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  • Resource Database / Anthropology & Archeology

    Resources: 85 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    African Archaeology Internet Resources
    Internet resources related to archaeological sub-regions of Africa and the Near East.
    More sites on archnet.asu.edu
    Amazon Tribes
    Huaorani America - South
    Visual anthropology and educational resource for photographs and information on Amazon tribes, particularly the Huorani tribe from the Amazon River Basin of South America.
    American Society for Ethnohistory
    An academic organization made up of anthropologists, historians, museum and cultural resource professionals that seeks to describe the history of the Native Peoples of the Americas through a methodology informed by ethnographic, cultural, ecological, linguistic, archaeological and historical information.
    Algonquin US - Northeast
    Draws and builds upon the works of numerous scholars, archaeologists and artists; and with its two main sides you can explore the ancient "Minoan" world and the NativeAmerican/Colonial, in vivid detail not often seen on the Web....There are lots of Native New England artifacts never seen in the world before and a many-layered history of the land and early colonies that people of all ages can enjoy. Both sides include music, film clips, archaeological artifacts fresh from the ground, and more.
    Anthro Net Search Engine for Anthropology
    On the World Wide Web there are an estimated 250,000 sites that have content relating to the subject matter of anthropology. Unfortunately an estimated four-fifths contain little useful information. There are tens of thousands of anthropology sites containing redundant links to other pages that are collections of redundant links. Anthro.Net cuts through all of this by using advanced search technology to hunt down sites that contain useful content and information relating to anthropology.
    Anthro TECH
      US - West
    Provides web design and application development services for nonprofit organizations, companies, and individuals.
    Anthropology & Archaeology Resources of New Mexico
      US - Southwest
    More sites on www.nmculture.org
    Anthropology and archaeology in Papua New Guinea
      Pacific - South
    More sites on coombs.anu.edu.au
    Anthropology Answerable
    Chumash US - West
    The story of Humqaq, known today as Point Conception, one of the most sacred places in the realm of the Chumash. Page includes history as well as current issues dealing with modern Chumash and their relationship to the non-Chumash people and their monumental plans for development.
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    Anthropology in the News
    More sites on www.tamu.edu
    Anthropos Consulting
    Offering cross-cultural expertise for and concerning Australian Indigenous groups
    Antropologia Mexicana. UAM Iztapalapa
    Sitio de estudios e investigaciones de antropología social en México. Difunde la revista "Alteridades". Integra material de consulta sobre lingüística, identidad, autonomía y etnias. Galerías fotográficas y video en linea.
    Applied Ethnography Program - Department of the Interior, National Park Service
    National Park Service (NPS) cultural anthropologists support and strengthen management efforts to protect and preserve resources, both cultural and natural, through the Applied Ethnography Program (AEP). These resources, traditionally associated with living peoples and communities, are an integral part of our nation's heritage.
    More sites on www.cr.nps.gov
    Archaeological research in Northeastern Nigeria
    Archaeology in Arctic North America
    These pages provide a glimpse of archaeological research in the northernmost part of the North American continent and its results, focusing principally on the Canadian Arctic.
    Archaeology in Nova Scotia
      Canada - Eastern
    The Maritime Woodland Period
    More sites on museum.gov.ns.ca
    Archeological Sites Index
    Information provided by Mankato State University Anthropology Department about a wide range of sites worldwide.
    More sites on emuseum.mnsu.edu
    Arctic Circle
      Canada - Northern
    University of Connecticut - from Dr. Norman Chance - Anthropologist - a beautiful presentation with information about artists, society and important issues.
    More sites on arcticcircle.uconn.edu
    Arctic CyberAnthropology
      Arctic Circle
    Online Anthropological Research on use of the Internet in the Arctic, "Inuit in Cyberspace". Resources to Canada, Alaska and Greenland.
    AusAnthrop: anthropology in Aboriginal Australia
    Resources and research on the Aborigines of Australia, including a database on nations and languages, discussion forum, book reviews, bibliographies etc.
    Bibliographies for Anthropological Research
    Tennessee Archaeology Net
    More sites on www.mtsu.edu
    Bibliographies for Archaeological Research - Tennessee Archaeology Net
    More sites on www.mtsu.edu
    Bloomsbury Archaeological Site: Tracing Native Ancestry
    Nanticokes US - Northeast
    Presentation of the evidence which has amassed over the last decade or so that the so-called Moors are the descendants of the settled Indians of Delaware. A joint archaeological survey research project by Louise and Edward Heite, Heite Consulting, Camden DE, USA.
    Cannibals, Clowns, Wendigo and Other crazy stuff
    Ojibwe Canada
    Student paper about Cannibals and Clowns of the Anishinabe and other North American Native groups, giving a general outline of the procession of the windigokaan ceremony as it is performed at the Sundance.
    China Viva
    Spanish-language site about peoples and artifacts of China.
    Coast Salish Villages of Puget Sound
      US - Northwest
    This site features attractive shaded relief maps showing locations of about 300 known permanent village sites (c.1800) of the Coast Salish people who lived--and still in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. Click on the village symbol to see village name, affiliation, location, size and other info. Map also locates sites mentioned in stories; click on story symbol and see story synopsis. Site also includes descriptive text and rare old photos. Complete citations of references provided.
    Cultural Explorers
    Kawartha Canada - Eastern
    Cultural Explorers is an innovative Cultural Resource Management Company. Archaeology is the passion and we specialize in underwater Native sites. We act as liaison between developers and Local Native groups, survey, test and mitigate innundated lands & shorelines. We also consult with Ministry and Goverment officials on many levels to affect change in favour of protection of sites, education and First Nation interests.
    More sites on www.spiritofthestone.ca
    Darkness in El Dorado Controversy
      America - South
    Newspaper and magazine articles about Darkness in El Dorado, a book about the Yanomami and anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon, by Patrick Tierney.
    More sites on www.tamu.edu
    Dig Afognak, An Alaskan Archaeological Expedition
    Go ahead, dig into our past! Join us as we discover the ancient lifeways of our Alutiiq ancestors. Our archaeological field camp offers you an opportunity to learn about Alutiiq history and culture, while discovering the natural history, geology and botany of Afognak Island.
    Dr. Frits Selier
      Europe & Russia
    Theories on the development of mind and culture.
    Daily updated cultural resource news, jobs, announcements, consultants and resources. Postings for archaeology, historic preservation, museum, and architectural history. We feature a free weekly newsletter and a free webfeed.
    Egyptian Antiquity Information
    This may very well be the best historical reference on Pharaonic history anywhere. Over Egypt's past, many terms from many origins have come into use. In order to understand the Egyptian past, we have included a glossary of terms.
    Excavating Occaneechi Town
      US - Southeast
    Excavating Occaneechi Town: Archaeology Of An Eighteenth-Century Indian Village In North Carolina by R. P. Stephen Davis, Jr., Patrick Livingood, H. Trawick Ward, and Vincas Steponaitis. Copyright © 1998 by the Research Laboratories of Archaeology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
    Frances Densmore - Song Catcher of Red Wing
    Chippewa Canada - Eastern
    For nearly 60 years, a prim and opinionated woman from Red Wing, Minnesota conducted a personal campaign to capture Native American traditional music before it vanished from the continent. Setting out in the early 1900s, Frances Densmore traveled to remote Indian villages where few other white women would dare venture. Her tools were a simple box camera and a cylinder phonograph. Experience a presentation about Densmore's life work, much as she herself might have told it, i an online interpretation of a "magic lantern show"
    Fremont Indian Rock Art
      US - West
    The Fremont Indians were diverse groups of Native Americans that inhabited the western Colorado Plateau and the eastern Great Basin of Utah from 400 A.D. to 1350 A.D. The Anasazi left us the great houses and kivas; the Fremont Indians left us the finest rock art in the world.
    More sites on www.thefurtrapper.com
    Fremont Indian State Park & Museum
    Paiute US - Southwest
    Fremont Indian State Park, located off of Exit 17 on Hwy. 70 in central Utah, has 697 rock art panels, a museum housing Utah’s largest Fremont site excavation artifact collection, an award-winning family campground, and 14 trails between ¼ mile and five miles in length. Outdoor enthusiast can enjoy hiking, bicycling, geo-caching, ATVing, fishing, spotting wildlife, and more. Come out and play! Visit Fremont Indian State Park today.
    Gateway to the Caribs of Trinidad and Tobago
    Carib Caribbean Islands
    Papers, articles, essays, photo galleries and news concerning the Carib Community of Trinidad and Tobago
    More sites on www.centrelink.org
    Heritage Consultants
      US - Northeast
    Catherine Labadia, David George and William Keegan: Located in Newington, Connecticut, we specialize in all aspects of historic preservation. With our years of experience, knowledge of the cultural history of the region, preservation planning skills, and comprehensive understanding of the cultural resources compliance process, we offer excellence in service.
    Heritage Marketplace
      Canada - Eastern
    A source for information, news and products which relate to Heritage Conservation and Archaeology. A variety of heritage software products are available. You can read articles relating to various aspects of archaeology, take a Quiz, browse an on-line summary ofOntario Prehistory and look for a Job in archaeology. Links to a variety of other Archaeology and Heritage sites are also available.
    Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources
    Highlighting contemporary indigenous peoples' issues from around the world, including the indigenous peoples of the Americas, Brazil, Central America, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zeland, Siberia, Alaska, Polynesia, India, Chile, and much more. Topics include cultures and religions, intellectual property rights, archaeology, art, health, resources, rights, and much more.
    Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage
    Indigenous peoples, scholars, practitioners, and policy-makers are increasingly faced with dilemmas about rights,responsibilities and access to intellectual products associated with cultural heritage including research data, and use of artifact and site images.
    More sites on www.sfu.ca
    Kalunga - Identidade étnica de uma comunidade remanescente de Quilombos
      America - South
    Maroon communities Master thesis on the ethnic identity of the kalungas - a maroon community in Central Brazil (site in Portuguese)
    Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
    The Kelsey Museum houses a collection of nearly 100,000 objects from the civilizations of the Mediterranean. A selection of these artifacts are featured in two permanent galleries: Egypt and the Ancient Near East, and Greece • Etruria • Rome, 5000 BC - AD 900, as well as in a gallery with annual changing exhibitions
    Listen to the Teachers
    In the United States, archaeology is at best seen as having little practical utility. For most who pay any attention to archeology, it is simply an exotic hobby, a branch of history that provides little more than interesting perspective and perhaps a bit of intrigue. Although some might see it differently, this view of archaeology is arguably the dominant view of the American public. Still, the exotic has appeal, and many elementary school children fantasize a future as an archaeologist as one of their first career choices.
    More sites on www.usd.edu
    Los Charrúas del Uruguay
    Charrua America - South
    Uruguay Página de divulgación ética y científica de noticias históricas relacionadas con los Charrúas y sus descendientes. Sus Valores, y nuestra identidad.
    Lost Tribes and the Moundbuilders
      US - Southeast
    From the time Europeans arrived in the Americas, they encountered the native peoples inhabiting the land. These American Indians were not expected and had to be explained. Too, the explorers and settlers saw earthworks they couldn't explain, some of them simple burial mounds containing skeletons and grave goods, some in the shapes of animals, and some as huge pyramid-shaped structures rivaling the pyramids of Egypt. They didn't believe the Indians could have built such magnificent structures. Instead they proposed a range of fanciful explanations for who the Indians were and for who built the mounds. Indians, too, have had their own explanations for their origins. Both conflict with archaeological evidence. The links that follow present some of the speculations and our brief comments about them.
    Mapahumano de pueblos, etnias y culturas
    Recorrido por los diversos pueblos y etnias del mundo: Indios norteamericanos, Indígenas sudamericanos, América precolombina, aborigenes australianos, etnias asiaticas. Su historia, su cultura, su arte...
    Mark Tveskov - Southern Oregon University - Department of Sociology and Anthropology
      US - Northwest
    Mark’s interest’s include the ethnohistory and archaeology of the West coast and Northeast of North America and European (particularly Norse) archaeology, the persistence and innovation of cultural identity in colonial contexts, the cultural ecology of maritime societies, zooarchaeology, cultural resource management, and cartography. He works collaboratively with the Coquille Indian Tribe and other Tribes of western Oregon and federal agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on archaeological and ethnohistoric research and conservation projects.
    Maya Research Program
    Maya Mexico
    The Maya Research Program is a not-for-profit research organization that focuses on the ancient Maya. The Maya Research Program with more than 300 members is an independent organization affiliated with St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas. While MRP strives to better understand the past, we also seek to inform the public about the Maya, preserve and protect Maya ruins and assist those with similar goals.
    Maya/Aztec/Inca Center
    Welcome to the Maya/Aztec/Inca of the Lords of the Earth, a Web site, which deals with the Archeology and Anthropology of the Americas. These disciplines are based on the study of a specific location, then expanding via concentric circles, into the surrounding areas in order to identify possible diffusion among the various polities. Line art is based on work by established scholars.
    Media Portrayal and Anthropologist Treatment of Ishi
      United States
    by Chris Watson, c. 2000
    "In 1911, an aboriginal "wild man" walked into the twentieth century white world. I will describe how the media of those days portrayed the last wild Native American, Ishi, and I will propose some possible reasons why he was portrayed that way. Anthropology was a relatively new subject then, and Alfred Kroeber was a rising star in California. He was the sponsor of Ishi. I will describe some possible motivations of Kroeber before and after his time with Ishi, based on what I have been able to find out about mankind in general and Alfred Kroeber in particular."
    More sites on www.thebicyclingguitarist.net
    MesoAmerican Photo Archives
    Welcome to Mesoamerican Photo Archives, owned and maintained by David R. Hixson, a graduate student in Tulane University's Department of Anthropology. The purpose of this web site is to educate and stimulate the public with both accurate information and beautiful photographs of Mesoamerican archaeology. Within these photo galleries, you will find full-color photographs of archaeological sites and museums from all over Mexico, complete with detailed captions.
    Mud and Muck Society
      US - Northeast
    The Mud and Muck Society is an non-profit Archaeological Surface Collecting Team working in Central Connecticut and New England and featuring primarily Native American artifacts. We display thousands of arrowheads, stone tools, etc. found by our members. For a complete description of our Society, please refer to our "Mission Statement" found as a link on our home page.
    National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
    The National Anthropological Archives collects and preserves historical and contemporary anthropological materials that document the world's cultures and the history of anthropology.
    More sites on www.nmnh.si.edu
    Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
    National NAGPRA Database, National Center for Cultural Resources
    More sites on www.cast.uark.edu
    Native Software Development
    Abenaki US - Central
    Free native software and programs to download and review. Free Software Downloads
    North Carolina Archaeology
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    Welcome to the North Carolina Archaeology Home Page. If you're new to the page, take a few minutes to browse the articles and information about the prehistoric and historic archaeology of North Carolina.
    Northeastern Anthropological Association: Main Page
      US - Northeast
    Ray Bucko, Web Editor of the NEAA - / NEAA Convention. Visit this site for information on our upcoming convention to be held. / NEAA Newsletter: View the most recent edition of the NEAA Newsletter as well as back issues. / Prospective Members: Read a recruitment letter from John T. Omohundro, Professor of Anthropology, SUNY Potsdam .
    Notes from the Road
    Kuna America - Central
    Notes from the Road is an illustrated travelogue that discusses and interviews art, culture and archaeology of tribes such as the Kuna of Panama and the Makah of Washington State.
    Paleoindian Period - Florida Historical Contexts
      US - Southeast
    Archaeological evidence indicates that, in addition to hunting small game and gathering wild plants and shellfish, Paleoindians stalked now-extinct Pleistocene megafauna; however, the role these large animals played in the day-to-day business of making a living varied considerably across the continent. Large, stemless, stone spear points, the most diagnostic of the artifacts made by Paleoindians, are time-markers used by archaeologists to identify Paleoindian sites. Due to the ravages of time, erosion, and decomposition of perishable artifacts, projectile points and other stone artifacts are often all that remain to represent these early prehistoric people and their hunting-gathering way of life. - The Setting- Material Culture- Subsistence- Settlement Patterns- Base Camps and- Villages- Quarries- Short Term Camps- Kill Sites- Research Questions- Important Sites- Isolated Projectile- Points- Chronology- Technology- Preservation Goals- Subsistence Questions- Social Organization- Settlement Patterns- Questions.
    Palisades Museum of Prehistory
      US - Northeast
    The Palisades Museum of Prehistory, incorporated in Washington DC, is a non-profit regional organization dedicated to promoting the awareness and preservation of prehistoric artifacts in the Palisades of Washington DC.
    Prehistoric People of Indiana
      US - Northeast
    - by C. Russell Stafford - As Europeans explored and began settling Indiana in the 17th Century and later they encountered Algonquin speaking Miami and Potawatomi as well as other Native American tribes. These aboriginal groups were recent arrivals in what is now Indiana, having been displaced by other native peoples responding to European settlement along the eastern seaboard. These historically known groups, however, are not directly related to the prehistoric cultures identified by archaeologists. Archeological research over the past six decades or more has yielded a wealth of information on the varied and changing life-ways of Native Americans over the last 12,000 years. Unfortunately, much of the record of the past is vanishing through vandalism and urban development, though federal and recent landmark state legislation provide some protection.
    Rabbit In The Moon: Mayan Glyphs And Architecture
    Maya America - Central
    More sites on www.halfmoon.org
    Repatriation of Ishi
      US - Northeast
    Smithsonian Institution news release and related information about the return of the human remains of Ishi -- commonly believed to be the last Yahi-Yana Indian who died in 1916 at the University of California-Berkeley -- to the Redding Rancheria and Pit River Tribe, his closest living relatives.
    More sites on www.nmnh.si.edu
    Research Unit for the Archaeology of Cape Town
    The Historical Archaeology Research Group (HARG) brings together people involved in research into the history of colonial South Africa. It originated in 1985 with the purpose of improving and extending communication and co-operation between institutions and individuals doing historical archaeology. It now incorporates teachers of Historical Archaeology at the University of Cape Town, Cultural Resource Management work, and researchers and visiting scholars from a wide range of disciplines.
    Society for American Archaeology - SAA
      United States
    The Society for American Archaeology (SAA) is an international organization dedicated to the research, interpretation, and protection of the archaeological heritage of the Americas. With more than 6,100 members, the society represents professional, student, and avocational archaeologists working in a variety of settings including government agencies, colleges and universities, museums, and the private sector.
    Society For California Archaeology
      US - Southwest
    SCA promotes cooperation among archaeologist in California by: 1) conducting symposia and meetings to share information on new discoveries and techniques; 2) publishing an annual Proceedings on archaeological research in California; 3) publishing a Newsletter on current topics on concern, with news and commentaries; and 4) promoting standards and ethnical guidelines for the practice of archaeology.
    South American Archaeology
      America - South
    Internet resources related to the Archaeology of South America. More Archaeology Internet resources (South America) on ArchNet
    More sites on archnet.asu.edu
      Caribbean Islands
    Sup-Infor Editions publishes, as paleographies and translations, texts, or sources, in various Amerindian languages: Nahuatl, Otomi, Mixtec, Maya... Sup-Infor also publishes studies, dictionaries - that can be either alphabetic (Caribe-Spanish, Nahuatl-Spanish, Spanish-Nahuatl, Mixtec-Spanish...) or pictographic. Sup-Infor publishes specific programs for linguistic research on texts written in native languages (Nahuatl, Maya, Mixtec, and Otomi with Temoa), as well as programs for the creation or use of pictographic dictionaries, or of dictionaries of the constitutive elements of glyphs and personages (Pohua, Tlachia). All these publications are free to download, provided the usual copyrights are respected.
    Syukhtun Editions
    Mohave Pacific - Western
    The Mohave myth "Yellak" (Goose) was collected by Alfred Louis Kroeber in 1905 as sung by Eagle Sell in the Mohave language. It tells of the making of the Colorado river. The webpage includes short biographies and photos of the epic singers.
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    Texas Beyond History
      United States
    An ongoing virtual museum project of the Texas Archeological Society and the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory (UT) which presents archeological materials in the State of Texas online.
    The Archaeology Channel
    The Archaeology Channel, produced by nonprofit Archaeological Legacy Institute, is a streaming-media public education website dedicated to sharing the important messages of archaeology and indigenous peoples.
    The Arrowhead Guy
    Doug Dahl is The Arrowhead Guy. Doug is a Master Flintknapper and avocational archeologist and devotes much time to lectures and demonstrations to grade schools, colleges, and museums as well as gatherings and rendezvous, going so far as to donate time teaching the lost art of flintknapping to Native American peoples. His lithic replication is featured in Lithic Artists Guild and many museums. Extensive research goes into all his work, whether hands-on artifact replication or teaching.
    The Bauu Institute
      US - West
    The Bauu Institute is dedicated to working with and for American Indians in their fight for self-determination on such matters as cultural impact assessments, archaeological site preservation, ethnobotanical studies, oral tradition documentation, and much more. Please contact us to learn how we can help you.
    The Ethnic Position of the Southeastern Algonkian - by Frank Speck
    Powhatan US - Southeast
    "If one were induced to point out what special preferential relationships in culture, if any, showed forth in this region it would undoubtedly be the feature's of religious and political autocracy, which latter had assumed under Powhatan the form of a true Algonkian dynasty. "
    The Existing and Potential Role of the Internet for Indigenous Communities in the Russian Federation
      Europe & Russia
    The Search of Lord Pakal Ahau in the 21st Century
    Maya Mexico
    The author describes syncronicities with the opening of Pakal's Royal Tomb as well as modern scientific thinking based on the Maya legacy of the Classic Era.
    The Yaxuná Project
    Yaxuná seemed to have been at the focus of interest for the eastern and western Yucatan hegemonies; it presented many large monumental buildings; it was a very old city, dating to the Middle Preclassic era.
    University of South Dakota Anthropology
      US - West
    Much of what you will see is unique to this site, emphasizing USD's location on the northern Great Plains. Most relates to the archaeology of the region, but there are links to many other sources. Original material is being added frequently and is listed on the What's New page. There is also information on anthropology at the University of South Dakota, including hypermedia course materials and a student handbook that may be useful to colleagues and students elsewhere REPATRIATION AND REBURIAL ISSUES Many groups, especially indigenous peoples, have profound concerns about the ethical and respectful treatment of the dead by archaeologists, physical anthropologists and museums. The issue is complicated with concerns ranging from academic freedom to the rights of the dead. There is a continuum of opinion about these matters.
    More sites on www.usd.edu
    Ur-List Web Resources for Anthropology & Visual Media
    The Ur-List: Web Resources for Visual Anthropology facilitates web searches by cross-indexing three hundred and seventy-five anthropological sites according to the categories of information they contain.
    More sites on www.usc.edu
    VELA LUKA - A Stratified Prehistoric Site VELA SPILA
      Europe & Russia
    Vela Spila - An archaeological site located near the western end of the island of Korcula, on the outskirts of the town of Vela Luka.
    West Virginia: A History for Beginners
      US - Southeast
    The important concepts in this chapter have to do with cultural conflicts and cultural exchange between Europeans and Native Americans on the western Virginia frontier from 1750-1796. The different cultures conflicted, of course, over land use and settlement.
    WWW Virtual Library Anthropology
    Comprehensive portal of anthropological resources.
    More sites on vlib.anthrotech.com
    Yasuni National Park Expedition, Ecuador 1999
      America - South
    The web site of the Yasuni National Park Expedition, Ecuador 1999. This research group from Royal Holloway, University of London, worked with the Huaorani of the Rio Shiripuno in the Ecuadorian Amazon. We were working with them to study issues surrounding possible increases in tourism in their communities, as well as documenting the changing aspects of their culture. Site is in English and Spanish
    More sites on members.aol.com
    Yumtzilob, website over de america's
    Focuses on the American continent, past and present. Informs those interested in the developments in archaeological, (art)historical, anthropological and linguistic research on and in North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean.

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