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    Resources: 74 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Las comisiones de Turismo y Extensión Cultural tienen el gusto de invitarle a visitar la cabecera municipal con motivo de la realización de la tradicional feria anual y en todo y cualquier momento y siempre.
    An extensive collection of links and information about the Zapatistas.
    Antropologia Mexicana. UAM Iztapalapa
    Sitio de estudios e investigaciones de antropología social en México. Difunde la revista "Alteridades". Integra material de consulta sobre lingüística, identidad, autonomía y etnias. Galerías fotográficas y video en linea.
    Apoyo Tarahumara
    Tarahumara (Raramuri) Mexico
    Creating awareness of the environmental and human condition of the Tarahumara/Raramuri People and soliciting donations. Jose Rodriguez
    Artesanas Campesinas
    Native rural women artisans with a long handcrafts tradition; our site features the Aztec Calendar which contains much knowledge that has been lost.
    Aztec Calendar
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico
    There is not just one Aztec calendar, there are two more or less independent systems. One calendar, called the xiuhpohualli, has 365 days. It describes the days and rituals related to the seasons, and therefor might be called the agricultural year or the solar year. The other calendar has 260 days. In Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, it is called the tonalpohualli or, in English, the day-count. Most information on this Internet-site refers to the tonalpohualli, which is the sacred calendar.
    Aztec Dancers/ Danzantes Aztecas
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico
    Traditional Aztec Dancers (Danzantes Aztecas) from Mexico City.
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico
    Aztec history, culture and religion. Aztec gods, four direction of Aztec religion
    Aztec Manuscripts
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico
    The variety of documents we encounter in the category of "Aztec Writing" includes just a couple of native paper screenfolds, and a great number of manuscripts written after the conquest by native scribes and informants. This page is a list of key documents.
    Canyon of the Tarahumara
    Tarahumara (Raramuri) Mexico
    Centro Cultural Ñañhu Mbithe
    The Mbithe Ñañhu Cultural Center was established to help preserve and promote the culture of the Ñañhu community of San Pablito in Puebla, Mexico. Members have not only held classes in guitar, woodburning, screenprinting, painting for children and other arts, they have been active in the area of community development projects
    Centro de Medios Independientes, Chiapas :: Independent Media Center, Chiapas
    Independent Media Center bilingual Chiapas office and accompanying website
    Chiapas Zapatista Crisis Section
    News documents archive maintained by ZNet and Z magazine.
    Chief Productions
    Chippewa Mexico
    Chief Productions is a state of the art digital (NLE) Video/Audio production studio. We specialize in the production of educational videos of Native American topic. We also specialize in professional high quality 35mm and medium format photography along with a complete video stock library of Southwest and Mexico content. Owned by Burton McKerchie, a Native American filmaker/producer,engineer and consultant. Burton is member of Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians in Upper Michigan.
    Cholb'al Q'ij
    Maya Mexico
    These words are a call to support the transmition and teaching of the ancient Maya culture, the authentic Mayan culture.
    Coatlicue Theater Company
    Chichimeca Mexico
    After establishing independent careers working in Off-Broadway, Broadway theatre, television and film throughout the 1970s and '80s, Elvira Colorado and Hortensia Colorado joined together in New York City in 1988 to form Coatlicue Theater Company. Named in honor of the Aztec deity of the earth and creation. The company was formed with a dual purpose, seeking to explore and assert thir Mexican Indigenous identity, as well as to provide a voice for those experiences wihich are for the most part, all together absent from mainstream media.
    Copper Canyon Ecotouridm: Trekking Among the Tarahumara
    Tarahumara (Raramuri) Mexico
    Custom educational, cross cultural trekking in Mexico's Copper Canyon with the focus on visits to Tarahumara homes and meeting the people-- maximum group size 4, with or without burro support
    Declaration of Teotihuacan
    Consejo de Organizaciones y Naciones Indígenas del Continente / Council of Indigenous Organizations and Nations of the Continent (CONIC) (Mexico, October 25-28, 2000)
    El Centro de Medios Independientes Chiapas - Chiapas Independent Media Center
    Un colectivo de mujeres y hombres que estamos conformando una red de comunicación, con el objetivo de difundir la lucha que emprenden las comunidades indígenas de Chiapas.
    A network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth.
    A new form of knowing the Traditions of Mexico, videos, music, literature, classes, wardrobe, accessories, events, consultantships, directory of dance ,hospedaje and design of you paginate, 33 years of service
    El Studio Granados Fine Arts
    Apache Mexico
    Contemporary Native American Multi-Media Fine Arts Site. It also features "Native Mentors" and other News and links.
    Ethnic Tourism in the Sierra Tarahumara
    A Comparison of Two Raramuri Ejidos by Amy Elizabeth Anderson, B.A.
    Evolution of teosinte to maize mediated by copper
    Maize is the most domesticated and evolutioned plant member from the plantae kingdom but its origin has been a mystery since maize has been found highly evolved, with no intermediate forms known. In spite of extensive search of maize wild forms, none have been found. While Old World cereals have wild varieties preserved in nature, maize is known only through the cultivated kind (Zea mays). Since the last century several theories have been exposed to explain maize origin, the most popular of those takes Teocintle de Chalco as direct ancestor of maize.
    Frente Indígena Oaxaqueño Binacional
    Mixteca Mexico
    El FIOB es una organización no gubernamental que tiene el carácter de una coalición de organizaciones, comunidades e individuos de origen indígena, asentados en las regiones Mixteca, Zapoteca y Trique del estado de Oaxaca y en el área fronteriza en el Noroeste de México (Baja California Norte), así mismo en los últimos años se ha incrementado la membresía en el estado de California, en los Estados Unidos.
    Gaceta chenera
    Maya Mexico
    This site are the first web about Hopelchén town of a center peninsula of Yucatán in México.with History, News,Pictures etc.
    Guia para Pueblos Indigenas
    Sobre políticas, proyectos, asistencia financiera y técnica de Agencias Internacionales, Gubernamentales y no-Gubernamentales en América Latina. Comision Nacional de Derechos Humanos.
    Project Description in English.
    Hach Winik Home Page
    Maya Mexico
    The Lacandons are the indigenous peoples of La Selva Lacandona in Chiapas, Mexico. They refer to themselves as the Hach Winik, meaning True People in their language. Their culture is inseparable from the Lacandon Rainforest where they have lived for hundreds of years. It is sometimes claimed that the Lacandons are the direct decendants of the classical civilizations of Palenque, Yaxchilan and Bonampak.
    Handbook for Indigenous Organizations
    published by the National Human Rights Commission in Mexico on policies and resources of international intergovernmental, governmental, and non-governmental agencies regarding indigenous peoples in Mexico, Central, and South America.
    Description, Table of Contents, and excerpts in Spanish
    Huichol Indians, their Art and Symbols
    Huichol Mexico
    In the Sierra Madre -- History/Memoir on Raramuri/Tarahumara in Mexico
    Tarahumara (Raramuri) Mexico
    Groundbreaking new book on history of Raramuri/Tarahumara in the Sierra Tarahumara/Madre of Mexico, written by award-winning American historian and journalist Jeff Biggers. Also deals with Apache and Yaqui in the region, and is based on Biggers one-year sojourn among the Raramuri with his companion, a bilingual education and indigenous language specialist. Highly recommended for all collections and those interested in indigenous Mexico.
    In Tlanextli Tacuba
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico
    We are traditional, indigenous Aztec Dancers from Tacuba (Tlacopan) in Mexico City. Our site provides information about our group and great pictures of the Tellez Family Aztec/Mexica Dancers.
    Instituto Indigenista Interamericano
    Sitio del Instituto Indigenista Interamericano. Documentos de los países miembros: Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Canadá, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Venezuela. ONG's de Derechos humanos, América Indígena, Indian News, Congresos Indigenistas. (Site of Inter-American the Indigenista Institute. Documents of the countries)
    Maya Mexico
    About the Maya - Past and Present
    Jaime Villarreal
    A site dedicated to the Mexican artist Jaime Villarreal. It includes his biography, downloadable songs, poetry and photos.
    Maya Research Program
    Maya Mexico
    The Maya Research Program is a not-for-profit research organization that focuses on the ancient Maya. The Maya Research Program with more than 300 members is an independent organization affiliated with St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas. While MRP strives to better understand the past, we also seek to inform the public about the Maya, preserve and protect Maya ruins and assist those with similar goals.
    Mayan Astronomy Page
    Maya Mexico
    Includes information on the Maya Calendar, Astronomy and Writing. Provides a small amount of basic background information.
    Mayan Folktales
    Maya Mexico
    Mayan Folktales as translated by Fernando Peñalosa. Includes "The Disobedient Son", "A Mayan Life", The Rabbit and the Coyote", "The Rabbit throws out his Sandle", and "The Jaguar and the Little Skunk".
    Mercados Traditional Mexican Markets
    Profiles of hard-working producers of goods sold in Mercados. Interview with a Potter, a Basket Weaver, a Silversmith, Herb Collectors and others. Information on food, handicraft and produce of the area and a diary titled One Day in the Life of a Mercado.
    MesoAmerican Photo Archives
    Welcome to Mesoamerican Photo Archives, owned and maintained by David R. Hixson, a graduate student in Tulane University's Department of Anthropology. The purpose of this web site is to educate and stimulate the public with both accurate information and beautiful photographs of Mesoamerican archaeology. Within these photo galleries, you will find full-color photographs of archaeological sites and museums from all over Mexico, complete with detailed captions.
    Mexican Indigenous textiles , a vanishing tradition
    An educational non profit web site dedicated to the indigenous textiles of Mexico. It presents the textiles by ethnic group and village. It includes maps, photos of the textiles and village scenes. There is also an expanding base of anthropological material. Currently there are over 150 villages. Thank you Bob Freund Tlalpan, D.F. Mexico
    Mexican/Chicano History
    Brief historical outlines on mesoamerican cultures. Contains sections on the Olmec, Aztec, Mixtec, Zapotec and Maya.
    Mexico Deluxe
    Tours to Colonial Cities
    Mission Del Rey
    Tarahumara (Raramuri) Mexico
    Mission Del Rey is an Arizona non profit organization located in Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico serving the Tarahumara Indian people by preserving their rich culture through the development of traditional skills to bring economic opportunities directly to the people. Authentic hand drums, dolls, pottery, bowls and other hand crafts are made available online. Mission Del Rey is a fair trade member dedicated to the development of local Native artisans.
    Nayarit Online - Huichol Indian - Tepic, Nayarit
    Huichol Mexico
    This section is dedicated, with love, to the Huichol Community. We have developed these pages in an effort to help you get better acquainted with the "real" people, their culture, traditions and thoughts. You will not find an appeal for charity for the "Poor Huichol", only an honest effort to create a better form of promotion for their already world class artists and a better understanding of their interesting and unique culture.
    North East Zapatista (Solidarity) Network
    Maya Mexico
    "Unlike many of the Zapatista/Chiapas-related sites on the web, the North East Zapatista Solidarity Network is an actual organization, and this site is merely one of our organs. The NEZSN is an affiliation of autonomous groups and activists around the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada concerned with the ongoing events in Chiapas, in particular the Zapatistas' struggle against the oppressive impositions of multinational capital and the Mexican government."
    Opata Tribes Research Project
    Mexico/Southwest This site was created to educate other's about the Opata Tribes from Northern Mexico and parts of the Southwestern United States. This is an ongoing project. These indigenous tribes occupied/occupy the central and northern region of Sonora, Mexico. Their decendants are scattered throughout northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States. The Opatas were still a distinct group in the early 1800s. Some fought with the troops of Governor Conde against the revolutionaries in the War for Independence, Battle of Piaxtla, Opata Revolt, Yaqui/Mayo Uprising, etc. Please write to me and let me know if you are a descendant. I would like to hear your stories.
    Opatas Unidos
    Opata Mexico
    This group is for the descendants of the indigenous Teguima, Eudeve, and Jova peoples of Sonora, collectively known as the "Opata," for the study and discussion of our history, traditions, dialects, ancestors, and contemporary life in Opata country.
    Este grupo es para los descendientes de los pueblos indígenas Teguima, Eudeve, y Jova de Sonora, colectivamente conocidos como los "Opata", para estudiar y discutir nuestra historia, las tradiciones, los dialectos, nuestros antepasados, y la vida contemporánea en el país Opata.
    Programa Universitario México Nación Multicultural UNAM México
    El Programa México Nación Multicultural tiene por objetivo el incidir en todas las áreas de formación, investigación y difusión de la UNAM y en la sociedad nacional en su conjunto, con el propósito de estimular el la reflexión, el diseño y la definición de estrategias adecuadas en todos los órdenes de la realidad nacional para asumir plena y democráticamente el carácter multicultural de la nación mexicana.
    Pueblos Indígenas de México
    Web Site of Instituto Nacional Indigenista- México. General information about the indigenous people in Mexico. Content: Music on demand, Video, photo gallery, arts, documents, books, statistics year 2000, rights and laws, monographs and maps. Yaquis Zapotecos (Istmo Tehuantepec) Zapotecos (Sierra Norte -Oaxaca) Zapotecos (Valles Centrales) Zoques de Chiapas
    Pyramids of México
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico
    A student web page surveying Aztec and Maya pyramids in Mexico.
    San Pablito, Comunidad Ñañhu
    San Pablito is a Ñañhu (or Otomí) community in the breath-taking Northern Sierra of the state of Puebla in Mexico. This town is best known for the production of Amate paper, a handmade bark paper that was used for recording the Mexica (Aztec) codexes.
    Servicio Internacional para la Paz / International Service for Peace (SIPAZ)
    Maya Mexico
    Servicio Internacional para la Paz/International Service for Peace is a coalition of North American, Latin American and European organizations formed in 1995 to support the peace process in Chiapas, Mexico. SIPAZ combines violence reduction and peacebuilding strategies in Chiapas with efforts to inform and mobilize the international community.
    So Sings the Blue Deer
    Huichol Mexico
    "So Sings the Blue Deer" is a novel based upon a true experience of the Huichol Indians. It is the story of their 600 mile pilgrimage from the remote Sierra mountains into the heart of Mexico City--the world's most populous and polluted city--to obtain 20 white-tailed deer from the city zoo in an effort to save the Earth from environmental devastation.
    soc.culture.mexican FAQ
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico
    Southwest Indian Treasures
    Tarahumara (Raramuri) Mexico
    We offer pottery, drums, wooden dough bowls, and natural leather lamp shades with hand stitched rawhide lacing. All are individually hand crafted by the Tarahumara Indians using the same time honored methods used for generations.
    Suavecito Productions
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico
    This site is dedicated to the Anahuac-centric knowledge enrichment of our people’s proven intellectual and philosophical abilities We have been kept ignorant of the glories of our great and ancient history, a heritage that has more achievement and honor than the imposed European culture that we serve today. This MEXICA MOVEMENT site, presents the information and guidance that is necessary to help us take the first steps in the long road to regaining control over our land and lives.
    Tarahumara Indian News
    Tarahumara (Raramuri) Mexico
    A news zine dedicated to informing the world about the Tarahumara Indians and their environment and to preserving both. Offers articles on all types of related issues, including social and environmental controversies, travel information, etc. We encourage outside contributions (articles, photos, ideas, info, reviews, commentary, letters, etc.). We are not affiliated with any profit or other non profit group. The main goal is to provide objective information, while promoting Tarahumara rights and responsible tourism.
    Tefl Certification in Mexico - Teach English Worldwide
    4-week TEFL Certification course. Guaranteed paid job placement in Mexico and direct employment contacts worldwide, upon successful completion of the Tefl Certificate Course.
    The Eagle's Children
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico
    The Danza Azteca or Concheros is an esoteric Mexican Indian spiritual "path with heart" passed down for hundreds of years. At the great shrine of Chalma, Danzantes gather for the annual fiesta and pilgrimage, including Mexican-Americans from Texas and California, in search of their roots. (Spanish with English voice-over)
    The Mesoamerican Ballgame
    An educational website about this traditional sport of life and death. Play an version online.
    The Mexico Declaration
    This is a declaration by various newspapers and journalists in a reaction against how the media generally portray indigenous peoples.
    The Mixtec Language of Santa Catarina Estetla
    Mixteca Mexico
    Tu Idau, The Mixtec Language of Santa Catarina Estetla, Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico (A Variant of Peñoles Mixtec)
    The Scabby One Lights The Sky
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico
    Toltec creation story
    The Search of Lord Pakal Ahau in the 21st Century
    Maya Mexico
    The author describes syncronicities with the opening of Pakal's Royal Tomb as well as modern scientific thinking based on the Maya legacy of the Classic Era.
    The Tree of Life
    Totonacs Mexico
    The Danza de los Voladores (flyers) is a breathtaking 1500 year- old Mexican Indian ritual about the place of mankind in nature. Shot in Huehuetla, edo. de Puebla, a highland Totonac village, the film follows the ritual from the felling of the tree to the final, stunning flight. English translations of pre-Conquest Nahua Indian poetry are the only narration.
    The Yaxuná Project
    Yaxuná seemed to have been at the focus of interest for the eastern and western Yucatan hegemonies; it presented many large monumental buildings; it was a very old city, dating to the Middle Preclassic era.
    The Yucatan
    Maya Mexico
    Information about the Yucatan, including Mayan Astronomy and a Gallery of Images from the Dresden Codex.
    UNORCA: La Unión Nacional de Organizaciones Regionales Campesinas Autónomas
    La Unión Nacional de Organizaciones Regionales Campesinas Autónomas, UNORCA: representación campesina e indigena, de amplia participación social, de lucha y de trabajo.
    UNORCA: National Union of Autonomous Regional Farming Organizations
    UNORCA (National Union of Autonomous Regional Farming Organizations) is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of Mexican campesino and indigenous farming organizations.
    Update on Chiapas
    The following article is based on a proposal titled "Six Principles and Six Proposals" written by the Independent Indian Peoples Front (FIPI) and the Committee for the Support and Defense of Indian Rights (CADDIAC).
    We are here. We have arrived.
    Speech by Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos, EZLN. March 11, 2001 in the Zocalo of Mexico City.
    Translated by irlandesa.
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico
    We are traditional Aztec Dancers from Tacuba (Tlacopan), Mexico currently based out of Los Angeles, California. Please visit our site if you are interested in contacting us or just learning about us.
    YA BASTA: The EZLN Page
    Maya Mexico
    Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional Año 17 de la lucha y séptimo de la guerra contra el olvido y la mentira
    Zapatistas in Cyberspace
    The international circulation through the Net of the struggles of the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico has become one of the most successful examples of the use of computer communications by grassroots social movements. That circulation has not only brought support to the Zapatistas from throughout Mexico and the rest of the World, but it has sparked a world wide discussion of the meaning and implications of the Zapatista rebellion for many other confrontations with contemporary capitalist economic and political policies.

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