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  • Letter of Solidarity from Nicaraguan Indian Leaders about the So-called "Discovery of America"

    The following is a letter SAIIC received from Kisan Por la Paz in Summer, 1990.

    "Dear Compaeras and Compaeras,

    We want to express our solidarity with all Amerindian Peoples. This is a very special occasion to raise our Peoples' consciousness
    about the 500th anniversary of the invasion. Invasion is the only word that applies.

    The Atlantic coast of Nicaragua was exploited by the British, while the Spanish conquest took place on the Pacific coast. Of course we owe our People's exploitation by the British to the Spanish Crown. Today in many Indo-Afro-Latin-American countries, the heritage of Neo-Colonialism continues: governments continue denying or refusing to recognize our cultures. For this reason we stand in solidarity with all those who are against the misnamed 'Encounter of Two Worlds."

    We are working on a Continental Conference to be held before 1992. For us, as People of the Caribbean, the mere word 'Indian' can be summed up as an ideological, political concept and a slogan of our struggle.

    We condemn attempts to limit Indian mobility within their territories, the destruction of our cultures, and the fact that our fate is determined in World Congresses, We especially condemn the horrible 12th of October, 1492. We propose to celebrate October 11 as the last day of freedom for the American Indian. October 12 could be called 'The American Tragedy."

    We are assuming the responsibility of raising consciousness among all Indian Peoples about the Counter-Celebration of the 500 year anniversary. We'll do outreach through radio programs, community visits, school conferences, etc. The 500 year anniversary brings us degradation, ethnocide and genocide.

    All one needs is to be a clear-minded Indian to see who divided us, who tore us to pieces and who submitted us to what is in their elite minds 'Third World' status." 

    In Solidarity,
    Kisan por la Paz

    Source: South and Meso-American Indian Information Center (SAIIC).  Berkeley, CA.  Fall 1989/Winter 1990, p.22-23.

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