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    Resources: 29 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Alaskan Native Arts & Crafts
      US - Alaska
    All of our products are hand made by the artists of Toksook Bay.
    More sites on members.aol.com
    American Indian Art from the Pacific Northwest
    Lummi Nation US - Northwest
    Ebuy native art is a recently established non-profit art program serving Native American Fine Artists and Craftspeople in Washington, Oregon, Idaho & South Eastern Alaska. The program is based at Northwest Indian College & Lummi Business Center and was designed for the purpose of helping to promote, educate and preserve Pacific Northwest Native American Traditional and Contemporary Fine Art, Crafts and Culture.
    Arte gaucho
      America - South
    ARTE GAUCHO is a company formed by a group of young Argentinian people who are conscious about the cultural wealth of their country. Their goal is to sell and export their traditional and autochthonous handmade products.
    blackfoot arts and crafts
    Blackfoot Canada
    Here we will bring you arts and crafts from the First Nation Peoples of the America's. Some of the finest arts and crafts in the world are produced by the first nation.
    Blue Raven Native Art & Jewelry Company
    Salish Canada - Western
    We are an online gallery that represents several prominent Westcoast Native artists from British Columbia, Canada. The website is 100% Native owned and operated. We have included extensive bios of the artists, history and cultural content. We are continually updating the site.
    Columbia Plateau beadwork, arts,crafts
    Paiute US - Central
    We are native crafts men and women, this site is of mine and my wifes but we are also helping community tribal members to sell there arts and crafts to help them get exposer, for we are a remote reservation. all crafts men and women are enrolled members, and will be able to show proof when asked.
    first nations art connections
    Haida Canada - Western
    Our website is intended to connect native artists with their customers using our site as a medium. There is no charge to advertise on our website.Only if the art is sold will a small commision be charged.
    Gamilarart was formed by a local group of students, who came together in the pursuit of their love of "Art", and by uniting Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Artist's they have been able to put true Reconciliation into practice.
    Hale Ku'ai Cooperative, A Native Hawaiian Products Store
    Kanaka Maoli US - Hawaii
    Hale Ku'ai Cooperative supports Native Hawaiian sovereignty and economic development initiatives by retailing authentic handcrafts, healing herbs, apparel, jewelry, books, gifts, foods, and other specialties made in Hawaii by Indigenous Hawaiians.
    Handmade from the Portal at the Palace of the Governors
    Pueblo US - Southwest
    This site is devoted to the works of the 1000+ artists in the unique Native American Vendors Program at the Palace of the Governors, Santa Fe, New Mexico. The site contains works for sale, educational information, a buyer's guide and, soon, a calendar of Native American cultural events in New Mexico and the Four Corners.
    Hopi US - Southwest
    Hopi Market, Own and operated by Hopi artisans, authentic handmade arts and crafts from the southwest. Artist bio's and collector items. Visit us today and be at home on Hopi with us, use our feedback form for inquires.
    Indian Arts Research Center
    The Indian Arts Research Center (IARC) inspires the work of contemporary Native American artists and facilitates scholarly research and public appreciation of this unique art form. The IARC has been instrumental in the promotion of Native American art for 90 years (originally under the name Indian Arts Fund). The IARC houses an impressive collection of artwork which is used by Native American artists and scholars as a resource. In addition, the IARC sponsors Native American artists and those interested in learning about the curatorial aspects of Native American art through its respected Dubin Fellowships and Branigar Fellowships each year.
    maori arts
      Aotearoa-New Zealand
    The website serves many purposes. Firstly it acts as a free directory for artists and organisations. Secondly it provides information about art related news, and finally it provides a platform for artists to promote and sell their products via the use of an online Gallery shop and their own website. Our Aim Our aim is to bring together the creative spirit of Mori, harnessing and directing the untapped well spring of creative energy, to share with the the world.
    Mercados Traditional Mexican Markets
    Profiles of hard-working producers of goods sold in Mercados. Interview with a Potter, a Basket Weaver, a Silversmith, Herb Collectors and others. Information on food, handicraft and produce of the area and a diary titled One Day in the Life of a Mercado.
    Mission Del Rey
    Tarahumara (Raramuri) Mexico
    Mission Del Rey is an Arizona non profit organization located in Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico serving the Tarahumara Indian people by preserving their rich culture through the development of traditional skills to bring economic opportunities directly to the people. Authentic hand drums, dolls, pottery, bowls and other hand crafts are made available online. Mission Del Rey is a fair trade member dedicated to the development of local Native artisans.
    Native and Turkic Art
    Anishinabek Canada - Eastern
    The Anishinabek (Ojibway/Chippewa) word Miighan means wolf. The reason our Companys name being wolf is that the wolf has an important role in both Turtle Island (Native name for America) and Turkic Native cultures with the people of the wolf clan usually being business people. Speakers of archaic Turkic dialects understand the meaning of the word Miighan or in short Miigu or Miigi to mean wolf. We deal with both Nations and for that reason we chose the word Miigi to be the name of our website.
    Native Art in Canada
    Ojibwe Canada
    With images and stories by an Ojibwa elder and storyteller, Native Art in Canada chronicles the development of contemporary Indian art, especially the Ojibwa Woodlands School. Particular attention is given to interpreting the the spiritual imagery portrayed by the legend painters.
    Native Art Network
      United States
    Indian owned one-stop site for finding sites related to, learning about, and purchasing American Indian Art.
    Native Artists.org
      United States
    A site featuring various Native Artists, Giving Voice to Traditional Elders and Indigenous Artists.
    Native Hands Co-op
      US - West
    A Native American Artist Co-op, Offering artist Technical and Educational services in the arts as well as a place to market their art.
    Oomingmak, Musk Ox Producers' Co-Op
      US - Alaska
    Hand knitted items in the musk ox underwool Qiviut, made by the Native Alaskan Co-Op members. Beautiful scarves, stoles and nachaqs in village patterns, and sportier hats and headbands. 200 members from the remote villages of Alaska earning a supplementary income to their mostly subsistence lifestyle
    Sakewewak First Nations Artists' Collective
    Skwwak First Nations Artists Collective is a Regina, Saskatchewan based multi-disciplinary arts organization whose mandate is to ensure that contemporary Aboriginal artists are consistently provided with the space and environment that allows them to develop their self-determined artistic practices through critical exchanges with their peers and their audiences. In addition, Skwwak seeks, through workshops and mentoring relationships, to address the exploitation of those untrained and emerging First Nations artists. Skwwak also enables members to take risks, try new media, explore concepts and techniques in a supportive and culturally sensitive environment.
    Siksika-Arts Cooperative
    Siksika Canada - Western
    Siksika-Arts Cooperative is an initiative that is dedicated to promoting the efforts of community artists of Siksika, enabling these individuals to expand their artistic talents, and develop commercial markets for their works.
    Snowbird Indian Trading Post
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    Authentic Woodland Art by Cherokee People. No Imports or mass produced items. Natural & Native Material only. Carving, pottery,leather, beadwork,gourds,etc.
    The Chol Chol Foundation
    Mapuche America - South
    The Chol Chol Foundation, located in the South of Chile, commercialized traditional indigenous handwoven textiles with the goal of creating self-sustainable improvements in the lives of the rural, indigenous Mapuche people.
    Tobwabba Art Australia
      Aotearoa-New Zealand
    'Tobwabba Art' is a 100% Aboriginal owned artist collective providing employment and income for twenty-two Aboriginal artists and staff. Beginning in 1992 with an Aboriginal art and culture course for the people of the local Aboriginal community, presently it is an art and design studio/gallery producing fine art, sculpture and designs for over thirty licensees.
    Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery
    Exploring contemporary Aboriginal art, aesthetics, new media and online Aboriginal art practices for and by Aboriginal artists, art and art history teachers and professors, students, gallery curators, arts writers and other arts professionals. Non-profit artists' collective.
    Innu Canada
    Inauguration of the first art gallery of the First Nations in Quebec, the gallery Ernest Aness Domenica Since many years, the communities see the emergence of a multitude of artists and craftsmen.
      US - Southwest
    Arts of crafts of Southern California and Northern Baja California. Owned by family of artists.

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