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  • 1993 Year of Indigenous Peoples

    Second Continental Encounter of Indigenous Nations and Organizations

    The following organizations make up the organizing committee for the Continental Encounter:

    Coordinating Body of Indigenous Women of Bolivia
    Council of All Lands, Chile
    Council of Mayan Organizations of Guatemala (COMG)
    Kunas United for Nabguana, Panama
    Mexican Organizing Commission 
    National Organization of Indigenous People of Ecuador (CONAIE) 
    South and Meso-American Indian Information Center (SAIIC) 
    Tonatierra, USA

    The fifth meeting of the Continental Commission of Indigenous Nations (CONIC) took place from April 2-4, 1993, in the Ceremonial Center Ixacacal Guardia, in Quitana Roo, Mexico.

    The purpose of the meeting was to continue preparations for the Second Continental Encounter, a follow-up to the First Continental Encounter of Indigenous Nations and Organizations which took place In Quito, Ecuador in July 1990. At the April meeting, it was decided that the Second Continental Encounter will take place from October 8 -13, 1993, in the Otomi - Nanhu Ceremonial Center in the State of Mexico.

    The aims of the Second Continental Encounter are: 

    • To promote Indian unity on a Continental level, upon the basis of our own spirituality, wisdom, traditional organization and political philosophy;
    • To create systems of communication and coordination on a continental level;
    • To propose viable alternatives and solutions, based upon self-determination. address which address the issues facing our people.

    The main themes for the Second Encounter are: 

    1. Spirituality and Tradition

    2. Self-determination, Legislation, and Indigenous Rights

    3. Land Rights. Development, and the Environment

    4. Women, Family, and Community 

    5. Education, Culture and Youth 

    6. Organization and Coordination

    An international organizing committee with representatives from six regions was formed to plan the Encounter. More than 300 hundred delegates and guests are expected to participate. The participation of spiritual leaders, women, and young people is strongly encouraged.

    Given the historical pattern of domination of the South by the governments of the North, it seems very fitting that this effort to create Continental Indigenous Unity is being initiated by the Indigenous people of South and Meso America. Yet our unity will not be complete without the participation of our Indigenous brothers and sisters of the North. Any North American Indigenous communities and organizations that would like to send a representative to this meeting, please contact SAIIC or:

    P.O. BOX 24009
    Phoenix, AZ 85074
    (602) 254-5230

    A detailed outline for the Encounter can be obtained from SAIIC.

    Source: Abya Yala News, Journal of the South and Meso-American Indian Information Center (SAIIC).  Berkeley, CA.  Winter/Spring 1993, p.8.

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