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  • Resource Database / Crafts & Indigenous Skills / Craft Supplies & Sources / Basketry Materials

    Resources: 17 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Baskets, Etc.
      US - Northeast
    Welcome basketmakers -- advanced, intermediate, beginners, and basketmaker wanna-be's. This site has been established for Internet exchange of tips, questions, and general knowledge about splint and reed basketmaking. We'd love to hear w hat you are doing with your baskets: new ideas you'd like to share, tips on weaving techniques and other basket topics as they arise.
      US - Northeast
    1842 Vermont company- portfolio of ash splint baskets - History | America's Favorites | Shaker Baskets | Trivia Quiz Factory Tour | Basketville Outlets | Limited Edition Baskets Interactive Order Form | Printable Order Form Welcome to Basketville's new Web Site. If you're looking for Baskets, you've come to the right place. We hope you find what you're looking for!
    Connecticut Cane & Reed Co.
      US - Northeast
    Chair Seating & Basketry materials: natural chair cane, binding cane, reed spline, fiber rush, oak & ash splint, Nantucket supplies, basket molds, round & flat reed, seagrass, rattan, hoops, handles tools & books. Showroom Address: 331 Broad Street, Manchester CT 06040
    Country Seat
      US - Northeast
    Basket Weaving & Chair Seating Supplies World Wide Mail Order & Retail Store Supplies, Baskets, Chairs & Stools Old Seats Replaced One of the Oldest & Largest Suppliers
    Elk Mountain Nursery
      US - Northeast
    A catalog of gardening and botanical Books available from Elk Mountain. / Ordering Information for plants and books. / Interesting and informative sample articles from our favorite newsletters - - Country Shepherd . . Wild Foods Forum / Hardiness Zone Map for the Eastern U.S. / Intricate beadwork jewelry crafted by Christina Howe. Nothing to do with plants but she's a good friend and makes some neat stuff! (available mail order through the nursery) / Some links to Places of Related Interest.
    Flagstaff Native Plant & Seed Wildflower
      US - Southwest
    Flagstaff Native Plant & Seed is an environmental nursery dedicated to providing a wide range of native plants and landscaping services for northern Arizona, northern New Mexico, and southern Utah. Our ever-expanding inventory of native plants, many grown from locally-collected seeds and cuttings, are genetically adapted to the harsh climate of our region. Native plants are beautiful, drought tolerant, wind tolerant, and hardy. Our non-native plants are chosen for their drought tolerant attributes and non-invasive characteristics.
    Gratiot Lake Basketry
      US - Northeast
    Commercial source for all kinds of basketry supplies out of Michigan.
    A source for Corona Real Corn Husks for use as food wrapers, but a great source for corn husk weaving supplies.
    Natural Craft Supply
      US - Southeast
    Welcome to Natural Craft Supply, a great place to shop for high quality, all-natural craft supplies. We offer a small collection of completely organic, chemical free products for various crafting uses.
    Nichols Garden Nursery
      US - West
    Herbs and rare Seeds. Our purpose during these years has been to bring people closer to nature through gardening. We love it, because gardening keeps us physically active while providing a source of many of our most nutritious and delicious meals just a few steps from our back door. Did you know that the home garden can be two to four times more productive than commercial agriculture, producing hundreds of dollars worth of food in a single season?
    North Country Pine
      US - Northeast
    Princess pine, Natural green or white moss, Birch Bark Tubes, Mossy Branches and other forest products.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Penobscot Brown Ash & Sweetgrass Basketry
    Penobscot US - Northeast
    Baskets by Barbara D. Francis, A Penobscot Master Basketmaker.
    More sites on www.penobie.com
    Redwood City Seed Company
      US - West
    Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) growing & plant ordering information.
    Richters Herbs
    Medicinal, Culinary, Aromatic - Plants & Seeds -- Online Catalog, and more in News & info, Education and Events.
    Seedman.com - Seeds from around the world
      US - Northeast
    SBE is a family owned and operated business that primarily deals in unusual seeds collected from around the world. We have a network of seed suppliers that span the world, always finding new and exciting seed species to sell through our dealers. All seeds sold are from certified seed collectors or growers. All federal and state seed laws known to us are rigidly obeyed and adhered to. We maintain a strict quality control program and do our own seed germination tests.
    Table Rock Llamas
    Online resource for Natural Dye extracts and pigments. We offer creative color tools for rich and vibrant results. Formerly The Dyeworks.
    V.I. Reed & Cane
      US - Northeast
    Basketweaving Supplies & Kits - Mailorder supplier of BASKETWEAVING KITS & SUPPLIES for beginners & advanced. Reed, cane, hoops, carved handles, seagrass, D-handles, raffia, tray bases, "Basketry Studio A" kits & patterns, everything you need- and the FRIENDLIEST basketweavers to help you out! New Basketweaving VIDEOS, too.

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