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    Resources: 18 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Abenaki Associates
    Providing professional training and computer-based services to communities and organizations.
    Abenaki Covered Basket
    The Vermont Historical Society is currently working with Abenakis to determine how best to use the Abenaki items in its collections; we hope that in a future exhibit we have more objects that tell the history of Vermont's native people.
    Abenaki Museum Ndakinna Cultural Center
    US - Northeast
    Ndakinna Cultural center & Museum is a non profit that is Abenaki run. We offer many cultural activities such as language classes, talking circles and drumming.
    Abenaki Stories
    Our oral history is intertwined with our storytelling. We have been able to keep our traditions alive and to teach valuable lessons through the use of examples that occur within our traditional stories. The use of non-violence in raising children has remained a central aspect of child rearing, and our stories emphasize learning from example rather than through punitive means.
    US - Northeast
    Black Ash Baskets, Hand made by Abenaki Indian Jesse Larocque
    Blue Wolf's Abenaki Indian Page
    US - Northeast
    Sharing my Abenaki tribal heritage. Native American, Genealogy, wolves, arts & crafts plus many more links to interesting sites.
    Center for New England Culture
    US - Northeast
    "We're Still Here" Online Exhibit Contemporary Indigenous New England Artists. This Web gallery is based on the exhibit of the same name that was on display at the University of New Hampshire Museum from Sept. 24-Dec. 22, 2005. It features the work of various contemporary indigenous New England artists, including bead and leatherwork by Chris Bullock, basketry by Newt Washburn, and many others. Some historic items are featured as well.
    Cowasuck (Koasek)Traditional Band
    US - Northeast
    Website of the Cowasuck(Koasek) Traditional Band Council of the Abenaki Nation
    Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook/Abenaki People
    US - Northeast
    K8li Paii8 Li Koasek -- Welcome to the People of the Whites Pines. Our people were located in what is now Coos County, New Hampshire. We invite descendants of Abenaki and Algonquin lineage to join our band.
    Jesse Bowman Bruchac
    US - Northeast
    Jesse is a storyteller, musician, and computer programer. He has a Baccalaureate Degree in Linquistic Anthropology from Goddard College, VT, where he created the first Western Abenaki Language Syllabus as his senior thesis.
    Morningstar Studio
    US - Northeast
    This is the work of a single artists who has studied the designs of the Wobanaki People (emphasis on Abenaki) and reproduces rattles, gourd vessels and bowls, dolls, toys and games, bead work, jewelry, and visual, fine art plus much more.
    Native Software Development
    US - Central
    Free native software and programs to download and review. Free Software Downloads
    United States
    I would like to invite you to become a member of our website, Olidahozi (Gathering). We are primarily an Abenaki focused group, but invite other First Nations and friends of First Nations People to share with us. We discuss current events, genealogy, NA issues, news items, web links, , gardening, herbs and cooking, crafts, recipes, and many other topics. Sometimes we just chat. We have an archive under which messages are filed by topic and also a photo gallery. We also maintain a site calendar listing NA events.
    Reclaiming the Word "Squaw" in the Name of the Ancestors
    US - Northeast
    by Marge Bruchac; "Squaw - a phoenetic rendering of an Algonkian word - means the totality of being female. It is our word for woman, and it is not to be used as an insult!"
    Red Fox Trading Post
    US - Northeast
    Abenaki inspired Arts & Crafts as well as a large selection of herbs & botaniocals, Teas, T-shirts, Leanin tree cards and more.
    Sunrise Trading Company
    United States
    A great selection of books by native authors, crafts, ladies'shawl making materials, and other crafting supplies. Run by Abenaki Lois Sunrise Cherry.
    US - Northeast
    All the News topics from Federal Government, Local Government, Vermont State Government,Abenaki News, Native American Tribal Government, and the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs that is fit to print and some that is not.
    Wes Davey:
    US - Northeast
    Wes Davey: mp3-Music site: Songs/Lyrics/Photos/Career-Bio/Music-Links/Etc.

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