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    Resources: 8 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    (Re)Invention And Contextualization In Contemporary Native American Fiction
    By Wendy J. Rohrbacher, 1999. Masters Thesis presented to the Faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Alaska, Anchorage. "Contemporary Native American authors and critics are retelling, reorganizing, and re-evaluating traditional tribal stories in order to assert a communally ascribed identity that accurately portrays today's Indian. These new stories seek to break down the signs and artifacts of the white man's Indian and replace them with signs of a vibrant and thriving culture."
    More sites on www.towerofbabel.com
    Comanche US - Central
    Bad Eagle.com is the first website for American Indian Patriots, and the only voice of conservative American Indian thought. Dr. David A. Yeagley, direct descendent of the Comanche warrior Bad Eagle (1839-1906), is the first conservative American Indian in the American media.
    Del Origen
      America - South
    Del Origen is a website in Spanish with news and information about native people around the world, especially in Latin America
    Indigenous Media Network
    Supporting indigenous journalists is one obvious way to strengthen indigenous cultures. Understandably, many indigenous journalists see a strong link between journalism and activism because so many of their people live in small and isolated communities. Dissemination of information and effective use of the media is thus critical to their survival as peoples.
    An outgrowth of efforts by the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
    Native American Journalists Association
    NAJA serves and empowers Native communicators through programs and activities designed to enrich journalism and promote Native cultures.
    Taller Internacional de Periodistas Indígenas
      America - South
    El TIPI es un espacio para la coordinación y el contacto entre periodistas indigenas del continente, tambien promueve Talleres de formación y encuentros entre periodistas a nivel internacional.
    More sites on www.eurosur.org
    Tribalink International
      America - South
    journalists and media experts in service to Native Cultures, with extensive contacts in South America
    World Future Society
    suggested nation: INDIA Women's Feature Service (WFS), is an International news/features syndicate headquartered in New Delhi, India, specializes in articles on development issues from a gender perspective. It is a 15-year- old organization with clients in the mainstream media in India and abroad, having writers in 40 countries - India as well as other countries in Asia, and the regions of Latin America, Africa, Europe and North America.

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