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  • Resource Database / Crafts & Indigenous Skills / Craft Supplies & Sources / Native American Related

    Resources: 33 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Aboriginal Ways
    Ioway US - Central
    Aboriginal Ways website is a site documenting aboriginal plains indian ways of life as seen through the eyes of an Ioway indian.
    Centralia Fur & Hide - Indian Trader
      US - Northwest
    Hand Drums and PowWow Drums, Hand Drum & PowWow Drum Frames, Custom and Fancy Roaches, Silver and Gold Jingle Cones, Sage, Sweetgrass, Minnesota Painted, Snapping, Redear, and Humpback Turtle Shells.
    Chilocco Alumni
      US - Southwest
    Chilocco alumni (Chilocco Indian School) is a community web site that features an array of interactivity to communicate to your old classmates. Get news articles and updates of upcoming Chilocco events in your local regional chapters or your neighborhood pot luck and so fourth. Read up coming stories about Chilocco from Donna Flood. Visit our chat room and mingle with other in our message board.
    Claw, antler & hide company
      US - Southwest
    Furs, skulls, claws, teeth, jaws, bones, leather, antlers - porcupine quills, specialty items, feathers, turtles, new, itmes, herbs.
    Crazy Crow Trading Post
      US - Southeast
    Feathers; glass, metal and shell beads, beadwork supplies and jewelry findings; trade silver, bells, buttons and buckles; animal furs, horn, antler, teeth, claws and leather; some botanicals; trade cloth, blankets and sewing supplies (including patterns); books, tapes and videos; craft kits; tobacco pipes and accessories, knives and more ! Some nice Plains/Prairie finished beadwork and regalia.
    Desert Eagle Indian Arts
    Cherokee United States
    This site contains beautiful, authentic Native American Indian made dance clothing, accessories, native style home decor and craft items. Some special orders are accepted.
    Indian Creek Trading Post
      US - Northeast
    Music and videos... also some craft supplies - Cassettes and CD's Available from Indian Creek Trading Post / Music Search / Native American Musicline ... (812) 738-1212 Listen to music samples /Videos Available from Indian Creek Trading Post / Craft Supplies Available from Indian Creek Trading Post / Indian Creek Post Office
    Iroqrafts / Iroquois Publishing and Craft Supplies [IPACS]
    Iroquois Canada - Eastern
    Buyers of Native Arts & Crafts / Native Craft Supplies/Beads/Books; Importers/Exporters/Distrivuters of beads for the North American Indian Trade HAIR PIPES in Bone, Horn, Stone, Shell: White Clam Shell Wampum: Brass and Nickel: 10/0's:; Glass Tiles, Mini-Crows. Crows, Chevrons: Tin Cones. (Deer Skins, tails, toes, rawhides) Porcupine Quills, Drilled Cowry Shell, Rabbit Skins, Beaver & Horse tails, 18th Century styles white Clay Pipes, Brass Hawk Bells, Turquoise, sweetgrass - BOOKS; reprints of classic studies on the IROQUOIS women, government, crafts, foods
    Kadobi Lodge Crafts
      US - Northeast
    Kadobi Lodge Crafts unique hand made Native American Styled arts, crafts,botanicals, jewelry, clothing, and home decor.
    Lone Eagle Crafts
      US - Northeast
    Turkey & Pigeon Feathers, Hand Painted Imitation Golden Eagle Feathers, and other crafts.
    Matoska Trading Company Native American Goods
      US - West
    Fur, brain-tanned deer, feathers, earth paints, botanicals and native dyes, quills, beads, bells, shells, etc. Genuine elk and deer sinew. Nat. American art: beadwork, quill work, bags, moccasins… Great selection of books and tapes: Plains material culture, how to's, antique Nat. Amer. artifacts.
    Native American Visions
      US - Southwest
    It is our goal to help keep the Native American art form alive by inspiring and supplying craft workers who honor Native American heritage.
    Native Way
      US - Southeast
    Arrowheads | Spear Heads | Lance Points | Flintknapping Supplies | Gifts | Collectibles | Primitive Archery Supplies | Instruction | American Indian Style Weapons | Bows | Arrows | Lances | Tomahawks | Eskimo Style Fishlures | Fish Decoys | Artifacts | Fine Replicas | Bronze Arrow Points | Bronze Collectibles | Bone Arrow Points | Stone Bladed Knives | Kits | More
    More sites on www.nativewayonline.com
    Noc Bay Trading Co.
      US - Northeast
    Beadwork supplies, jewelry findings, trade silver, bells, porcupine quills, books, blankets, recordings, custom made bustles, porky roaches, finger weaving, and much more. Catalog $3.
    OCB Trading Post
      US - West
    A Native American trading post in Glendora, California. We have gifts, sterling silver jewelry, glass beads, books, muzzle loading firearms and supplies, and craft supplies. If you live in the greater Los Angeles area.
    More sites on www.ocbtp.com
    Prairie Edge Trading Co. & Galleries
      US - West
    You will find a vast selection of hides, furs, feathers, porcupine quills, horsehair, buffalo parts, sinew, fringe, trade cloth, bells, bone, earthpaints, botanicals, claws, shells, tin cones, metal beads, Czech & trade beads, selection of Italian Glass Beads. Also available are CD's, tapes, books & videos on Native American art, crafts, foods, history & culture. Section of moccasins, dream catchers, quilled & beaded jewelry, amulets & sterling silver Plains Indian jewelry.
    More sites on www.prairieedge.com
      US - Southwest
    Zuni Fetishes. Article on The Use of Zuni Fetishes as a Modern Oracle
    Soux Trading Post
      US - West
    Sioux Trading Post has provided unique, quality craft supplies to artisans, crafts people and historical recreators since 1957. Beads, craft supplies, botanicals, feathers, etc. South Dakota.
    Spirit Connection Store
      US - Northeast
    We carry a huge selection of Native American craft supplies including seed beads, Crow beads, white hearts and more. Several models of beading looms are available and beading thread and beading accessories.
    Standing Bear's Trading Post
      US - West
    Leathercraft and Native American Craft Supplies
    More sites on www.sbearstradingpost.com
    Standing Bear's Trading Post
    Onondaga United States
    A Leather and Native American craft supply store, We are Tandy Leather Authorized Dealers, a Hide crafter distributor as well as a Leather Factory service center with many other suppliers to better serve you. We carry leathercraft supplies, leather, Indian lore, beads, kits, patterns and Exotic Leathers such as snake skins, stingray, frog, Ostrich, and Alligator.
    More sites on www.sbearstradingpost.com
    Stones & Bones
      US - Southeast
    Source for Fossils & Trilobites, Stones & Bones |Minerals| |Ammonites| |Vertebrates| |Trilobites| |Amber| |Rock Shows|
    Sunrise Trading Company
    Abenaki United States
    A great selection of books by native authors, crafts, ladies'shawl making materials, and other crafting supplies. Run by Abenaki Lois Sunrise Cherry.
    Supernaw's Oklahoma Indian Supply
      US - West
    Czechoslovakian seed beads, cuts, bugle beads, hex beads, galvanized beads, metal beads, fire polish, tile, other beadworking suplies, German silverwork, and other supplies from bells to quills to feathers and fringe. Indian owned and operated company... in business over 30 years. Friendly and very helpful!
    More sites on www.supernaw.com
    Tatanka Winds
    Lakota US - West
    A site for restoring a corner of the plains to its virgin state.
    the little bull
    Wampanoag US - Northeast
    The little bull is a retail store in York Beach, ME specializing in mostly Native American items. Our web address will have an on line catalog as well as information on area Pow Wows and educational programs. It is also the home of the 101 Drum on the web.
    Waaban Aki Crafting
    Dance Regalia for Native Americans. Sole supplier of simulated wampum beads. Porcupine quill and beadwork, and other articles using birchbark, leather, feathers, bone, antler, pottery, plants and metals. Patience and research are part of every hand-crafted piece. Mail order only, $2/catalog.
    More sites on home.cshore.com
    Wakeda Trading Post
      US - Southwest
    Beads, beading supplies, cones, tacks & nails, german silver, bells, etc., shawl fringe, blankets, hides, teeth, etc., feathers, shell, pipes, knives, botanicals, drums, etc., sound and video, books & patterns. Catalog sales since 1970.
    Wandering Bull
      US - Northeast
    Native craft supply business in New England for over 20 years. The Wandering Bull is family owned and operated. You'll see us dancing or drumming at lots of the Eastern powwows! We carry everything you need for beadwork, including our own patented "Ojibwa Loom"; all items for a quality regalia, as well as a wide slection of our trademark "Plume Kits" for scouting groups.
    Wholesale Fancy Feathers
    W.W. Swalef & Son is a wholesale company dealing in all types of fancy feathers. Much of what we have in stock is used for Native American arts, crafts, and regalia. We have almost 20 different colors of strung hackles to choose from as well as beautiful selection of wild turkey feathers.
    Wind Spirit Indian Craft Supply
      US - Central
    We are an individually owned arts, crafts, and supply store in the Arkansas/Oklahoma area. We are based in our home and work strictly through sales there, through our catalog, on the internet, and through travels on the powwow circuit. We carry almost any kind of supply imaginable for those who wish to make their own crafts, and usually can find any of those supplies that we don't carry, through our distributors. We are just 11 mi. from downtown Fort Smith, Arkansas, and approximately 1 1/4 hrs. from the Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.
    YaTaHai Beads and Buckskin
      US - Northwest
    SparrowHawk is the professional, and Event, name of the woman who has done the leather designing to manufacture since 1977 and is also SparrowHawk Publishing. She and her husband, Gale, have been attending Historical/Costuming gatherings - Black Powder, SCA, Fairs, Pow Wow, SciFi Conventions - for many years, primarily as Merchants. She is of Cherokee, Cree, Shawnee, Irish and Germano-Northern European decent so likes to work with many ethnic ideas.
    Zucker Feather Products, Inc.
      US - Southeast
    Since 1872. Feathers of all kinds & sizes: Marabou, ostrich plumes, pheasant, turkey, chicken, goose, pigeon, duck, peacock, rhea, boas, hackle, feathers for crafts, feathers for sportsmen, feathers for the fashion industry, feathers for the movie & entertainment industries.

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