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    Resources: 25 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Aboriginal Voices Magazine
    A Native North American Magazine of News, Arts & Culture.
    Akwe:kon Press
    Publishes Native Americas, the award-winning journal that reports on indigenous issues and events throughout the hemisphere. It is recommended for anyone wanting to learn of the continuing legacy of America's original peoples. (800) 9-NATIVE
    Anthropological Index Online
    Quarterly of the Sami Siida of North America. Online archives, issues index and subscription information.
    More sites on home.earthlink.net
    Centro de Medios Independientes, Chiapas :: Independent Media Center, Chiapas
    Independent Media Center bilingual Chiapas office and accompanying website
    ColorsNW, Inc.
    Creek (Muskogee) US - Northwest
    ColorsNW Magazine is a full color, glossy, high-quality magazine that focuses on the issues, trends and lifestyles of people of color in the Pacific Northwest. Founded and co-owned by Robert L. Jeffrey, Jr. (African-American) and Minty Jeffrey (Santee Indian Nation of South Carolina/Creek/Choctaw), the magazine won 6 awards for journalism and was nominated for Seattle Mayor's Small Business Awards within their first year of publication. They accept freelance writers and encourage submissions to the editor.
    First Nations Periodical Index
    The First Nations Periodical Index contains journals of mainly Canadian Native content. This Index is a tool providing access to information about First Nations for students (high school or university), educators, instructors and researchers. The First Nations Periodical Index is a joint project of the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College, Saskatoon Campus, the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre and the Library Services for Saskatchewan Aboriginal Peoples committee.
    More sites on www.lights.com
    Gohweli: A Journal of American Indian Literature
    More sites on www.uwm.edu
    Indigenous Policy Journal
      US - Central
    Indigenous Policy publishes articles, commentary, reviews, news, and announcements concerning Native American and international indigenous affairs, issues, events, nations. groups, and media.
    KACIKE: Journal of Caribbean Amerindian History and Anthropology
      Caribbean Islands
    an interdisciplinary journal that welcomes contributions from across the social sciences and the humanities, with a particular focus on archaeological, ethnographic, historiographic and sociological work
    Kazi and The Wolf
    Ojibwe Canada
    Kazi and the Wolf is a weekly podcast about native culture, spirituality, and other teachings in the aboriginal culture.
    Native Americas Journal
      US - Northeast
    A quarterley journal of the Akwe:kon Press at Cornell University's American Indian Program. Formerly known as Akwe:Kon Journal of Indigenous Issues
    Native Peoples Magazine
    Native Peoples Magazine, founded in 1987, is dedicated to the sensitive portrayal of the arts and lifeways of the Native peoples of the Americas. It is the leading journal of contemporary Native life in the Western Hemisphere, with an interesting mix of feature stories and departments each issue. It is published six times a year. Subscriptions: 888/262-8483 or on-line. Web site contains calendar of events, Web Exclusives section of original material not found in the magazine, a selection of material from the current issue, and back contents index.
    More sites on www.nativepeoples.com
    Native Periodicals
    Today, some of the best writing by Native authors, both fiction and nonfiction, covering a wide range of Native issues, is to be found in the wealth of Native American periodicals currently being published. The following list is a sample of the wide variety of magazines, journals, and newsletters currently available.
    More sites on www.uwm.edu
    Native Tongue Magazine
    Navajo US - Southwest
    I would like to introduce a new business venture called Native Tongue Newspaper Magazine. The monthly magazine will primarily feature Native Music, Entertainers, Role Models and Artist. The newspaper magazine will be an affordable medium for advertisers targeting the Adult (18-49) Native Americans.
    NNI Research Report
    NNI Research Report -- published quarterly as a free, electronic, information service by the Native Nations Institute for Leadership, Management, and Policy at the University of Arizona -- interprets the results of research projects worldwide, with a focus on topics relevant to Native nations and indigenous groups.
    More sites on nni.arizona.edu
    Recherches amérindiennes au Québec
      Canada - Eastern
    Recherches amérindiennes au Québec publishes a journal and monographies entirely devoted to the diffusion of knowledge about First Nations of the Americas.
    RED INK Magazine
      US - Southwest
    RED INK’s primary mission is to cultivate and highlight Native American intellectual and creative expression through the media of poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction, scholarly articles, original artwork and photography, and book, music and film reviews. RED INK also promotes an ongoing discourse with students, professors, tribal leaders, tribal members, and all other interested communities (Native and non-Native) regarding critical and timely Native American issues.
    Sweet Grass Traditions
      United States
    The total Native American experience as we live & celebrate it. Good info on Native American healing, events,recipes,language, art, music,politics,customs,etc.
    Tarahumara Indian News
    Tarahumara (Raramuri) Mexico
    A news zine dedicated to informing the world about the Tarahumara Indians and their environment and to preserving both. Offers articles on all types of related issues, including social and environmental controversies, travel information, etc. We encourage outside contributions (articles, photos, ideas, info, reviews, commentary, letters, etc.). We are not affiliated with any profit or other non profit group. The main goal is to provide objective information, while promoting Tarahumara rights and responsible tourism.
    The Eagle and the Condor, A Journal of
    Muscogee US - Northeast
    A new Journal that is trying to start a dialogue on what kind of new Indigenous based civilization that we can create in North and South America, based on Earth centered and Native values. We want to create an on-line and print version.
    Four year old monthly newsletter that carries hard news from all tribes which most people don't hear about on the 6:00 news: Native American quotes and literature - past and present, prophesies, language study - mainly Cherokee, crafts, Native recipes, letters to the editor, classifieds and anything else Creator wants us to tackle.
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    The Native Voice
      United States
    The new national Native newspaper. The Native Voice. For all Our Relations. The fastes growing native newspaper in the united states.
    Warrior Spirit
    An Electronic Journal for Native Americans and Their Supporters
    More sites on members.tripod.com

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