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    Name and Description Nation Location
    anasayfa [img] Ute
    US - West
    anasayfa [img][/img]
    A&S Diversified
    Sioux US - West
    We are the only Native Amercian Machining company in Montana, 8(a) certified, HUBZone, Small Disadvantaged Business. We do Precision machining, Assembly, Welding, and Metal Fabrication. Currently for the DOD and with Warner Robbins. We have a large range of sic codes and NAICS codes. Come visit us.
    A.I.M. San Diego Chapter
      US - West
    American Indian Movement - San Diego, Ca. Chapter. Our New Approach Is "Positive Activism" In Support Of Indian Heritage, Culture & Sovereignty. Get To Know The American Indian Movement From The 70's To The Positive Changes Taking Place Today
    Abalone: The Native American Cultural Center of California
      US - West
    Abalone ~ The Native American Cultural Center of California offers a variety of online art galleries, education and curriculum materials, stories, maps, events, and information about their annual Native Spring Festival. An urban cultural center in San Francisco, NACC also maintains extensive connections throughout California and the west coast.
    Adoros Handmade Unique Gifts
      US - West
    Retails/wholesales handmade shawls, jewelry, dolls and other artisans wares from Colombia.
    Agency MABU
    Metis US - West
    MABU is an Indian-owned marketing & advertising agency specializing in planning, research, graphic design, writing, digital printing, commerical photography and website development. From Turtle Mountain.
    AlterNATIVE VOICES radio
      US - West
    Complimenting the public radio production out of Denver, CO and carried on American Indian Radio on Satellite Network, this site is updated every Sunday with events, information, issues and resources of local and national interest.
    Amauta Series
    Quechua US - West
    Information about the important contributions of Native Americans to civilization. Lectures and general information about Tribes in North, central and South America.
    Amazanga Gallery
      US - West
    pictures dedicated to the mystery of the rainforest and the beauty of aboriginal peoples...
    American Entertainment Presents Charlie Hill
    Oneida US - West
    Charlie Hill, the nation's most thought provoking Native American Comedian.
    American Entertainment Presents Floyd Westerman
    Dakota US - West
    Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman, actor, singer and songwriter.
    American Indian College Fund
      US - West
    The American Indian College Fund raises money from corporations, foundations, and individuals to support scholarships and other development needs at tribal colleges; is building an endowment to provide support to tribal colleges in perpetuity; and educates the public to the existence of tribal colleges and the role they play in rebuilding Indian societies.
    American Indian Disability Technical Assistance Center
      US - West
    AIDTAC provides information and technical assistance to American Indian tribes and Alaskan Native villages that helps members with disabilities live health, integrated lives within their tribal communities.
    American Indian Education - California Department of Education
      US - West
    Designed to assist educators in identifying the needs of American Indian students and providing them with high-quality educational opportunities, especially in schoolwide programs.
    American Indian Health Central
      US - West
    We are a group of American Indians dedicated to providing health, educational and cultural information, outreach, referrals, and counseling services to the American Indian community of the Greater Los Angeles area and American Indian communities in general. We also regularly attend health fairs and powwows (Los Angeles, CA area only) to distribute information to our community.
    American Indian Heritage Support Center Review
      US - West
    A review of the “Manataka American Indian Council” by the American Indian Heritage Support Center.
    American Indian Movement of Colorado
      US - West
    Denver/Boulder Chapter
    The American Indian Movement of Colorado (Colorado AIM) has rooted its political, social, cultural and economic program in four basic, essential, and non-negotiable principles: Spirituality, Sovereignty/Self-determination, Support and Sobriety.
    American Indian Program Council
      US - West
    AIPC is a subcommittee of the Denver Federal Executive Board concerned with the recruitment, retention and visibility of American Indians in the Federal workforce.
    Ancient Artways Studio
      US - West
    Fine Quillwork by Nancy Fonicello - Quillwork is the ancient art of embroidery using porcupine quills. It originated in North America and flourished for hundreds of years before the arrival of Europeans on the continent. With the advent of glass beads brought by the early fur traders, quillwork fell by the wayside, being preserved through the years by a handful of artists.
    Ancient Ways
    Arapaho US - West
    Arapaho beader Marcus Dewey has spent hours researching traditional beadwork designs, but when it comes down to translating those patterns into his own work, the creation process often occurs while he is sleeping.
    Anthro TECH
      US - West
    Provides web design and application development services for nonprofit organizations, companies, and individuals.
    Anthropology Answerable
    Chumash US - West
    The story of Humqaq, known today as Point Conception, one of the most sacred places in the realm of the Chumash. Page includes history as well as current issues dealing with modern Chumash and their relationship to the non-Chumash people and their monumental plans for development.
    Applied Legal Anthropology
      US - West
    Allen C. Turner, Ph.D. & J.D., Environmental Program Coordinator, Soboba Indian Reservation, San Jacinto, CA
    Aragon Native Sculpture
    Crow US - West
    I sculpt Native sculpture in alabaster, marble, and soapstone. I carve one of a kind pieces of all sizes on commission. Please visit my website.
    Arapahoe Tribe of the Wind River Reservation, Wyoming
    Arapaho US - West
    Archaeology Answerable
    Chumash US - West
    Archaeology Answerable, a sequel to Anthropology Answerable, deals with the issue of excavating Chumash and other native cemeteries, and the repatriation of human remains and artifacts to the respective tribal groups.
    Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana
    Assiniboine US - West
    Association of Community Tribal School
    Sioux US - West
    To assist Community Tribal Schools towards their mission of ensuring that when students complete their schools they are prepared for lifelong learning and that these students will strengthen and perpetuate traditional tribal societies.
    Avanyu Passage: west by southwest
      US - West
    We offer a site that specializes in New Mexico pueblo pottery. We are also offering our newly published book titled Santa Clara Portraits: A Proud Tradition through this web site.
    Az Carmen Contemporary American Indian Art
    Chickasaw US - West
    Az Carmen is an enrolled Chickasaw who paints, sculpts, makes dolls, and writes. Paintings by Az can be seen at IACA and ONABEN.
    Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits
      US - West
    BAAITS is a community based volunteer organization creating forums for spiritual, cultural and artistic expression of Two-Spirit people.
    Bead Bugle
      US - West
    The Bead Nfobase is all about Beads. Native American art is an important part of our site. We welcome all commerical and noncommerical submissions of articles regarding Indian Beaded Art. This includes artist profiles, exhibit information and projects.
    Bennie E. LeBeau, Sr., Blue Thunder - Teton Rainbows
    Shoshone US - West
    The objective is to end the needless developments of Mother Earth and remembering protocols in gathering the resources in nature.
    Bibliographies & Guides on the Native Americans
      US - West
    One of the most important, but least used, tools of research is the published bibliography on the same subject. Using this type of reference source will often enable a researcher to utilize the work already completed by someone else, thereby speeding up and improving the quality of work being done.
    Compiled by the University of Southern California Library Information Services Division.
    Big Sandy Rancheria of Mono Indians of California
      US - West
    As a result of a 1983 United States District Court Action, the BSR was officially restored as Indian Country and the people of the tribe restored as federally recognized Indians. The final judgment stipulated that members holding land in accordance with the BIA distribution plan may return to their land to trust status at their pleasure and the Association joint properties be turned to trust status, the first step toward the development of a self-sufficient community.
    Black Hawk Tobacco Shop
    Sac US - West
    We sell only the finest Native American cigarettes and tobacco products at affordable prices. Though our prices are the same or less than most discount cigarette companies, we do not sell discount cigarettes. All of our cigarettes contain Class A tobacco. Furthermore, they contain no chemicals or additives and are rolled with 100% cotton filters.
    Blackfeet Tribe of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation of Montana
    Blackfeet US - West
    Welcome to the premier source on the web for information about the Great Blackfeet Nation of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in northern Montana. Browse our site for information regarding the rich culture and colorful history of the Pikuni people. Learn more about our tribal government and visit some of our tribal departments and programs featured on our site.
    Blackfoot Man's Shirt and Leggings
    Blackfoot US - West
    The Blackfoot owner of this striking garment must have been not only an outstanding warrior but also an ambitious man of great wealth -- wealth that he lavished on the pursuit of sacred blessings and social prestige. In Blackfoot society certain costumes associated with the spiritual patrons of warriors conferred these benefits. This costume is unique in combining the distinctive insignia of three patrons -- the sun, the weasel and the bear. - The Canadian Museum of Civilization.
    Choctaw US - West
    About me and Arizona bands and there are some bands out of arizona! There are pictures,sports,and more stuff..there is a guestbook please sign the book please thanks!
    Books on Images & Stereotypes of Native Americans
      US - West
    Compiled by the University of Southern California Library.
    Boulder Beads
      US - West
    t Boulder Beads, Nargis and Shafi Naseri make finding what you want easy, and they'll be glad to help you design and put together beadwork you'll love. Beads from all over the world in ceramics, shell, glass, metal and gemstones of every shape and color are easily accessible, along with jewelry accessories and silver and gold chains. Boulder Beads also offers gemstones, carvings, crystals, minerals and gifts, including antique jewelry from Nargis' and Shafi's native Afghanistan, tapestries from India and Afghan rugs. Former importers of these beautiful rugs, they also wholesale the beads, gems, jewelry and rugs.
      US - West
    Established in 1986, in the heart of the rodeo & cowboy province of Alberta, as a Tannery Distributor for North American, European, & International Tanneries. Warehouse locations in the Stampede city of Calgary & the Klondike city of Edmonton stock a complete selection of hide inventories supplying from leather crafters to manufacturers. Combined floor space of 10,000 square feet, offer over 300 types, colors & lines of leather stock for immediate delivery. Website includes articles, how-to's and bulletin board to ask questions.
    Bridging Indigenous and Traditional Scientific Approaches
      US - West
    by Susan D. Hernandez, Mary E. Clark, and Mansel Nelson; hosted by The Uranium and Radiation Education Outreach (UREO) in Navajo Nation
    This paper presents two projects that bridge the span between indigenous and Western approaches to waste management issues that specifically affect native peoples.
    Bringing the Circle Together
      US - West
    suggested location: Los Angeles, California Bringing the Circle Together: A Native American Film Series is a FREE monthly film series located in downtown Los Angeles at the National Center for Preservation of Democracy. No reservations are needed and all screenings are open to the public. The film series was established to provide quality documentaries and films by and about Native Americans, and bring together a central gathering place where discussion and news can be shared with the community and its supporters.
    Yakama US - West
    This site is an ongoing gallery of this Yakama and Pawnee artist's work, which include several paintings, poetry, and plays. Also upcoming on the site is current events in the artist's career, residing in Longmont, Colorado. Bunky's work is very contemporary, often challenging his audience to expand their views and perception of Native people.
    Cache Creek Indian Bingo & Casino
      US - West
    In Brooks, CA
    Cal Nez Design
    Navajo US - West
    100% Native American owned graphic design and advertising firm.
    Cal Nez Design Events Listing
    Navajo US - West
    California Gourd Society
      US - West
    Gourd Art Exhibit, Sale and Classes-Don’t miss the annual California Gourd Art Festival 2005 at the Los Angles County Arboretum October 22 and 23. This fun and educational artistic cultural event will include a variety of classes. Booths of the gourd, beading and basketry supply vendors will be right there at the Festival. Take a class, get your supplies and begin a wonderful new project.
    California Nations Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA)
      US - West
    The California Nations Indian Gaming Association, a non-profit, Native American organization of seventy tribes dedicated to the protection of Indian sovereignty and tribal gaming.
    Casino Morongo
      US - West
    Cabazon, CA
    cathy a. smith's Medicine Mountain Studio
      US - West
    I do quillwork, beadwork, make custom braintanned historically correct clothing and accouterments. I've won an emmy award for the Native costumes in the film "Son of the Morning Star". I also lecture on Plains Indian art and culture. Lately at the Kalamazoo Living History Show
    CCC Registry
      US - West
    The California Community Colleges Registry is a large scale database containing the names, qualifications and desired position(s) of potential California Community College (CCC) faculty, support staff and management job applicants. The database is utilized by the 72 CCC Human Resources offices, representing the 108 California Community Colleges. This web site provides a number of services for individuals seeking employment as a faculty, support staff or manager at a California Community College.
    Chapoose Canyon Adventures
    Ute US - West
    Utah's Native American Adventure Company offers whitewater rafting/kayaking and rock art tours in Northeast Utah.
    Cherokee Language Lessons
    Cherokee US - West
    Provided by the Cherokees of California, Inc., a non-profit tribal organization. It is not affiliated with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, nor is it a federally recognized tribal entity. "We are banded together as descendants of a common Cherokee heritage. Our primary purpose is to preserve and pass on to the next generation our traditions, history and language."
    cheryls custom made roaches
    Creek (Muskogee) US - West
    all custom made porcupine roaches..creek made..You order and I can make it!highest quality available
    Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of the Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota
    Sioux US - West
    Offical website, Cheyenne River Lakota Nation. Home of the Mnicoujou, Itazipco, Sihasapa, & Oohenumpa bands.
    Chief Plenty Coups Musuem Electronic Field Trip
    Crow US - West
    Can you imagine what it was like to be a Crow Indian more than 100 years ago when Chief Plenty Coups was alive? There's so much to tell you. Did you know that the Crow Indian people believed that animals had special abilities? One of my ancestors even helped Chief Plenty Coups become a great leader. That's why he picked me to guide you on this field trip.
    Chinook Nation
    Chinook US - West
    We just want it to be known that we do exist as a tribe still even though the Bush administration says differently. We are currently fighting recognition status.
    Chippewa-Cree Indians of the Rocky Boy’s Reservation, Montana
      US - West
    Colusa Casino & Bingo
      US - West
    Colusa, CA
    Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee
    Comanche US - West
    In July of 1993, the Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee was formed with the vision of reviving the Comanche language into a "living language" once again. Most of our fluent speakers are elderly, and they are not being replaced with new, younger speakers as they pass on. We want to change that trend and provide the opportunity for Comanche people of all ages to be able to speak, write and understand the language in order that it and our culture might live on.
    CONAIE : Message to Mato Paha Summit of Nations 8/3/06
    Lakota US - West
    CONAIE's statement on the threatened desecration of the Sacred Mato Paha, also known as Bear Butte.
    Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation, Montana
      US - West
    The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes are comprised of the Bitterroot Salish, the Pend d’Oreille and the Kootenai tribes. The Flathead Reservation of 1.317 million acres in northwest Montana is our home now but our ancestors lived in the territory now known as western Montana, parts of Idaho, British Columbia and Wyoming. This aboriginal territory exceeded 20 million acres at the time of the 1855 Hellgate Treaty.
    Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation, Utah
    Shoshone US - West
    Astride the Nevada-Utah border, in White Pine County, Nevada and Tooele and Juab Countied, Utah. Seventy-five miles south, by unimproved road, of Wendover, Utah or fifty miles east by unimproved road, of Schellbourne Station, U.S. Alternate 93.
    CONIC Consortium Conference
      US - West
    October 30, 1999
    Conference targeted to nations of the Americas, sponsored by the University of California, Los Angeles, and Occidental College, Los Angeles. CONIC (El Consejo de Organizaciones y Naciones Indigenas del Continente) was the main organizing group.
    Construction in Indian Country
      US - West
    We are holding a conference, entitled “Construction in Indian Country”. Held in Arizona, the national conference will bring together Indian and non-Indian individuals from governments, councils, boards, constructors, and agencies to discuss the challenges in construction and construction management for American Indians owners. Tribal officials, tribal construction personnel, non- Indian contractors, suppliers, vendors and developers, and federal, state and local agencies will discuss the issues of construction management for American Indians, and prepare Indian and non-Indian constructors for the continually expanding construction projects in Indian Country. Trust and quality construction will be the major points addressed at the conference.
    Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe
    Costanoan US - West
    Originally from the area now known as "Carmel by the Sea" in Northern California just South of the Monterey Bay. Come read and learn how our Tribe lived in that area and how we came to where we are now. Learn what we are doing to help the Community and the Environment. Come in take a look and stay for awhile. This is our story.
      US - West
    Dana Couey, Wappo Tribe - Native American singer and recording artist of contemporary Christian music. Concert information and listing of albums completed to date. - A brief history of the Wappo Tribe.
    Coy's Dock Tulalip, Washington
    Tulalip US - West
    Information about the Tulalip Native American Reservation, the history and stories
    Crazyoglalas Tipi Homepage
    Lakota US - West
    Crazyoglalas Homepage Information, Links and Indian Humor.
    Crow Creek Sioux Tribe of the Crow Creek Reservation, South Dakota
    Sioux US - West
    The Crow Creek Sioux Tribe consists of the members of the Isanti and Ihanktowan divisions of the Great Sioux Nation. The Tribe was relocated to the reservation after Little Crow’s War in Minnesota originally designated reservation lands along the Missouri River recognized in a treaty with the United States was signed in 1863.
    Crow Tribe of Montana
      US - West
    D-Q University
      US - West
    California's Two Year Accredited Tribal College
    Dakota Curriculum Project
    Dakota US - West
    The Dakota philosophy and way of life is just as important and also should be taught to the children on a daily basis. This could be made possible through daily lessons, storytelling, songs, and dances within the classrooms at school. It is with this in mind that as teachers and educators we should all work collectively to keep this way of life alive.
    Dakota Lakota Nakota Human Rights Advocacy Coalition
    Sioux US - West
    The Dakota/Lakota/Nakota Human Rights Advocacy Coalition (DLN), chatered on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation, is a traditional grassroots Oyate movement for the protection of our Red Nations' treaties and human rights. We stand with the Traditional Treaty Councils and Elders on our inherent rights as indigenous peoples. Our members are volunteer American Indian activists and activists for American Indian issues involved in advocating for integrated human, civil, legal, and indigenous rights, and social justice for traditional Dakota/Lakota/Nakota People. In addition to advocating in these matters, DLN is dedicated to providing solutions to Indian families who face hardship within reservation and border communities.
    Dictionaries & Encyclopedias on Native Americans
      US - West
    Compiled by the University of Southern California Library.
    DreamWolf's Crow Dreams
    Crow US - West
    This is a page of My People, The Crow. I have seen very little of them on the Web and hope that it is very respectful and helpful to those who would like to learn of them. Cathy
    Yakama US - West
    Eagle Designs XIV specializes in ribbn shirts, fancy shawls, custom embroidery, memorial/giveaway items, hats, hoodies, jewelry, stationery
    Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma
    Shawnee US - West
    elk prairie vineyard
    Luiseno US - West
    Native owned vineyard and winery practicing sustainable farming techniques with the land in the highest regard.
    Federal Indian Law and Policy for Tribal Leaders
      US - West
    Federal Indian Law for Tribal Leaders: IPLP Tribal Leadership Curriculum is an online course developed by ArizonaNativeNet for educational purposes. The course has been designed especially for use by Tribal Leaders, attorneys, college students, and anyone with a general interest in learning about the history and development of Federal Indian Law.
    Fernandeno Tataviam Tribe
    Fernandeño/Tataviam US - West
    Web site of Tataviam Tribe in Southern California. Information and history of the Tataviam Tribe and contact information with tribal officers. The Tataviam are a California Indian Tribe of the Antelope, San Clarita and San Fernando Valleys in Southern California area.
    Fire Mountain Gems
      US - West
    Expensive but good quality and unusual beads, gemstones, findings, quills, how-to books, small beading tools and supplies.
    Fireweed Bead Company
      US - West
    We've been in business for 3 years now, making and selling our beaded jewelry and bead kits for kids and adults. Our line is completely hand-made in the U.S., and contains unusual vintage beads as well as semi-precious stones. Even the kits contain Czech glass beads and semi-precious chips.
    Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe of South Dakota
    Santee US - West
    Official website of the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe and Reservation.
    Fort Belknap Indian Community of the Fort Belknap Reservation of Montana
    Gros Ventre US - West
    Fort Belknap Indian Reservation is homeland to the Gros Ventre and the Assiniboine Tribes. Fort Belknap Indian Reservation is located forty miles south of the Canadian border and twenty miles north of the Missouri River, which is the route of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Fort Belknap Indian Reservation is the forth largest Indian reservation in Montana.
    Fort Hall Recreation
    Shoshone US - West
    The mission of the Fort Hall Recreation Program is to provide recreational activities and leisure time programs for the entire Shoshone-Bannock Tribes population.
    FPCC Talk Indian
    Dakota US - West
    This website and the accompanying audio tapes/CDs were developed at Fort Peck Community College through funding provided by the “Learning Lodge Institute” a W. K. Kellogg project that serves the seven tribally controlled community colleges in Montana. Fort Peck Community College worked with consultants who provided the language expertise. The consultants who assisted are Leah Grant, Regina Grant and Del First, all fluent Dakota speakers.
    Free Eagle Native Arts
    Onondaga US - West
    Traditional Native Artifacts. We use only natural leathers,feathers and adornaments.All products are made with the greatest respect and care by American Indians. Our crafts are unique and made in traditional Indian ways.
    Fremont Indian Rock Art
      US - West
    The Fremont Indians were diverse groups of Native Americans that inhabited the western Colorado Plateau and the eastern Great Basin of Utah from 400 A.D. to 1350 A.D. The Anasazi left us the great houses and kivas; the Fremont Indians left us the finest rock art in the world.
    Garden of Beadin'
      US - West
    The Garden of Beadin\' carry a huge array of seed beads from size 6/0 to 20/0, glass beads, stones, books, supplies. Order our catalog from our web site. Friendly, reliable service.Wholesale and retail.
    General Bead's Home Page
      US - West
    Serving the US in retail and wholesale beads, with stores in San Diego and San Francisco.
    Genocides of California
    Wintu US - West
    The author describes (some) of the genocides committed in California since 1846 with accompanying footnotes and sources. (excerpt)
    Global Exchange
      US - West
    Global Exchange is an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting political, social, and environmental justice globally. Please check out our website to see all of our activities and campaigns, including a store with fairly traded goods from all over the world, a Reality Tours program dedicated to giving travelers the real experience of a new environment, and activist campaigns such as Fair Trade coffee and anti-sweatshops programs.
    go native america
      US - West
    Join us to experience the historic, contemporary and cultural realities of life in Native America. Travel to the Heart of Indian Country in accordance with tribal traditions and cultural etiquette.
    Grand Entry
    Dakota US - West
    I am a web designer who has done work on several other sites including the Endahkee site on Native web.
    Grassroots Indian Nation Tour
    Lakota US - West
    From June 24 to July 6, 2001. Co-sponsored by Canku Luta (Red Road, Inc.) and the University of Wyoming and may be taken as a three-credit academic course. This program immerses participants in the culture and contemporary issues of peoples of the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Shoshoni Nations.
    Grey Dog Trading Company
      US - West
    Whether you are looking for Hopi katsina dolls, Zuni fetishes, Pueblo pottery or jewelry, Navajo pottery, rugs, jewelry, sandpaintings, metal sculpture,or paintings, or Inuit sculpture, we offer some of the finest work by top artists.
    Growing Tips for Native Plants -- Open Space & Mountain Parks
      US - West
    Native Wildflowers -- Native Grasses --Native Trees & Shrubs -- Colorado Native Plant Society: List of Native Plants Recommended for Horticulture -- OSMP Wildflower Brochure -- Weed Gallery - Don't Plant These!
    HatcH Audiovisual Arts Festival
      US - West
    The 2nd Annual HatcH Festival will take place October 4 9, in Bozeman, MT. and will include 10 Groundbreaking student films, representing the finest film schools across the globe, to be screened, along with 10 feature films, panels, musical performances, workshops, and it’s first ever Native American Showcase! For more information on ticket sales, showcasing, special attendees, and for opportunities to sponsor this unique Native American program, please visit the website at for full details.
    Havasu Landing Resort & Casino
      US - West
    Located on the western shores of Lake Havasu at Havasu Lake, CA.
    Headwaters News
      US - West
    suggested subject: News services Headwaters News is a daily synopsis of news and commentary, including Native issues, for the Rocky Mountain West from northern Canada to the Mexican border.
    Heart of Two Nations: African Native Americans
    Chickasaw US - West
    A personal site that list resources for classroom research on Southeastern tribes as well as a bibliography on mixed bloods. Includes community and tribal links.
      US - West
    The Hide House carries on the tradition by sourcing and importing leathers from around the world. Domestically, we do an abundance of "Contract Tanning" of various leathers including cowhide, deerskin, elkskin and bison. Today, The Hide House offers one of the world's finest selections of leathers - stocking well over 600 types of leathers
    High Country News: Native American Archives
      US - West
    High Country News is a source for Western U. S. natural resource issues.
    Historical Scale Models
    Yurok US - West
    Our services and products range from historical and on-site research through exacting scale model and full-size building to complete display project creation and management. We also provide indigenous architectural consulting and, in some cases, plans and kits.
    Hopland Sho-Ka-Wah Casino
      US - West
    Hopland, CA
      US - West
    The site lists the services of Modoc keynote speaker and seminar leader Cheewa James. Also included is an article and photographs on the Modoc Tribe and the Modoc War of 1873-4. Information on the book Catch the Whisper of the Wind, profiling 56 Native people, is also included. Indian Tea Company
    Lakota US - West
    The American Indian Tea Company is Indian owned and upholds a history filled with herbal knowledge. Owner, Joseph Hesbrook (Has No Horses) is first generation off the reservation, but currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A Plains Indian who has a Ph.D., Dr. Hesbrook combines the old traditions with education to bring about a higher knowledge and understanding.
    Indian Hand Gifts
    Sioux US - West
    Gifts, Jewelry, Herbs, Pottery, Incense, and Health foods from Northern Great Plains American Indians of the United States. Business owner Colleen Heminger-Cordell is a member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Tribe.
    Indian Motorcycle Trademark Dispute
    Umpqua US - West
    Part of the unsuccessful attempts at revival of the Indian Motorcycle Company was that trademark rights had been caught up in a complex legal web.
    Indigenous Issues Today
      US - West
    This blog highlights contemporary indigenous peoples issues from around the world.
    Inner City Slickers
      US - West
    This is a Non Profit Organization dedicated to the teaching of Inner City Youth who are in the Juvinile System, and need help finding their path. This program builds self-esteem, self-confidence, character, and breaks down the social prejudices that are so prevalent in our culture today.
    Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals
      US - West
    ITEP was established in 1992 at Northern Arizona University, with a vision to assist Indian Tribes in the management of their environmental resources through effective training and education programs.
    Institute of American Indian Studies
    Sioux US - West
    Established in 1955, the work of the Institute of American Indian Studies includes organizing campus programs to promote education and awareness of American Indian culture, issues, and problems; assisting University of South Dakota efforts to recruit and retain American Indian students, faculty, and staff; encouraging increased levels of research on American Indian life; and strengthening relations with tribes, tribal colleges, and other appropriate American Indian organizations in the state and region.
    Inter Tribal Council of Nevada - Nevada
      US - West
    The Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada, Inc. (ITCN) was incorporated as a non-profit organization under Nevada State Law on February 23, 1966. ITCN is a Tribal organization serving the member reservations and colonies in Nevada. The Governing Body of ITCN consists of an Executive Board, composed of Tribal Chairman from each of these Tribes.
    International Indian Treaty Council
      US - West
    The International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) is an organization of Indigenous Peoples from North, Central, South America and the Pacific working for the Sovereignty and Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples and the recognition and protection of Indigenous Rights, Traditional Cultures and Sacred Lands.
    International Indian Treaty Council
    Sioux US - West
    Declaration of Continuing Independence by the 1st International Indian Treaty Council at Standing Rock Sioux Indian Country. June 1974.
    International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management
      US - West
    The International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management is a non-profit corporation established to assist Indian tribes and other indigenous peoples in the sustainable utilization, management, development and conservation of their natural resources and protection of their environment.
    InterTribal Solutions
    Iroquois US - West
    InterTribal Solutions (ITS)specializes in two main areas of consulting: Technology Consulting and Business Management Consulting. Consulting services include Internet, Phone Systems, Project Management, Business Processes, Efficiency & Productivity Review and Import & Export. ITS has over 45 years experience.
    Jackson Rancheria Casino
      US - West
    Jackson, CA
    Stockbridge-Munsee US - West
    Nammy Award winner and 5 time nominee and Grammy Award winner and 3 time nomine
    Jewelry by Echota Cherokee Michael Anthony Cheatham
    Cherokee US - West
    Information site with pictures of my jewelry, my bio and shows I will be attending. I was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, IACA.
    John and Ali's Bona Fide Native American Literature and Poetry Club
    Pequot US - West
    Website to explore Native- American Literature and Poetry of and for today.
    Kawaiisu Tribe of Tejon, Southern California Native American Art and History
    Kawaiisu US - West
    Chairman Laughing Horse describes Kawaiisu Native American history, Cobaji tribal territory, Father Garces, Treaty D, Tejon Indian Reservation and rock art from Nuooah of Death Valley, Tehachapi, and Tomo-Kahni.
    Ken Rainbow Cougar Edwards
    Colville US - West
    Ken "Rainbow Cougar" Edwards, is a talented artist and entertainer from the Colville Indian Reservation in the state of Washington. Ken provides an opportunity for his audience to see hear and take part in traditional Indian stories and games. His is best known for his story-telling.
    Kenneth Johnson
    Muscogee US - West
    Kenneth Johnson, Muscogee/Seminole metalsmith featuring handmade jewelry, gorgets, bracelets and coin jewelry.
    Anishinabek US - West
    Kinnarees is dedicated to helping preserve the First Nation languages and way of life through the use of multimdeia. We offer internet design, multimedia design, multimedia production and graphic services.
    Lumbee US - West
    American Indian Airwaves show cases every Wednesday an independent American Indian Artist and/or Musician (music group). These are artist in the community that are not any major music label within, and outside of, Indian Country. If you are an American Indian Artist and/or Musician interested in "possibly" having one of your songs showcased on our show please forward a copy of at least one track on CD to Larry Smith (Lumbee Nation, American Indian Airwaves, Co-host KPFK, 3729 Cahuenga Blvd.West, North Hollywood, CA 91604
    KTCA Productions: PowWow
      US - West
    Each summer, thousands of Native American peoples across the country celebrate their connections to tradition and spirituality, to the Earth and to one another, in a social, personal and spiritual meeting: the PowWow. For many, these gatherings are an integral component of the Native American existence. More than an homage to a great ancestry, the Powwow is an event of contemporary significance for the individuals and communities making up the hundreds of Native American nations. In an attempt to capture the beauty, excitement and cultural importance of these events, KTCA has produced... / Photographs by Melissa Gerr/ PowWow: A Significant Gathering/ The Grand Entry/ The Drum / The Dances / The Songs / The Regalia/ Family, Community, Spirituality
    Lakota Journal
    Lakota US - West
    Weekly Native-owned newspaper published in Rapid City, SD covering the Northern Plains area.
    Lakota Language and Culture Center
    Lakota US - West
    Lakota Language and Culture Center
    Lakota Language Consortium
    Lakota US - West
    LLC is a nonprofit organization working to revitalize the Lakota language. It promotes language use in reservation communities and provides schools with resources they need to teach the language. - good place to find language statistics and other resource materials.
    Lakota Language Immersion
    Lakota US - West
    The programs run on common classroom computers and present the language in a variety of formats. The most used type of program, involves creating an, "electronic book" whereby each "page" is accompanied by an image, Lakota text, and an audible narration of the text in Lakota.
    Lakota Student Alliance
    Lakota US - West
    The Lakota Student Alliance is an alliance of grassroots Indigenous peoples and Students of the Lakota Nation whose mission is to advocate, sponsor, promote and encourage public awareness education among grassroots Indigenous people in the struggle toward Sovereignty and Independence.
      US - West
    Many different subjects which include Native American, history, horses, spiritual forums. Photo albums are interactive. Many different links, for research and learning. Open to all who want to learn.
    Lefthand Studio
    Navajo US - West
    Spiritual, cultural and environmental jewelry art, handcrafted by contemporary Navajo jewelry artist, Nathan Lefthand.
    Legal Plumes by walela49
      US - West
    Your source for superior quality imitation eagle plumes and other native american style powwow regalia!
    Little Shell Tribe
    Chippewa US - West
    Active members providing information, history, events, news, message board, forms, letters of impotance.
    Lodestar Traders
      US - West
    Lodestar Traders offers an exclusive selection of authentic, hand made vintage and contemporary American Indian jewelry and art. Navajo, Zuni and Hopi sterling silver and turquoise jewelry, Navajo weavings, baskets, and Zuni fetishes.
    Lodgepole Gallery & Tipi Village
    Blackfeet US - West
    Our tipi encampment and gallery for contemporary and traditional Native American fine art is located near Browning, Montana and ten miles outside of Glacier National Park. We add to the surrounding beauty of Blackfeet country with its prairie and Rocky Mountains a Blackfeet cultural expierence.
    Looking Back Woman
    Lakota US - West
    White Buffalo Calf Pipe Ceremony & Sun Dance 1971 with Ceremonial Chief & Holy Man Frank Fools Crow conducting, with John Fire Lame Deer. Also shown the Staff passed back to the women re:Richard Two Elk interview tape 3.
    Lower Brule Sioux Tribe of the Lower Brule Reservation, South Dakota
    Sioux US - West
    Hau Kola (Hello, friend) and welcome to the official site of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe. We are located in central South Dakota, approximately 58 miles southeast of Fort Pierre on historic Highway 1806 (otherwise known as the Native American Scenic Byway) or via Interstate 90 to the Reliance exit (Exit 248).
    Lucky 7 Casino
      US - West
    Founded by the Tolowa Indians of the Smith River Rancheria in Smith River, California.
    Matoska Trading Company Native American Goods
      US - West
    Fur, brain-tanned deer, feathers, earth paints, botanicals and native dyes, quills, beads, bells, shells, etc. Genuine elk and deer sinew. Nat. American art: beadwork, quill work, bags, moccasins… Great selection of books and tapes: Plains material culture, how to's, antique Nat. Amer. artifacts.
    Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village
      US - West
    Davison County, South Dakota - Life in the village revolved around a variety of subsistence activities. The women tended the fields along the river and creek floodplains, made pottery and sewed hides; the men conducted frequent hunting expeditions in search of buffalo, trapped smaller game, or fished. They also spent time making the necessary tools, such as projectile points, knives and scrapers, for processing the animals. The entire village helped in the construction of the lodges, gathering the timber for the support posts and roof, and mixing the clay and grass to plaster the lodge walls. Children were everywhere, chasing dogs and playing a variety of games, as well as learning from and helping the adults.
    Mni Sose Intertribal Water Rights Coalition, Inc.
    Shoshone US - West
    The Mni Sose Intertribal Water Rights Coalition assists Tribes in the protection of their rights to the use of Missouri River water, tributaries, and groundwater located on, near, and under their respective reservations. The Coalition also addresses all issues and matters related to their reserved water rights in a broad and comprehensive manner
    Morningstar Gallery
      US - West
    You are now entering the largest single display of tribal art on the World Wide Web! This site is your doorway to viewing almost 500 rare pieces of American Indian tribal art. Morning Star Gallery is famous both nationally and internationally as the premier gallery of its kind. Directors Joe Rivera and Richard Pohrt are your hosts for an exciting, ever-changing gallery tour of rare and unique works of tribal art. Together, Joe and Richard have over 50 years of expertise in collecting, selling and appraising American Indian tribal artifacts. Whether looking for a particular item as an investment, for a collection, or simply touring the gallery, please do not hesitate to call if you need personal assistance. The gallery is continually adding to its current inventory of over 1600 items. If you do not see what you want, we will gladly help you find it. A huge searchable index.
    Morongo Band of Cahuilla Mission Indians of the Morongo Reservation, California
      US - West
    We are proud to introduce the official site for the Morongo Band of Mission Indians -- your place for up-to-date information and nation news.
    Muwkema Ohlone Tribe Petition
      US - West
    Petition to demand that official recognition by the United States Government be restored to the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe.
    Naqmayam Communications
    Pechanga Band of Luiseño Mission Indians US - West
    Naqmayam Communications is a is an independent, full service 100% Native American owned and operated public relations agency serving the communications needs of tribal organizations, non-profits and companies.
    National Center for Cultural Healing
    Navajo US - West
    We are practical people who act with a sense of vision and purpose to support organizations and community groups to continually learn and innovate and to successfully align principles, goals, experiences, beliefs, and other cultural influences.
    National Eagle Repository: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
      US - West
    For hundreds of years, Native Americans have used eagle feathers for religious and cultural purposes, including healing, marriage, and naming ceremonies. In recognition of the significance of these feathers to Native Americans, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service established the National Eagle Repository in the early 1970's to provide Native Americans with the feathers of golden and bald eagles needed for religious purposes.
    National Indian Health Board
      US - West
    The NIHB, a non-profit organization, conducts research, policy analysis, program assessment and development, national and regional meeting planning, training and technical assistance programs, and project management. The NIHB presents the tribal perspective while monitoring federal legislation and opens opportunities to network with other national health care organizations.
    National Tribal Justice Resource Center
      US - West
    the central national clearinghouse of information for Native American and Alaska Native tribal justice systems. Here you will find numerous resources including searchable databases of tribal court opinions; codes and constitutions; a listing of available publications; a training events calendar of seminars and conferences; funding opportunities; information about our programs and services; and much, much more.
    Native American Art Sales
    Salish US - West
    Native American Owned and Maintained Online store specializing in Native American Made Products.
    Native American Dance Outfits
    Tohono O'odham US - West
    Beautiful Native American Dance Outfits in all styles - Traditional, Fancy, Grass and Jingle.
    Native American Documents Project
      US - West
    The NADP was begun in 1992 by Prof. E.A. Schwartz, at the California State University, San Marcos.
    Native American Fish & Wildlife Society
      US - West
    The Society is a non-profit membership organization. It exists for the protection, preservation and enhancement of Native American fish & wildlife resources. The Society's purposes are charitable, educational, scientific and cultural.
    Native American Health Center
      US - West
    Native American Health Center is a non-profit community-based health care provider targeting Native Americans and Alaska Natives in the San Francisco Bay Area. NAHC provides primary family medical care, comprehensive dental, Women, Infant and Children (WIC), mental health, youth services including a family fitness center, Healthy Nations Wellness Center, and a fully operational Native American Arts and Crafts storefront, Young Native Visions. NAHC operates two licensed clinics, one in San Francisco and in Oakland with a satelite clinic in Alameda and recently clinic opened in Fresno.
    Native American Multicultural Education School
      US - West
    Community leaders founded NAMES to fill a need: American Indians have by far the lowest graduation rate, 53% of those entering high school, and the highest dropout rate among all ethnic groups in Colorado. The result: An unacceptable educational situation and tragic human toll impacting the entire community.
    Native American Music & Books from WithOut Rez Productions
    Yakama US - West
    suggested subject: Native electronic stores suggested nation: Pit River, Paiute, Pawnee We are a record label & mail order company. We sell Native music, books, t-shirts, and sign Native recording artists.
    Native American Prisoners Network
      US - West
    New, main site replacing USP Atlanta Native American Prisoners Pen Pal Network. To obtain support for native inmates via pen pals; promotion & display of native artwork, crafts & writings.
    Native American Resources University of San Diego
      US - West
    San Diego County Tribes Website includes a chronology of events affecting the original inhabitants of San Diego County, information on San Diego reservations, and Native American campus resources at the University of San Diego.
    Native American Traders
      US - West
    For over ten thousand years, indigenous peoples have lived and thrived in what is now the American Southwest. From this harsh, unforgiving climate have developed the cultures of today. Kachinas to help with crops and moisture. Baskets, pottery, and weavings as utilitarian vessels to haul, store, warm, and protect. native american traders is dedicated to offering to you the very best in Native American art, not necessarily the most expensive, but the most that your money can buy.
    Native Discovery - D. J. Vanas
    Odawa US - West
    D.J. “Eagle Bear” Vanas (Odawa) works with organizations that want to grow their people and with people that want to raise their levels of performance. He uses traditional Native American warrior concepts and ageless wisdom to build powerful people from the inside out, leading his clients to increase performance, thrive on change, improve leadership and nurture the quest for continuous learning in organizations across the nation.
    Native Hands Co-op
      US - West
    A Native American Artist Co-op, Offering artist Technical and Educational services in the arts as well as a place to market their art.
      US - West
    The Global AI/AN Business Marketplace -- 24 hour Native News Feed .... American Indian/Alaska Native Internet News Site through the Morongo Band of Mission Indians
      US - West
    Native Youth Summer Academy and Camps offered in San Diego, CA. Follow the Red Road to the beaches of San Diego and experience a different vibe of education and wellness. Applications and Registration will fill. Submit early!
    Navajo Artist, Nelson Tsosie
    Navajo US - West
    Realist Sculptor/Painter depiction of Navajo way of life through Pastel/Oil Painting and Bronze/Stone Sculpture.
    New Echota
    Tsalagi US - West
    Dedicated to Tslagi (Cherokee) spirituality.
    Nez Perce Trail Foundation
    Nez Perce US - West
    The Nez Perce Trail Foundation official website: news, events, language, traditional art, tribal activities.
    Nichols Garden Nursery
      US - West
    Herbs and rare Seeds. Our purpose during these years has been to bring people closer to nature through gardening. We love it, because gardening keeps us physically active while providing a source of many of our most nutritious and delicious meals just a few steps from our back door. Did you know that the home garden can be two to four times more productive than commercial agriculture, producing hundreds of dollars worth of food in a single season?
    NNALEA Conference Registration
      US - West
    The National Native American Law Enforcement Administration (NNALEA) is currently planning its Annual NNALEA Training Conference & Indian Country "Homeland Security" Summit, held in Nevada. The event will feature an array of presentations from various government agencies and Native American law enforcement divisions and promises to provide a positive learning experience for all attendees. The conference and summit are being sponsored by the US Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing.
    Northen Nevada Native American Athletic Association
      US - West
    This is a site that promotes athletic competition amongst Native Americans from Canada & the U.S. here in Northern Nevada. We host various tournaments and have them listed on the site. We also will pomote and list other activities to help other tribes get the word out on thier event.
    Northern Arapaho Nation Dance Group
    Arapaho US - West
    A website by and about the Northern Arapaho Nation Dance Group.
    Northern CA Native events & news
      US - West
    Northern CA Native Events and News Group. A New Bulletin Board / E-mail List To view the bulletin board go to the following Web Site: To recieve annoucments from this site click on join on the home page, or reply to this e-mail with a note that you would like to be added. To send in announcements or press releases use the post feature on the site, or the following e-mail address: If you have questions you don’t want to post on the site, you can also send e-mail to: Harvest McCampbell: Please feel free to forward this message to anyone interested! Harvest
    Northspeakers - Native Americans of the Original Shasta County
    Wintu US - West
    Northspeakers is the English translation of the Wintu word 'wailakki'. 'wai' means north and 'lakki' means speaker. For many years, anthropologists have said that there were separate groups of people they named Hayfork Wintu, Wailakki, Lassik, and Cottonwood Wintu. Recent gatherings of descendants of the original people are comparing oral traditions. It is becoming apparent that the 'tribes' as described by anthropologists were originally Wintu who became 'scattered' when the gold miners and frontiersmen arrived and began their genocide. This site, continually evolving, is presenting 'our side' of the story. This site links to others which explain various views of the People of pre-history northern California.
    Northwestern Band of Shoshoni Nation of Utah (Washakie)
    Shoshone US - West
    OCB Trading Post
      US - West
    A Native American trading post in Glendora, California. We have gifts, sterling silver jewelry, glass beads, books, muzzle loading firearms and supplies, and craft supplies. If you live in the greater Los Angeles area.
    Ocean-Hose (tm)
      US - West
    A culturally sensitve book about oaks, acorns and the history of oaks in relation to Native American history.
    Oglala Commemoration
    Lakota US - West
    30th anniverary of "THE INCIDENT OF OGLALA" It time to come together in full support of Leonard Peltier's Freedom. June 26th, 2005, Oglala, South Dakota, Ceremony and Youth Awareness concert and much more. A FREE EVENT The 6th annual Oglala Commemoration
    Oglala Sioux Tribe of the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota
    Sioux US - West
    Owe Aku - Bring Back the Way
    Lakota US - West
    Owe Aku, a Lakota term meaning "Bring Back the Way", was founded in 1997 by Alex and Debra White Plume and their extended families. Owe Aku is a grassroots social change organization dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of the Lakota Way of Life. Owe Aku impacts the Oglala Lakota Nation, the Pine Ridge Homeland, and the Oceti Sakowin: the Seven Council Fires known historically as the Great Sioux Nation.
    paiute contemporary artist
    Paiute US - West
    Melissa Melero, a Northern Paiute from Reno, NV gives bio and slide show of past and present mixed media paintings and photography
    Paiute Culture and Language
    Paiute US - West
    Because our Paiute language, songs and dances are disappearing, this site was formed to preserve them by giving them as a gift to you here. I would like to share out beautiful culture with you here today.
    Palace Indian Gaming Center
    Tachi US - West
    The Tachi Tribe on the Santa Rosa Rancheria in Lemoore, CA
    Pechanga Entertainment Center
      US - West
    Temecula, CA
    Plains Indian Museum, Buffalo Bill Historical Center
      US - West
    The Plains Indian Museum, one of the five museums of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, features one of the country's largest and finest collections of Plains Indian art and artifacts. Through exhibitions, publications, and programs, the Museum explores the cultural histories, artistry and living traditions of Plains Indian people.
    Portage Environmental, Inc.
    Chippewa US - West
    Native American owned engineering and environmental services consulting firm.
    Prairie Edge Trading Co. & Galleries
      US - West
    You will find a vast selection of hides, furs, feathers, porcupine quills, horsehair, buffalo parts, sinew, fringe, trade cloth, bells, bone, earthpaints, botanicals, claws, shells, tin cones, metal beads, Czech & trade beads, selection of Italian Glass Beads. Also available are CD's, tapes, books & videos on Native American art, crafts, foods, history & culture. Section of moccasins, dream catchers, quilled & beaded jewelry, amulets & sterling silver Plains Indian jewelry.
    Prairie Edge Trading Co. & Gallery Tour
      US - West
    The finest in Plains Indian arts, crafts, jewelry, literature andmusic are represented in this site. Each item is created by hand, remains faithful to the Native American spirit and tradition, and to the greatest extent possible is made with the same materials and techniques they used.
    Project HOOP
      US - West
    Project HOOP, as its name suggests, is a national, multi- disciplinary initiative to advance Native theater artistically, academically, and professionally.
    Promenade's Le Bead Shop
      US - West
    The selection of beads are made of glass, Austrian crystal, wood, precious & non-precious metal, shell, gemstone, bone, cinnabar & amber from ancient to modern manufacture. Rhinestones, sequins, metal studs & appliqués can be found here too. There is everything here a jewelry designer (professional or beginner) needs: stringing materials, instruction books, findings & a helpful staff that will assist with just about any project.
    Protect the Sacred Red Stone
    Nakota US - West
    Protect Sacred Red Stone (aka pipestone) petition/bill
    Quia - Cheyenne/ Grassland Vocabulary
    Cheyenne US - West
    Match the word form the Cheyenne cultural history and environment to it's definition
      US - West
    Native American Collectibles & Antiques. Blankets,Pottery,Jewelry,Baskets, Kachina Dolls, Fetishes,Weapons, Clothing
    Raven's Tsalagi Resources
    Tsalagi US - West
    Major resources offered are a listing of printed materials, a lexicon of Tsalagi words, and links to other resources. I am currently in the process of updating the site's links. thank you jen
    Red Nation Celebration
      US - West
    Red Nation Celebration (RNC) is a non profit American Indian organization established to premiere contemporary and traditional American Indian artists to the mainstream media and to the global communities to encourage understanding of the cultural traditions and modern day issues of the Native American.
    Red Turtle Native American Arapaho Dolls
    Arapaho US - West
    Award Red Turtle Native American Arapaho Dolls. Donna Shakespeare-Cummings is an award winning full-blood Arapaho Artist who is in the Indian Market in Santa Fe, NM. Here Native American Dolls are a "one-of-a-kind". Experience the power and rich heritage her dolls represent.
    Redwood City Seed Company
      US - West
    Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) growing & plant ordering information.
    Reznet: Newz and Viewz by Native American Students
    Lakota US - West
    News from American Indian Journalism Institute, The University of South Dakota
    Rosebud Sioux Tribe of the Rosebud Indian Reservation, South Dakota
    Sioux US - West
    Sicangu Oyate - Located in Rosebud, South Dakota
    Running for Justice
    Blackfeet US - West
    Zacary RunningWolf Brown, Blackfeet Tribe, is running 5,000 miles - San Francisco to Philadelphia - to demand justice and a new trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal, an African American journalist on death row.
    S & K Holding Company
    Flathead US - West
    Promoting products hand harvested on the reservation by tribal members. Marketing those products as well as independent tribal members arts and crafts, and other business entities.
    Sacajawea's people exiled after the Lewis and Clark Expedition
    Shoshone US - West
    Banished from our homelands in 1907 and seeking to return ever since, the Lemhi-Shoshone people create a dilemma for the nation. As it prepares to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery, the United States needs to reassess its commitment to the Lemhi-Shoshone. The obligation the nation acknowledges toward wolf and salmon recovery efforts is dwarfed by the responsibility it faces in treating fairly the people who played such a crucial role in advancing the success of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
    San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians of the San Manual Reservation, California
      US - West
    The San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians is a federally recognized American Indian tribe located near the city of Highland, Calif. The Serrano Indians are the indigenous people of the San Bernardino highlands, passes, valleys and mountains who share a common language and culture. The San Manuel reservation was established in 1891 and recognized as sovereign nation with the right of self-government.
    San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino
      US - West
    San Manuel Band of Mission Indians
    Santotzin of the Brown Recluse
    Aztec (Nahua) US - West
    Personal evolution manifested through art forms. You'll love the basic message of struggle metamorphed into positive motivation to build for the future. Native Hip Hop at it's finest...PEACE (Mexica, Dine & Pima).
    Sawol - A Catalog for California Indigenous Cultures
      US - West
    Sawol is a catalog of the art from the indigenous cultures in California. This site includes not only art but creation stories, history and culture.
    Scotts Valley Band of Pomo Indians of California
    Pomo US - West
    The Scotts Valley Band of Pomo Indians is a federally recognized Indian Tribe. We are one of several bands of Pomo Indians located in Lake County. The Pomo Tribes are currently located in Lake, Mendocino and Sonoma counties in Northern California. The ancestors of the Pomo Tribes were in this area for thousands of years before European arrival and settlement.
    Seventh Generation Fund
      US - West
    The only Native American intermediary foundation and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining the uniqueness of Native Peoples and our nations, with a dynamic integrated program of issue advocacy, small grants, technical assistance, management training and leadership development.
    Shalawa Meadow Medicine Circle
    Chumash US - West
    The story of Shalawa Meadow Medicine Circle, protecting an ancient Chumash burial ground in the most prime real estate in Southern California.
    Sherman Indian Museum
      US - West
    The Sherman Indian High School was one of several off-reservation boarding schools opened by the United States government in the late 1800s. The intention of these schools was to assimilate Native Americans into mainstream society. The Sherman Indian Museum, located on the Sherman Indian High School grounds in Riverside, California, not only houses traditional Native American collections, it preserves more than a century of the school's student body history, heritage and pride.
    Shoshone Tribe of the Wind River Reservation, Wyoming
    Shoshone US - West
    Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe of the Lake Traverse Reservation, South Dakota
    Sioux US - West
    Welcome to the Website of the Weekly Newspaper of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate (People) of the Lake Traverse Reservation (Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe)
    Sky Ute Casino
    Ute US - West
    Southern Ute Indian Tribe in Ignacio, CO
    Solidify Our Sovereignty
      US - West
    On August 22nd, 1998, the California Indian People from our many Indian Communities gathered at Pala Reservation to begin the first steps of a Prayer Walk (spiritual) to establish the unification of our Native California People. We hold this vision as a "United Nations of California Tribes", and are walking to Save Our Sovereignty!
    Song Stick Native American Flutes And Music
    Blackfeet US - West
    Hand Crafted Native American Flutes and music by Troy De Roche, an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation. Expressing traditonal values and the spiritual nature of the Native American people through music is the goal of this Native American Music Awards Nominee. His original compostions are played from the heart without synthesizers so the true voice of the flute may be heard.
    Southern California Indian Center, Inc.
      US - West
    The Southern California Indian Center serves the needs of the Southern California American Indian Community. Programs include health services, programs for Elders, food programs for children. They also sponsor the largest Pow Wow in Southern Califoria.
    Southern Ute Tribal History (includes maps)
    Ute US - West
    from the Official Southern Ute Web site.
    Soux Trading Post
      US - West
    Sioux Trading Post has provided unique, quality craft supplies to artisans, crafts people and historical recreators since 1957. Beads, craft supplies, botanicals, feathers, etc. South Dakota.
    Spaces Still Available for the Grassroots Indian Nation Tour
    Lakota US - West
    Spaces are still available for the 2001 Grassroots Indian Nation Tour --- Lakota (SD), Northern Cheyenne (MT), Arapaho and Shoshone (WY). The dates are June 24 - July 6(meeting and ending in Laramie, WY).
    Spirit Lake Tribe, North Dakota
      US - West
    Puyallup US - West
    We are a Native and Alaskan Native and other minority healthcare services company. We manage and deliver prescription drugs, we manage treatments and therapies, we contract with medical schools and drug companies to do clinical trials and healthcare studies. We support healing and old remedies.
    Spring Bear Pow-wow
      US - West
    Spring Bear Pow-wow is a non-contest, traditional gathering. Enjoy dancing, singing, frybread and food, and some of the areas finest artists and craftpeople selling their wares.
    Standing Bear's Trading Post
      US - West
    Leathercraft and Native American Craft Supplies
    Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North & South Dakota
    Sioux US - West
    Supernaw's Oklahoma Indian Supply
      US - West
    Czechoslovakian seed beads, cuts, bugle beads, hex beads, galvanized beads, metal beads, fire polish, tile, other beadworking suplies, German silverwork, and other supplies from bells to quills to feathers and fringe. Indian owned and operated company... in business over 30 years. Friendly and very helpful!
    Suscol Intertribal Council
      US - West
    Suscol Intertribal Council plans to develop a Native American Cultural Center on it's land in Pope Valley for urban indians, landless tribes, and tribal groups to use for ceremonies such as Pow-wows and Big Times, workshops, to harvest basketry plants, medicinal plants and for education to the general public about California Native Indians.
    SUSD Stockton Community Labor Day Weekend PowWow
    Creek (Muskogee) US - West
    Annual Stockton Community Labor Day Weekend PowWow (SCLDWP)and Winter PowWow(this year, our nineteenth!) is a sub-committee. Contains info on Title IX, PowWow info, links, Native American Indian Center (NAIC).
    Sustainable Nations Development Project
      US - West
    Native American led and staffed nonprofit providing renewable energy, sustainable building, and alternative wastewater treatment training and project development for Native Peoples.
    Sycuan Casino
      US - West
    El Cajon, California
    Chumash US - West
    The history of Syukhtun, the main town of the Chumash realm on California's Pacific coast, inhabited for eight thousand years up to the present day by the Chumash.
    Syukhtun Editions
    Achumawi US - West
    Variations on Native Californian themes for solo guitar by Theo Radic
    Taking Back "The Rock" (Alcatraz)
      US - West
    by Ben Winton, in Native Peoples Magazine; "Thirty years ago this fall (1999), the American Indian occupation of Alcatraz transformed the lives of Native peoples. How does it look today?"
    Tarzana Treatment Centers
      US - West
    Since 1972, Tarzana Treatment Centers has provided high quality, affordable behavioral healthcare and treatment services in Los Angeles County. Our mission and values are realized through a continuum of integrated alcohol and drug addiction treatment, education, mental health, medical detox and residential rehab for teens / youth, and adults. We also provide outpatient services, sober living housing, after care, HIV / AIDS Services, Prop 36, family medical care, women’s services, family counseling, domestic violence intervention, anger management and community education services.
    Tatanka Winds
    Lakota US - West
    A site for restoring a corner of the plains to its virgin state.
    The Arapaho Project
    Arapaho US - West
    Virtual Gallery Tour - the role of the artist, beadwork and quillwork, the parfleche, Sand Creek Massacre art - hosted by the University of Colorado
    The Bauu Institute
      US - West
    The Bauu Institute is dedicated to working with and for American Indians in their fight for self-determination on such matters as cultural impact assessments, archaeological site preservation, ethnobotanical studies, oral tradition documentation, and much more. Please contact us to learn how we can help you.
    The Cheyenne River Youth Project
    Lakota US - West
    The mission of the Cheyenne River Youth Project is to ensure the healthy development of Cheyenne River Reservation Youth by providing a safe, nurturing youth center evironment and recreational, social, educational and cultural activities designed to enhance the children's life coping skills.
    The Chumash as the Keepers of the Western Gate
    Chumash US - West
    The story of Humqaq, known today as Point Conception, one of the most sacred places in the realm of the Chumash. Page includes history as well as current issues dealing with modern Chumash and their relationship to the non-Chumash people and their monumental plans for development.
    The Cultural Conservancy - Creating Cooperation Through Understanding
      US - West
    The Cultural Conservancy is a Native American nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of indigenous cultures and their ancestral lands. We are a research, education, and advocacy organization. We provide mediation, legal, information referral, and audio recording services. We also produce educational programs and materials and technical trainings on Native land conservation and land rights, cultural and ecological restoration, and traditional indigenous arts and spiritual values.
    The Human2Human Network
      US - West
    The Human2Human Network. "Serving the Humanity of Humans".
    The Mixed Blood Uinta's of Utah
    Ute US - West
    The lawsuit of Felter -vs- Norton
    The Mystery of the Disappearing Indians of Texas
      US - West
    An interactive site identifying the reasons why the indigenous Native American tribes of Texas no longer exist.
    The Native American Institute at The university of Northern Colorado
      US - West
    The Native American Institute is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and experience to understand social issues germane to Native Americans and, in particular, to Hopi and Navajo peoples.
    the Peacepipe Network
    Yokuts US - West
    Welcome to the Peacepipe Network! On this site you will find Links to hundreds of sites with Native American Entertainment, Movies, Videos, DVD, Websites, Links, Nations, Tribes, Heroes, Role Models, News, Radio, TV, Pow Wows, Big Times, Events, Dances, Gatherings, Concerts, Stick Games, and much much more.
    The Shawl Lady
      US - West
    Simple, yet elegant shawls, custom made with 18" double fringe and double tied. All shawls are appropriate for Ceremony, PowWows or Giveaways.
    The Sioux Poet-Native American Poetry
    Sioux US - West
    Sioux Poetry by Darren M. Grine. Darren is a member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Tribe.
    The Southwest Museum
      US - West
    The Southwest Museum holds one of the nation's most important museum, library, and archive collections related to the American Indian. In addition it has extensive holdings of Prehispanic, Spanish Colonial, Latino, and Western American art and artifacts. For eighty years it has supported research, publications, exhibitions, and other educational activities to advance the public's understanding and appreciation of the Americas, with particular emphasis on the Western United States and Mesoamerica.
    The Tongva Nation Home Page
      US - West
    Home Page for the Tongva Nation in Southern California. Information and history of the Tongva Nation and contact information with tribal officers. Calendar of events and other links. The Tongva are a California Indian Nation that lives in the Southern California area.
    The War Party Boxing Club
    Washoe US - West
    The official site of The War Party Boxing Club.
    Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Reservation, North Dakota
    Mandan US - West
    Welcome to the official website of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation, also known as the Three Affiliated Tribes. We are pleased to offer this service to our enrolled members, visitors, and guests.
    Tsistsistas (Northern Cheyenne) quilled mask for a horse
    Cheyenne US - West
    Quillworker unknown. Late 19th century. Montana. (1.4443) National Museum of the American Indian - Creation's Journey
    Turtle Island Productions
    Metis US - West
    Turtle Island Productions is owned and operated by James M. Fortier, Métis-Ojibway. With over 15 years experieince, James is an Emmy Award winning film, video, and new media producer with national PBS and APTN credits. This site provides information on TIP's film/video production and web developement services, rates, and baclground. There is also extensive information on Ojibwe culture and Jim's personal background.
    Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians of North Dakota
    Chippewa US - West
    Tribal community web site for the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, Belcourt, North Dakota
    Turtle Mountain Chippewa Nutrition & Support Services
    Chippewa US - West
    Informational site for people who are interested in our elderly in the community.
    Twin Pine Casino
      US - West
    Located just south of Middletown, California is owned and operated by The Middletown Rancheria, band of Pomo Indians.
    UCLA American Indian Studies Publications
      US - West
    The American Indian Studies Center at UCLA publishes an array of books on and about American Indian peoples. We publishes nonfiction, academic books, and the quarterly AMERICAN INDIAN CULTURE AND RESEARCH JOURNAL.
    UCLA Extension
      US - West
    UCLA Extension offers Tribal Legal Systems: A Series of Online Courses UCLA Extension, the continuing education division of UCLA, presents in cooperation with the UCLA Native Nations Law and Policy Center, this series of courses is a collaborative initiative to develop, pilot, and implement Tribal Studies curricula in support of Native educational issues and community concerns. Offered fully online, these courses are available not only to regional Native nations in the U.S. and Canada, but also to the surrounding national and worldwide community who have a professional interest in tribal issues.
    UCLA Extension Tribal Learning Community
      US - West
    Presented in cooperation with the UCLA Native Nations Law and Policy Center, this series of courses is a collaborative initiative to develop, pilot, and implement Tribal Studies curricula in support of Native educational issues and community concerns. Offered fully online, these courses are available not only to regional Native nations in the U.S. and Canada, but also to the surrounding national and worldwide community who have a professional interest in tribal issues.
    University of California Santa Cruz
      US - West
    Employment opportunites
    University of South Dakota Anthropology
      US - West
    Much of what you will see is unique to this site, emphasizing USD's location on the northern Great Plains. Most relates to the archaeology of the region, but there are links to many other sources. Original material is being added frequently and is listed on the What's New page. There is also information on anthropology at the University of South Dakota, including hypermedia course materials and a student handbook that may be useful to colleagues and students elsewhere REPATRIATION AND REBURIAL ISSUES Many groups, especially indigenous peoples, have profound concerns about the ethical and respectful treatment of the dead by archaeologists, physical anthropologists and museums. The issue is complicated with concerns ranging from academic freedom to the rights of the dead. There is a continuum of opinion about these matters.
    Uranium and Radiation Education Outreach (UREO)
    Navajo US - West
    The Uranium and Radiation Education Outreach (UREO) in Navajo Nation is an educational and public program implemented by the Environmental Education Outreach Program (EEOP) at Northern Arizona University (NAU) and the Uranium Education Program (UEP) at Dine’ College. The goal of UREO is to increase awareness of uranium and radiation health effects and environmental issues for elementary students, high school students, and community members living in communities that are impacted by uranium mining activities on the Navajo Nation.
    USU Native American Student Council
      US - West
    Information about the Native American Student Council at Utah State University, plus hundreds of links for Native American History, Culture, Education, Biography, Native Events, and others in relation to Natives people of North, central and South America.
    Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah & Ouray Reservation, Utah
    Ute US - West
    The Utes have a tribal membership of 3,157 and over half of its membership lives on the Reservation. They operate their own tribal government and oversee approximately 1.3 million acres of trust land.
    Ute Mountain Casino
    Ute US - West
    Towaoc, CO
    Ute Mountain Tribe of the Ute Mountain Reservation, Colorado, New Mexico & Utah
    Ute US - West
    The pages below offer a glimpse of the colorful past and the dynamic present and future of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe.
    Viejas Casino & Turf Club
      US - West
    Alpine, CA
    Virgil Masayesva Native American Environmental Education Scholarship Fund
      US - West
    A scholarship fund has been established at Northern Arizona University in recognition of Virgil Masayesva and his tireless pursuit to advance Native American environmental education and protection issues around the country. The principal purpose of the fund is to support qualified Native American students who are pursuing environmental careers, and others who are committed to careers associated with environmental protection of Indian Country.
    Wakinyan Records
    Lakota US - West
    Wakinyan records is a new independent/indian owned pow wow recording company. That was formed to help native american/canadian singing groups produce there music.
    Wakpala School
    Lakota US - West
    Wakpala School is the Smee School District Public School k-12 on the Standing Rock Reservation in Wakpala, South Dakota. We teach the Lakota language and culture, as well as a full academic curriculum. Our campus houses a day care center and a HUGE bus barn, as ALL our students are bused to school where geographic isolation is the norm. We are a community school and celebrate our trial resources as well as our cultural heritage.
    wanaunsapi tiyospaye indian tipi camp
    Lakota US - West
    Living history tipi village of the "family group who hunts buffalo"
    Wapato Indian Club
    Yakama US - West
    The beauty of the Wapato Indian Club's children as they perform traditional dance and stories w/sign language is truly a moving experience. This web page is dedicated to them, and a tool to help spread the beauty.
    Warsoldier Artworks
    Apache US - West
    Bill Soza Warsoldier (Soboba Band of Cahuilla Indians/White Mountain Apache) is one of the primary catalysts for a change which would make all of us "never look at Indian Art the same way again."
    Water Flowing Navajo Words
    Navajo US - West
    Poetry of every day living in Navajo Culture and everyday communication with other dineh people. May you enjoy my work of the navajo whom is in my blood.
    White Buffalo Woman Goes Singing
      US - West
    My online speaking site for all who wish to know.
    Win-River Casino
      US - West
    Redding, CA
    Winnemem Wintu Tribe
    Wintu US - West
    Official Tribal website - Links to Winnemem issues, language, memorials for elders, ceremony dates, related sites.
    Wintu of northern California
    Wintu US - West
    The Wintu Peoples of northern California (between the Sacramento Valley and the Trinity Mountain Ranges)
    Women and Girls' Tech Up
      US - West
    Women and Girls’ Tech Up, a collaboration of sixteen California women and girls’ organizations, recently unveiled, a webzine that showcases key discussion topics and creative work from an 18-month electronic conference.
    Yakama US - West
    We are a new site, we provide rodeo and pow wow information along with Native Music information. We also will be offering products for sale by American Indian artists in the near future. Our goal is to provide proper information to the world about the real American Cowboy, "The Indian" and provide up to date rodeo's and Pow wow's for people to attend
    Yankton Sioux Tribe of South Dakota
    Sioux US - West
    The Yankton Service Unit provides services to the Yankton Sioux Tribe, the Santee Sioux Tribe of Nebraska, and the Northern Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.
    Yosemite Indian Coalition
      US - West
    Committed to ending the desecration conducted by the National Park Service towards the Yosemite Indian.
    Youth Awareness Concert
    Lakota US - West
    Youth Awareness Concert 25th Year Commemoration of Incident At Oglala: Calling for Peace, Reconciliation, and Freedom for Leonard Peltier June 27, 2000 - Loneman School Gym Oglala South Dakota
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