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The Nahuatl Indian Language of Central Mexico used by Mayans   

atl- water   
auakatl- avocado   
ayojtli-  pumpkin   
ayotl-  turtle   
ceiba- sacred cottonwood tree 
chacmools- reclining stone, human figures often placed at the entrances to important structures   
chichiltik-   red  
chokolatl-   chocolate   
elotl-  corn   
ichtli-  fiber   
istak-  white   
itakatl-  food   
itkuintli-  dog   
kalatl-  frog   
kali-  house   
katun- 'twenty years'   
kili-  parrot   
kimichi-  rat   
kiteki-  remove   
koatl-  serpent   
kolotl-  scorpion   
kostik-  yellow   
koyotl-  coyote   
kuakuake-  beetle   
kuautli-  eagle   
maize-   spanish for corn   
masatl-  deer   
multepal- "govern together" system was in operation in some parts of Yucatan at the time of the   
michi-  fish   
miztli-  cougar     
nojpali-  cactus   
Papal Vuh- Mayan Conneil Book   
papalotl-  butterfly/kite   
pipioli-  earrings   
sacabes- 'white road'   
sahal or cahal-  secondary leaders who sometimes served as governors of subordinate sites.   
sitlali-  star   
siuatl-  woman   
tekolotl-  owl   
tepetl-  hill   
tlaxkali-  tortillas    
tliltik-  black    
tlitl-  fire    
teocuitla-  gold    
tokatl-  spider   
tomatl-  tomato   
uilotl-  bird   
vay-   spirit companions; meaning sorcerer in modern Mayan language                                                           
xochitl-  flower    
zacbe-  system of ceremonial roads 
http://www.digiserve.com/magicmex/pre-colombian languages/nahuatl vocabulary.html 

The legendary point of origin, of many Nahuatl speakers, was the place of Seven Caves, depicted above.  Different tribes wait in each of the seven cavities for the priest to come around. 

Aztec Language 

Quetzalcoatl- The Serpent of Quetzal or Serpent of Precious Feathers 

Zapotec Language of the Mayas   

These languages belong to Otomanguean, a large linguistic stock.  One of the which is the oldest in Mesoamerica.  Some of the languages are Mixtec, Civicatec, and Mezatec.  The Zapotec language is a family/group rather than a  simple language.  In ancient times, this language was widely used, but today it  functions primarily within the home and in the village.  

Maya Numerals  

Maya Numbers - Numerales Maya
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