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  • Resource Database / Photography - Indigenous Images

    Photography - Indigenous Images Sub-Categories:
  • Historic Photos and Collections
  • Resources: 17 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Ababda Bedouins of the Eastern Desert (Egypt)
    Ababda Beduins are the nomads of the Eastern Desert in Egypt - photographs and text by Zbigniew Kosc
    African Tribes
    Visual Anthropology website for photos, videos, and information on African tribes and natives from Subsaharan Africa, including indigenous tribes from South Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Chad, and the Congo with an emphasis on the Afar, Himba, Hamer, Mursi, Arbore, Surma, Zulu, Dassanach, Karo, Nyangatom, and Hammer Tribes.
    Baka Pygmies of Cameroon
    Cameroon Culture and music of this group of African Pygmies. Includes many photos and ethnographic texts.
    More sites on www.pygmies.info
    Bryan Watt - Documentary Photographer
    Photos of Akha & Mlabri people from Thailand.
    Canyon of the Tarahumara
    Tarahumara (Raramuri) Mexico
    Crossroads Alaska - Native Cultures of Alaska and Siberia
      US - Alaska
    Featuring Photographs by Carl Hansen and Laurie Minor-Penland 'Crossroads of Continents brings us a superb panorama of the region's cultural past...It is one of the best and most comprehensive books ever assembled about this, the culturally richest and most diverse region of the north.' --New York Times Book Review 'A book that deserves a long life...Crossroads of Continents celebrates and explores the diversity and common ancestry of the Siberian and Alaskan peoples of the Bering Straits...This is one of those indefatigable books that almost anyone would take along to the proverbial island.' --Arctic
    More sites on photo2.si.edu
    David Hughes Pow-Wow Photos
      US - Central
    David Hughes, professional photographer: "I have started going to some of the midwestern Pow Wow events as time permits. I post photos from them as soon as I get them scanned and send enlargements to the organizers when I get them done. I do not sell or offer for sale any photos taken at these events. I find the ceremonial dress a fastinating subject matter and prefer to let everyone see them."
    dogon niger lobi
    Dogon Africa
    More than a thousand of my travel photos taken between 1978 and 1999 in Mali,Burkina faso, Egypt, etc ... Photos are available for editorial use.
    Ilka Hartmann, Photographer
      United States
    Photographs of the Native American Occupation of Alcatraz island, the Din'e, the Omaha, and other tribes, with new photographs added on a regular basis.
    Photographs from Sierra Leone, Angola, Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia and Somalia, taken in 2002, which show the strength and resilience of people suffering from war, hunger and poverty.
    More sites on home.earthlink.net
    A photographic journey with China many ethnic minority groups throughout the country
    More sites on home.earthlink.net
    Kathy Sharp Frisbee - Photographer and Writer
      US - Northeast
    As an independent photographer and writer, I produce a wide range of features which are published in print to internet media nationally and internationally. However, it is the call of my own native Cherokee, Choctaw and Lumbee roots that inform my most meaningful work.
    Kurdistan Asia
    Kurdistan (Turkey)- photographs by Zbigniew Kosc
    nativestock pictures
      United States
    Nativestock Pictures is the leading stock photography supplier of Native America today. We now feature a line of colorful photographic postcards and art cards of Indian Country available for wholesale and retail
    Ol' Eagle Eye Productions
    I have been working with First Nations on vancouver island through www.coppermoon.ca and I have a libary of stock footage that I think would be useful for other video productions. Thank you Doug
    Photographs of North American Indians by Edward S. Curtis
      United States
    Special Collections in the Library of Congress
    More sites on lcweb.loc.gov
    Inuit Canada - Eastern
    Sedna is the mythical Inuit Goddess of the sea. We are called Sikumiut which means "the people of the sea ice" and we have lived in Labrador for hundreds of years. Visit my photo gallery and get an insight into Labrador.

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