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    Resources: 11 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    American Indians Paper Moccasin Pattern
      US - Central
    A children's activity in the Trailblazer #1 from the Nebraska Historical Society.
    Create Your Own Native American Board Game
    Lesson Plan - Through DiscoverySchool
    Games of Strategy: Awithlaknannai
    Zuni US - Southwest
    The Zuni culture relied heavily on the lakes in Arizona. They were a religious and superstitious culture that believed in many gods that dwelled in the waters. This game refers to stones that were used to kill "serpents", which most likely had a religious meaning. Both children and adults would play this game on different sizes of boards.
    International String Figure Association
    Inuit US - Northwest
    Including several examples of and information about traditional Native American string figures: How many string figures are there? The number of possible designs is virtually limitless. Instructions for making over two thousand traditional patterns have been published since 1888, when anthropologist Franz Boas first described how to make an Eskimo string figure. ~ link to String Figure Magazine.
    More sites on www.isfa.org
    KCKPL YS - Hand Game and Stick Game
      US - Central
    Activities through Kansas City, Kansas Public Library.
    Northern Wisconsin / Northwoods Kids Pages Activity Calendar
    Here's a ton of wonderful activities to do each day of the month. Perhaps your teacher, parent, or older brother or sister can help you gather some of the materials you need or help you do some of the activities. Click on each month for a world of activities and fun...
    Odawa Canoe Page - Fun Stuff
    Odawa US - Northeast
    ANISHINABEK is the name of the native people of West Michigan; the Odawa (or Ottawa), the Chippewa, and the Potawatomi. The site of the Van Andel Museum Center was once a busy Odawa trading center. Sturdy and graceful birchbark canoes carried people and goods up and down the lakes and rivers of Michigan. You can make your own canoe and decorate it with traditional woodland designs.
    OHS Teacher's Curriculum / Buffalo Bird Women's Garden
      US - Northeast
    Native American Gardening - Post-Harvest Activities
    Plum Stone Dice Game - Lesson Plan
      US - Northeast
    Objective: after reading about the game online and playing the game by keeping track of the odds for each throw, students will be able to predict possible outcomes and determine probability of structured events.
    More sites on www.museum.state.il.us
    Scattering Straws
    Lenape US - Northeast
    Lenape Indian Game
    This + That - String Figures
    Cool Animations!!! The eskimos do it, pygmies in Africa do it, South Sea islanders do it, Native Americans do it, Europeans do it. In some cultures performing string figures are play for both children and adults, in others they are connected with religion, story telling or magic. String figures are made around the world; hundreds of patterns have been recorded.

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