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  • Resource Database / Genealogy (Tracing Roots) / American Indian and First Nations Genealogy

    Resources: 40 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    About.com Native American Genealogy Resources
    Native American ancestry can be one of the most challenging areas of genealogy research. Learn how to research your Native American ancestry, search through Native American records and online databases, and discover great genealogy resources for your specific tribe!
    American Ancestors
    Navajo US - Southwest
    I am full blooded Navajo and offer a research service for all tribes to help people gain tribal enrollment. I have access to records of every single tribe. My researchers are very successful. I do US Tribes and Metis.
    American Indian genealogy - Missouri
    State Historical Society of Missouri - Our reference library has a splendid Indian collection for the historian, but our published sources are incomplete for tracing Indian genealogy. By 1836, Indian tribes in Missouri had been removed and no longer had claims to any Missouri land. The Society does not have, nor are we aware of, lists of rolls of Indians in Missouri. Individuals who left the "Trail of Tears" did not maintain their tribal status in most cases
    Chippewa US - Central
    This is a family history page in the making tracing roots back to the Bad River Indian Reservation.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Carolyne's Native American Genealogy Helper
      United States
    Dedicated to Native American genealogy research, this website includes how-to articles that address the unique problems and history in the United States that can make tracing Native American ancestors particularly difficult. Much of the information will apply to all tribes within the U.S., but there is particular emphasis on some of the major tribes, including Tsalagi (Cherokee) which is the heritage of the author. The author is a professional journalist and dedicated genealogist specializing in Native American research.
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    Cherokee Census Rolls- FREE Cherokee Indian Census Roll Lookups, Dawes Rolls, Guion Miller
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    A Comprehensive FREE Cherokee Indian Genealogy resource with searchable Dawes Rolls for the Five Civilized Tribes, surname query boards.
    More sites on www.comanchelodge.com
    Cherokee Woman
    Cherokee US - Central
    Information on documents, Dawes roll, Guion Miller Applicants explanation. Cherokee Artist painting "Only The Names Remain" pictures of the present Cherokee Chief & Mayes district councilors, plus Stand Watie's desk. Same person - known by different names - AKA. List of books I have authored. Important links for searching the evasive ancestor. Quotes from many different Tribes.
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    Cheyenne - Arapaho GenWeb Project
    A componment of the USGenWeb Project, "volunteers working together to provide Internet websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States." Maintained by Ethel Taylor.
    More sites on www.rootsweb.com
    Chickamauga Cherokee Genealogy
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    Genealogical website for the research of the Chickamauga Cherokee & Old Settlers living in the Arkansas Territory. Mailing Lists and message boards to share research. FREE Cherokee Roll Lookups!
    Chickasaw Nation Lineage Information Request Form
    You will need to know the name, roll number and tribal affiliation of your nearest enrolled blood ancestor in order to apply for your Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB). Indians that moved to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) were enrolled on the Dawes Commission Rolls of 1898- 1906. If your ancestors did not come to Indian Territory, or were not living here during that time period, they were probably not enrolled with any tribe. In order for you to be issued a CDIB, you must know this person's name and tribal affiliation. You may submit four names to be researched to determine their tribal affiliation, to see if they were enrolled and/or to receive copies of the census cards on which their names appeared.
    More sites on www.chickasaw.net
    Creek Indian Researcher
    Creek (Muskogee) US - Central
    This site is a collection of records and links for those researching their Creek - Muskogee Indian ancestors.
    More sites on freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com
    Creek Nation Genealogy Indian Territory Project
    Creek (Muskogee) US - Southwest
    Comprehensive research page for the Muscogee Nation & Creek genealogy. On-line records & archives.
    Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites
    A major listing of sites and advice about genealogy. This link takes you to Cyndi's Native American page, but you may also look at her complete listings. Overall, Cyndi's site has more than 15,000 visitors each day. On average, each month Cyndi will add 1,500 new links, update/correct 600 links, and delete 300 non-working links each month. There are over 120 categories on the list, as well as individual pages for each US state and each Canadian province.
    Darlene Gadley's Nez Perce Genealogy Page
    Nez Perce US - Northwest
    My site includes a Nez Perce GEDCOM with over 2200 tribe members going back to the early 1800s. Surnames include, Chief Joseph, Looking Glass, Blackeagle, Lawyer, Redheart, Craig, Spaulding and Three Feathers.
    Dawes Rolls via NAIL
    NARA has the Dawes Commission applications (Dawes Rolls) available via the NAIL search engine. To search for Dawes Commission applications, Enter Dawes in the first Keywords box Enter the name of the individual you seek in the second Keywords box. Select Submit Search. If the database has any information about the individual whose name you entered, the Records Retrieved number will change from 0 to the number of Dawes Commisison applications that contain the name of the person you entered. If the person is not listed in NAIL the number will not change from 0. After you see this number, select Display Results.
    More sites on www.archives.gov
    Freedman Members of the Five Civilized Tribes
    Listing of almost every book, census roll, and other resource about "Black Indians"
    More sites on www.okhistory.org
    Gloria's Genealogy and History Gateway
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Guide to American Indian Genealogy
    Choctaw United States
    American Indian / Choctaw genealogy research links, Choctaw history, customs, surnames, etc.. Links to Tribal web sites across the US.
    Hayward Logan
    Metis Canada
    Seeking more information on the Young Family (Métis) of Lac Seul that relates to John Young and Magna Thompson, who had a daughter Annie Young who married a William Battley. Annie was born 25 Oct 1878 in Lac Seul.
    Lemmiein's Genealogy Resources
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Lost Americans
      United States
    Online database for Native Americans and African Americans searching for their ancestors. Includes indian and negro military rosters; county and special census, slave census, slave names mentioned in wills and probate, and personal letters and documents.
    Native American Genealogical Research & Publishing Company
      United States
    Offering American Indians genealogy research books, State and County genealogy books, and family histories to help YOU in YOUR genealogy research* (*NOTE: We DO NOT conduct research for individuals. We offer books for you to do your own)
    Native American Genealogy
    links to a variety of genealogy sources, including CD's of historical tribal rolls
    More sites on members.aol.com
    Native American Indian Genealogy Webring
    This ring will be a circle of knowledge for all those seeking information about their Native American Indian Genealogy heritage. If you have genealogical pages with Native American Indian information or other Native American Indian information that could prove useful, you are welcome to join.
    More sites on members.tripod.com
    Native American Nations
    The site contains the index to the Final, Wallace, Kern Clifton, Gouin Miller, Cooper, McKennon, Rolls. Census on Indian Territory of 1880, complete books that can be read on line.
    Native Ancestors
    Indian Culture and Genealogy A free site for Native American culture, education & genealogy.
    Nichols Family Pages
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    I have been doing alot of research on my side of the family tree. Trying to located my Indian ancestors and become and enrolled member of a Native American Tribe. I have lots of information on the Mullinax family of North and South Carolina, The Wright Family of SC, and looking for information on the Scarborough family form GA.
    Oneida Family
    Oneida US - Central
    A site offering geneaology services for descendants of the Oneida Tribe if NY, to those who want it done for them or who are looking for advice on whow to do their own.
    Online Native American Genealogy Databases
      United States
    A listing of online Native American genealogy databases, indexes & resources.
    Our Family History -- Native Circle
    Cherokee United States
    Helping "lost Indians" connect with their heritage in the ancient Cherokee, Creek and Tehah Nahma cultures indigenous to the lower Appalachian Mountains, specifically those who intermarried with the Cooper, Sizemore, Redwine, Bondurant/Bundren, Blevins, Proctor, Davis, Lackey, Mitchell, McDonald, Troxall, Adair, Prevatt, Newberry, Goble, Fosset, Burke, Bookout and Francis surnames in KY/VA/NC/TN/GA/AL. Special emphasis on mixed blood families of Sand Mountain, AL/GA/TN.
    Oyate exchange
    Dakota United States
    This forum is for research, open discussions,it was created to help people, Perhaps even find relatives which some have done by visiting "oyate exchange."
    Popular Subculture
      United States
    Popular Subculture webzine has begun publishing a series of essays and letters from "invisible" Native Americans, such as those among us who have no documentation, whose tribes are not recognized, who decided to pass as non-Native for personal reasons, or whose family has kept its Native identity a secret. We encourage correspondence from full or mixed blood Natives who would like an opportunity to tell their stories and the stories of their ancestors.
    More sites on www.grailmedia.com
    Sask Gen Web
    Cree Canada
    Sask Gen Web's purpose and function is to connect people with each other through mailing lists, posting boards resources so that they can help each other and share genealogical research. Resources for Saskatchewan are grouped by region or by aboriginal origins. Explore Dene,Athpaskan, Cree, Algonkian, Nakoda, Siouan, Dakota, Shoshoni Roots
    More sites on www.rootsweb.com
    Saskatchewan Genealogical Society
      Canada - Western
    The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society welcomes you to our home on the Internet. We provide assistance to anyone researching their heritage in Saskatchewan and around the world and we promote, encourage and foster the study of genealogical and original research in the Province of Saskatchewan. These electronic pages, files, and data contained in the databases
    Searching for Saponitown
    Saponi US - Southeast
    Articles and forum for researching history and genealogy of the Eastern Siouan tribes of the VA/NC Piedmont, collectively referred to as the Saponi by the colonial government in the 1720s.
    Sweetness' Wickiup: Native Genealogy
    Kickapoo US - Central
    How-to sites, where to locate records, Tribal/Nations contact listing. The 1900 Census for the Mexican Kickapoo Mission Oklahoma. And the 1910 Indian Population Census Pottawatomie Co., Avoca Twsp. Oklahoma. Pensoneau, (Shawnee/Kickapoo) & Bolster (Kickapoo/Assiniboine) family trees.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    The Cook Family - Cheyenne Genealogy
    Welcome to our small spot on the Internet. The major focus here is genealogy and unlike many web sites that we have visited, we are striving to put as much content on our pages as possible.
    Tiyospayas : An Oglala Genealogy Resource.
    Lakota United States
    suggested nation: Oglala Tiyospayas is dedicated to preserving Oglala Genealogy. The purpose of this site is to keep the stories and histories of our families alive. A place for our elders to reminisce, a place for our youth find out about where they come from and who they're related to, and a place for relatives to find themselves again. All queries and submissions are Welcome although the webmaster reserves the right to post information or not.
    More sites on freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com
    USGW Census Project Native American
      United States
    Our website recruits volunteers to help us get the Native American (as well as all other) census records transcribed, proofread and then uploaded to the internet for research by all at no cost. We have listed on our website all "known" records that are available for transcription and several are already online as we strive to reach our goal of ALL the records eventually available to all. Our Native American records cover all tribes that we "know" about all across the United States.
    Viki's Little Corner of the Web
    The families I research were Chickasaw Indian families. Their histories are interlocked with the history of the Chickasaw Nation. Some ancestors of our family were members of the ruling class in the Chickasaw Nation and were revered chiefs and leaders.

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