons, Natural Dyestuffs and Sundries, Horn, Antler and Bone, Historic Costume, Historic shoes, Brooches, belt buckle and mounts and other jewellry and Horse Equipment. Email: info@PeriodProvisions.co.uk
    More sites on ourworld.compuserve.com
    Stitchin' Scotsman
      US - Central
    Custom handsewn leather goods....Specializing in the American Fur-Trade Era - We are dedicated to quality craftsmanship of authentic period leather clothing and moccasins up to the 1850's. Everything is hand crafted and customized to your order. CINCINNATI, IOWA
    Track of the Wolf
      US - Northeast
    Rifles, guns and kits, buttons, clothing patterns and books, knives, trade trinkets and accessories. Huge catalogue.
    Trade Silver
    Made by Chuck Leonard. Trade Silver is the name given to a style of jewelry that was used on the North American frontier from about 1725 to 1875.
    More sites on www.geocities.com

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