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    Resources: 23 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Christian Science Monitor, 2-19-98: Indians Hear A High-Tech Drumbeat
    Epidemic of Gas Sniffing Decimates Arctic Indian Tribe
    Late last fall, in a remote village in the north of Labrador, native leaders took the extraordinary step of asking the government to take their children away. The children, residents of the village of Sheshatshiu, where 1,200 of the 2,000 members of Labrador's Innu Nation live, are addicted to sniffing gasoline.
    More sites on www.nativeweb.org
    For Native Americans, the Net Offers Both Promise and Threat (NY Times, 4 Apr 97)
    More sites on www.nytimes.com
    Growing the Indigenous Australian internet
    By John Hobson. A short article about KooriNet and Indigenous participation in the internet in Australia, in the Australian Library and Information Association journal, inCite.
    hassanamisco reservation foundation
    Nipmuc US - Northeast
    Hassanamisco Nipmuc News & Updates.
    High Country News: Native American Archives
      US - West
    High Country News is a source for Western U. S. natural resource issues.
      United States
    Very upbeat website featuring Native News and other Internet resources including: Arts and Entertainment, the Elders' Circle, The Medicine Wheel, Money Matters, The Talking Circle and Tribal Law. 100% Native-owned and 100% Native-operated.
    More sites on www.Indianz.com
    Indigenous Australia
    Indigenous Australia is a portal that provides information about Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander Australian issues. It is create by Indigenous Australians from the National Indigenous Media Association of Australia. It is the first Indigenous Australian portal. It provides news and views regarding a range of issues relevant to Indigenous Australians.
    Indigenous Peoples / Inter Press Service
    The global news agency IPS, provides news about indigenous peoples from around the world, being committed to tracking the world community's efforts to do justice to the rights and aspirations of these peoples.
    Metis News
    Metis Canada
    Source For Aboriginal News and Information for Canada and the United States
    Native News Online
    Wyandot US - Central
    Native News Online is a daily news feed for, by and about First Nations people in the continental Americas, including news of import of International indigenous peoples. It is a service of Barefoot Connections, Inc. a Michigan nonprofit corporation
    More sites on nativenewsonline.org
    Native News Online
    Wendat-Huron United States
    Native News Online is a daily publication of news and information pertaining to First Nations from South America to the Arctic Circle.
    More sites on nativenewsonline.org
    Native Unity
    Ojibwe US - Northwest
    NATIVE UNITY DIGEST: The Native American people need to find a way to pull together to become more visible to the rest of the world. Bobbie Hart O'Neill Bobbie is a retired print media journalist, CSU-Sacramento, 74, with 40 years experience in the field. She has worked as a reporter, feature writer, columnist, public relations writer, magazine/newsletter editor and publisher.
    News & Information From and About Progressive Movements Around the World
    1world communication is a non-profit organizations dedicated to bringing news and information from from and about progressive movements from around the world to the media and public in the west. We also produce documentaries. Our site has special sections on Chechnya, Colombia, East Timor, the Kurdish People in Turkey, and Mexico as well as on child labor, the impacts of globalization and international boycotts.
    Nez Perce and the Heritage Quest Alliance.
    Nez Perce US - Northwest
    The Nez Perce Tribe in Idaho succeeded in raising the $608,100 it needed to repurchase the unique Spalding-Allen Collection of historic Tribal artifacts from the Ohio Historical Society. This achievement occurred just two days before the OHS payment deadline of June 1, 1996. At a press conference in Columbus, Ohio on May 30, 1996, Nez Perce Tribal Chairman Samuel Penney announced, "This purchase officially ends a 150-year odyssey for an extraordinary part of our heritage. Our people and supporters all over the U.S. will celebrate the homecoming of the Spalding-Allen Collection. Artists and art collectors participated in a first-of-its kind art auction on the Internet.
    Creek (Muskogee) US - Southeast
    Tribal Chairman Eddie L. Tullis authorized the issuance of their first coins in 2004 to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Recognition of the Sovereign Nation of Poarch Creek Indians by the United States.
    Politics, Commerce and Ancient Cultures On Native American Web Sites (NY Times, 13 Jun 97)
    More sites on www.nytimes.com
    Powwows Change, but Drummer Is the Same (NY Times, 24 Aug 97)
    More sites on www.nytimes.com
    Red Cliff News
    Chippewa US - Northwest
    Red Cliff News is a monthly publication of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa located in Red Cliff, Wisconsin.
    Chippewa US - Southwest
    Native American News Links that provide information on Relevant Social-Educational-Tribal Issues that Affect Indian People. Information and News also about Turtle Mountain Chippewa.
    The Dominion
    "Like Weeds in a Garden" is an article about the genocidal aspect of Canada's residential school system and the extent that they went to cover this crime.
    United Indigenous Sovereignty Organization
    Choctaw United States
    UISO is a grassroots human rights organization. Our main objective is to spread correct information on every issue concerning Indigenous people world wide. Our focus will be on culture, politics, environment, education, philosophy & religion, judicial matters, history; and to attempt to better and/or remedy existing situations on/in the indigenous communities: land & treaty rights, fishing/hunting & gathering rights, freedom of religion, exploitation of natural resources, anti-defamation, repatriation of artifacts & human remains; and to form a bridge between people of different cultures.
    White Backlash Against Rich Indians (NY Times, 7 Sep 97)
    Lummi Nation US - Northwest
    More sites on www.nytimes.com

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