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    Resources: 22 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Aboriginal Canada Portal
    The Aboriginal Canada Portal, your single window to Canadian Aboriginal on-line resources, contacts, information, and government programs and services
    More sites on www.aboriginalcanada.gc.ca
    Aboriginal Connections - An Indigenous Peoples Web Directory
    A comprehensive web directory presenting categorized information to Canadian Aboriginal, Native American Indian and International Indigenous sites on the world wide web.
    More sites on www.aboriginalconnections.com
    Brazilink Indigenous People
      America - South
    Brazilink is a non-profit, educational and informative portal on Brazilian development issues. Our sources are selected by experts and continuously updated by volunteers worldwide.
    CultureCanada.gc.ca - Aboriginal Culture and Heritage
    Aboriginal Culture and Heritage section of CultureCanada.gc.ca, the government of Canada's portal to information on Canadian Culture and Heritage.
    Deer Lake Community Site
    Cree Canada
    Community site for the Oji-Cree. Deer Lake, Ontario is located in Canada. The website was developed recently and will continue to be updated regularly when information is submitted.
    Disinformation - the subculture search engine
    The original "subculture search engine" (tm) has been completely revised and is once more the most exhaustive library of all things alternative available on the web today. Every site we review and link to in our dossiers is fully spidered and indexed by our search engine and the results are then ranked by relevancy for your convenience.
    Ethnic Arts Network
      United States
    We are a community of Ethnic Artists supporting Ethnic Arts and related events and information.
    IFIwatchnet presents independent, critical perspectives on IFIs such as the World Bank, IMF, and regional development banks. For information about IFI policies on indigenous peoples, please use our search engine at http://www.ifiwatchnet.org/
      Europe & Russia
    Huge directory of websites related Natve American issues mainly in German and English
      US - Northwest
    Computer Resources (www.node11.com) is working with miahacienda.com to build a website for the Latino community. The website is a resource for information dealing with medical and outreach programs, immigration, finding jobs, a place to share information about events, and more.
    MSU Global Access
    Developed under the auspices of the Michigan State University Office of International Studies and Programs as part of a major international outreach initiative. The site is backed by a searchable database of over 5,000 annotated links, and features country specific pages, maps, international news headlines, and more.
    Passamaquoddy US - Northeast
    This is a startup website with various links to NEWS, MEDIA and ENTERTAINMENT sites/topics. There are short range plans to expand to email, blog, business networking and personals.
      US - Southeast
    A comprehensive portal site for Native American resources on the internet
    Navajo Square
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Navajo Square - Internet portal providing chat, forum, profiles, news, blogs, and many other services to the Navajo people and beyond.
    Pueblos Indígenas de México
    Web Site of Instituto Nacional Indigenista- México. General information about the indigenous people in Mexico. Content: Music on demand, Video, photo gallery, arts, documents, books, statistics year 2000, rights and laws, monographs and maps. Yaquis Zapotecos (Istmo Tehuantepec) Zapotecos (Sierra Norte -Oaxaca) Zapotecos (Valles Centrales) Zoques de Chiapas
    Ser Indigena
      Pacific - South
    Ser Indigena, es un portal de las culturas originarias que existen y existieron en el actual territorio chileno. El sitio web es parte del Area de Culturas Originarias, de la División de Cultura, del Ministerio de Educación, del Gobierno de Chile.
    Spanish Canadian Web
    News and Information for the Spanish community in Canada.
    More sites on www.vcn.bc.ca
    The Anishinabe Portal
    Chippewa United States
    Chippewa Indian history links (on the same site or, Chippewa Indian history links not linked to other web sites, which means you won't have to go to other web sites) as well as an Chippewa or, an Anishinabe news newsletter.
    The Hundu Universe
    This Hindu Universe is for Hindus everywhere. It includes a Timeline of 'Indian History Corrected of British Distortions'.
    the Peacepipe Network
    Yokuts US - West
    Welcome to the Peacepipe Network! On this site you will find Links to hundreds of sites with Native American Entertainment, Movies, Videos, DVD, Websites, Links, Nations, Tribes, Heroes, Role Models, News, Radio, TV, Pow Wows, Big Times, Events, Dances, Gatherings, Concerts, Stick Games, and much much more.
    TLC Africa
    Laguna Africa
    TLC Africa - Internet Magazine, linking you to Liberia, West Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa and the World. A portal to West Africa
    Tribal & Village Contact Information
    Karen Strom's excellent database of contact information for a very large number of tribes and communities of Native people within the United States and Canada. She offers an alphabetical interface.
    More sites on www.hanksville.org

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