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    Resources: 26 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    ..::ATOPIA :: polylogic e-zine ::..
    Ilois Chagos Archipelago
    In the issue `Signatures of the vanishing` ATOPIA (http://www.atopia.tk), the polylogic e-zine for literature, philosophie, arts and politics, focuses on vanishing identities. One article is dedicated to the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean, where the inhabitants (the Ilois) were driven out of their land because of military interests.
    Bob Blog
    Nisga'a Canada
    Updated daily - website about life in Gingolx, B.C.
    More sites on www.citytel.net
    Canku Ota (Many Paths)
    An e-zine for and about Native America ... the native people of North America ... Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, and First Nations People. It is a celebration of the traditions and cultures of these wonderfully diverse people. Each biweekly issue contains news articles, about events and issues, contributed by some premier writers and artists. We also share stories, recipes, nature articles, opportunities, school news, projects, and anything else of interest to our readers, young and old.
    More sites on www.turtletrack.org
    El Centro de Medios Independientes Chiapas - Chiapas Independent Media Center
    Un colectivo de mujeres y hombres que estamos conformando una red de comunicación, con el objetivo de difundir la lucha que emprenden las comunidades indígenas de Chiapas.
    A network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth.
    More sites on chiapas.indymedia.org
    Ethnologie Heute (Ethnology Today)
      Europe & Russia
    biannually published magazine on ethnology, in German and English
    Four Winds Webzine
    IAIA Chronicle
      US - Southwest
    The official online newspaper for and by the students of the Institute of American Indian Arts.
      Europe & Russia
    German magazine about native themes
    La Guirnalda Polar
    Treasures of the Spanish and Native cultures. Independent journal providing articles, interviews, critics, editorials and other information about culture and human rights. Large amount of original content from many writers and artists. Most content in Spanish.
    More sites on www.vcn.bc.ca
    Metis Voices
      Canada - Western
    Metis Voices - An Online Metis Community
    My Two Beads Worth
    Cherokee US - Northeast
    My Two Beads Worth is an online, American Indian/First Nations/Indigenous Peoples News Enzine - which offers news on current issues, special features, such as Storytellers and Native Lore, several formats for reader feedback and comments; valuable links to other websites and much more. It is a free publication which receives no grants, funding or donations in its production. My Two Beads Worth has been online since 2000 and is a member of the Native American Journalist Association.
    Native American Law ezine
    focuses on Alaskan native, Canadian aboriginal, and U.S. federal Indian law
    edited by Patricia Christine Aqiimuk Paul, JD
    More sites on www.indianz.com
    Native American Web Sites
    Cherokee US - Northeast
    Native American E-zine weekly features and a directory of Native sites
      US - West
    The Global AI/AN Business Marketplace -- 24 hour Native News Feed .... American Indian/Alaska Native Internet News Site through the Morongo Band of Mission Indians
    NativeNews List
    Wyandot United States
    Provides between two and four digests a day with news and information of concern to our first nations people. NativeNews is archived at: http://www.mail-archive.com/nativenews%40mlists.net/
    More sites on nativenewsonline.org
    REZ BIZ: Business news for today's native american
      United States
    Business news for today's Native American. Relevant and value added tribal business and economic editorial content with a sensitivity to cultural norms of tribal communities.
    Reznet: Newz and Viewz by Native American Students
    Lakota US - West
    News from American Indian Journalism Institute, The University of South Dakota
    More sites on www.reznetnews.org
    SAY Magazine
    A national publication in Canada for and about Aboriginal youth - the largest growing demographic in North America. An information lifestyle magazine, it contains profiles of inspirating and movitating Aboriginal youth.
    SNAG Magazine
    Seventh Native American Generation (SNAG) is a literary journal written and illustrated by Native American youths. A forum for young people unheard and unseen in mainstream media, SNAG's website features first-person essays, poetry, photographs and illustrations created by Native youths throughout the United States, Canada and Alaska.
    The Multiracial Activist
    Dedicated to the struggle for and preservation of civil rights for biracial/multiracial individuals, interracial couples/families and transracial adoptees.
    The Native Press
      US - Southwest
    No-holds-barred journalism covering news, issues and commentary important to indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere.
    The NewStandard
      US - Northeast
    We are an anti-commercial hard news website. We do not focus on Native issues, but we do make a point of covering them. A recent article, written on the Western Shoshone Distribution Bill (HR 884), can be found at http://newstandardnews.net/content/?action=show_item&itemid=427.
    Turtle Island Native Network
      Canada - Western
    Turtle Island Native Network is an award-winning news and information network - a contribution to the growing world of aboriginal journalism, specifically 'Net' or 'Cyber' journalism.
    More sites on www.turtleisland.org
    Abenaki US - Northeast
    All the News topics from Federal Government, Local Government, Vermont State Government,Abenaki News, Native American Tribal Government, and the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs that is fit to print and some that is not.
      Canada - Western
    Canada's National Aboriginal News Source
    More sites on www.ammsa.com
    Wotanging Ikche
    Cherokee United States
    Wotanging Ikche is a weekly news e-zine featuring editorial content, news relating to idigenous peoples from both mainstream and original sources, events listings, obituaries, poetry and some historic documents.

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