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    Resources: 41 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    A Conversation with Phillip Deere
    Muscogee US - Southeast
    A 41 minute interview of Phillip Deere, influential and respected Native American Indian (Muskogee-Creek) elder and Medicine Man, offering insightful and provocative views of American history and culture. Recorded in 1979 at the Mashpee Wampanoag Sovereignty Conference. Digitally salvaged in 2005
    Archaeology Answerable
    Chumash US - West
    Archaeology Answerable, a sequel to Anthropology Answerable, deals with the issue of excavating Chumash and other native cemeteries, and the repatriation of human remains and artifacts to the respective tribal groups.
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    Ayibobo to the Vodoun Culture
    In this website, we have tried to showcase years of research. However if some of this material seems too dense to you it is because it is not meant to be a primer to the Vodoun Culture. In any case, take a look around, let the table of contents guide you. Beauty and harmony need not be understood.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Aztec Calendar
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico
    There is not just one Aztec calendar, there are two more or less independent systems. One calendar, called the xiuhpohualli, has 365 days. It describes the days and rituals related to the seasons, and therefor might be called the agricultural year or the solar year. The other calendar has 260 days. In Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, it is called the tonalpohualli or, in English, the day-count. Most information on this Internet-site refers to the tonalpohualli, which is the sacred calendar.
    Bible Mission to Native Americans
    The purpose of Bible Mission to Native Americans is to minister to the spiritual needs of our Native People in all fifty states, plus the U.S. Possession Islands in the Pacific.
    Buffalo Messengers
      US - Alaska
    The purpose of this website is to inform and bring to your attention the urgent message spiritual leaders have received in regard to the birth of two buffaloes born at the Woodland Zoo in Farmington, Pennsylvania. The Earth was made for all of us, and we all must do our part for our children and their children.
    Cholb'al Q'ij
    Maya Mexico
    These words are a call to support the transmition and teaching of the ancient Maya culture, the authentic Mayan culture.
    Eagle Wings Native American Ministries
      Pacific - Western
    A Native American ministry of professional ministers and counselors for healing of past abuse, historic trauma, and addictions. Near future goal: residency facility for intensive counseling and spiritual growth.
    Friends of 1000 Tipis
      United States
    Get familiar with native cultural ministry and meet your brothers and sisters in active ministry. Each "one- a-day" posting is only a snapshot or a postcard of native life and ministry in North America.
    Glorieta Baptist Church
      United States
    Website for the largest Native American Baptist church in Oklahoma.
    More sites on http
    Greenbelt Interfaith News
    Primarily interfaith news from around the world, but has occasional coverage of native American and indigenous news.
    Guides to Native Catholic Records
    Guides to Native Catholic Records: These guides by Marquette University provide navigational assistance and improved descriptions to a largely obscure universe of records for genealogists, historians, and scholars. Included are over 1,000 entries in PDF format that describe targeted holdings held by archival repositories and local churches. Besides descriptions of holdings and contact information, many of the entries also provide institutional chronologies to illuminate the history and content of the records. Noted are more 1,000 Catholic religious communities and institutions involved with Native Americans, past and present, and more than 100 Native American tribes and groups, including some not recognized by the U.S. government.
    More sites on www.marquette.edu
    International Aborginal Ministries
    An intra-faith ministry of aboriginal people helping aboriginal people of all tribes. Participataion by people of all religious beliefs are welcome as long as they realize there will be no attempts to convert anyone to any particular faith. Our main effort is our Relief Programs. "Relief" includes gathering and distributing food and clothing, school supplies, and other items of need by a particular Native family or tribe. It also includes a variety of items that may not be readily available to low-income Native people with limited resources. When there is a natural disaster, such as hurricanes, tornadoes or floods, we try to provide help in the form of food and clothing. We also run a resource program trying to provide educational materials such as text books, writing supplies, and instructional materials to help people get a GED. Whatever the need, we try to find the necessary resources and get them to the recipients at no cost. People helping people is our role and our goal.
    It's the same thing
      US - Southwest
    An essay honoring the Mescalero Apache people. I describe their base metaphor, a quartered circle, with some history and cultural context.
    More sites on www.TheBicyclingGuitarist.net
    Junglemaster Ministries
    Huaorani America - South
    Empowering Indigenous people with apropriate technology to improve transportation health and economics - under the direction of Brothers Keeper Ministry
    Kateri, Our Sister
      United States
    Online photographs and quotations illustrate the importance of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha (1656-1680) to Native Catholics, past and present. Tekakwitha was a Mohawk Indian woman now regarded as a saint by her followers.
    More sites on www.marquette.edu
    LDS Cherokee Family
    Cherokee United States
    This site promotes peace and parallels the truths for both Spiritual paths of the Cherokee Real People and the Latter-day Saints. It witnesses of Jesus Christ as The Creator and is built for understanding that Creators's ancient Cherokee One-Fire "Original Instructions" are the same as the Latter-day Saint's revealed "Plan Of Salvation." It is given in love, equality and friendship.
    Messages from Chief Arvol Looking Horse
    Lakota US - Central
    Letters to the People from Chief Arvol Looking Horse, hosted by Manataka American Indian Council.
    More sites on www.manataka.org
    Micronesian Seminar
    a research-pastoral institute founded by the Catholic Church in 1972. Its main mission is community education.
    Miskito-Indianer in Nicaragua und die Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine
    Miskitu America - Central
    German website on the Miskito people in Nicaragua and the Moravian Mission
    MyPath TV
    MyPathTV is the largest collection of mind, body, spirit programming on the Internet. This unique Web destination has something for everyone and delivers it straight to your desktop. Our affordable plans allow viewers to access commercial-free programming in a full-screen TV-style format instantly, 24 hours a day, with new programs added weekly.
    Native American Baptist Ministries In Oklahoma
      United States
    Inter-tribal website with information for Native American Baptist Ministries and Christian events in the state of Oklahoma
    Native American Religion & Mythology
    Books Documenting Native American Religion & Mythology (University Library at U. Southern California)
    More sites on www.usc.edu
    Native Spirituality Guide [RCMP]
    The purpose of this guide is to help police officers gain an understanding of sacred ceremonies practised and sacred items carried by many Native people across Canada. Downloadable PDF (Acrobat version) at this url http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/pdfs/spiritgde.pdf
    Open Faith Ministries Ca
      Canada - Western
    We are a Home and Internet based Ministry. We take Gods calling to help the people who have been turn away by family, freinds and Goverment. In their need for a kind word, some advise,a meal,a shower, clean clothes or just a friend. When we have the FUNDS to do it
    Representations of Christianity in 20th century Native American novels
    This MA thesis examines novels by Native American authors of the 20th century in regard to their representation of conflicts between the indigenous population of North America and the dominant Christian religion of the mainstream society. Several major points can be followed throughout the century, which have been presented repeatedly and discussed in various perspectives. Historical conflicts of colonization and Christianization, as well as the perpetual question of Native American Christians -- 'How can you go to a church that killed so many Indians?' [Alexie, Reservation Blues] -- are debated in these novels and analyzed in this paper.
    Sacred Bear Butte Threatened
    Sioux US - Central
    By Charmaine White Face. Bear Butte, the mountain proper, is currently a National Historic Landmark managed by the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Department. Although a few parcels of adjacent land has been purchased by some Native American nations, the rest of the surrounding area is ranchland, or is being sold to developers.
    More sites on www.manataka.org
    Sacred White Buffalo
      US - Southwest
    I am Jason, and I am Unanga (Aleut) from the Aleutian Islands of Alaska! I wanted to inform all of the tribes of the existence of seven white buffalo! These are the only true white buffalo in the world, and there has not been a true white buffalo since 1833! Please visit the website, see for yourself. I am compiling my own web site, it is going to be the most definitive website about white buffalo ever. If you have any questions, please email me!
    Saq' Be': Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies
    Maya US - Southwest
    Saq' Be' serves to educate the public on current Indigenous struggles, assist Indigenous communities in the preservation of their spiritual traditions, and arrange for meetings and exchanges between spiritual leaders of Indigenous communities and the general public, with an emphasis on involving young adults. The organization's current focus is working with the highland Maya of Guatemala.
    Seeking Native American Spirituality: Read This First!
    Cherokee United States
    Essay cautioning non-Indians seeking Native American spirituality.
    More sites on www.native-languages.org
    St. Katharine Drexel
    St. Katharine Drexel (1858-1955) is the second American-born Catholic declared a saint (October 2, 2000). This photo exhibit shows how her generosity touched the lives of thousands of African Americans and American Indians through numerous Catholic institutions across the United States.
    More sites on www.marquette.edu
      Europe & Russia
    Archetypical symbols from rock art and myths compared to modern astronomy and cosmology: a website by Ivar Nielsen (Denmark).
    Tem Gaak Naagdo Wend Mowin
    Ojibwe Canada - Northern
    OUR MISSION We are a non-profit Native Family Spiritual Support Centre, dedicated to the awareness and preservation of our native culture, arts, language, heritage and beliefs. Through caring and council for elders, children, youth, adults and families, we, encourage a positive and healthy lifestyle by providing Native Spiritual Health and Wellness Programs and Services to our Communities.
    Templeinfo - Information about indian temples
    Complete information about temples in India and Hindu culture.
    Terra Mistica
      America - South
    Terra Mistica is a Brazilian site about the culture and spirituality of South American indigenous people. Tierra Mística es una página dedicada aquellos que miran el sagrado camino de los antepasados nativos, sea él en cualquier lugar del mundo.
    The Ripoff of Native American Spirituality
    This page is to discuss the borrowing of Native American spiritual rituals. This issue has become a grave and very sensitive issue to many of us. They say that imitation the sincerest form of flattery, but we don't view it this way. While I feel that learning about others views is a good thing, borrowing from our beliefs or otherwise bastardizing them is a very insulting and bad thing to do.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    The Tree of Life
    Totonacs Mexico
    The Danza de los Voladores (flyers) is a breathtaking 1500 year- old Mexican Indian ritual about the place of mankind in nature. Shot in Huehuetla, edo. de Puebla, a highland Totonac village, the film follows the ritual from the felling of the tree to the final, stunning flight. English translations of pre-Conquest Nahua Indian poetry are the only narration.
    More sites on www.docfilm.com
    Mapuche America - South
    Mapuche Spiritual Tradition, Aboriginal Hierology and the complete books by Aukanaw.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    United Indian Cultural Group; Inc.
      US - Central
    We are a non-profit organization to assist incarcerated Native Americans with the continuation of their spiritiual practices while incarcerated with hopes of expanding to community support once inmates are released.
    Warriors for Christ:discipleship training for American Indians
      United States
    Christian ministry for urban and reservation American Indians/Native, set up to encourage and strengthen spiritual growth of Native Americans through evangelism and discipleship training and to strengthen and plant Native churches on Indian reservations and urban areass throughout North America.
    Without Reservation
      US - Central
    Discover Native North Americans following Christ Without Reservation. Aboriginal people sharing stories of faith and culture from a First Nations perspective.
    More sites on www.withoutreservation.com

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