Donate those gold rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.
Put the mining industry out of business.

Gold has been the greatest cause of misery to the Western Shoshone People and Nation. We have been displaced, murdered, our graves and life sites desecrated, our game and gathering areas wiped out, our water polluted, our springs dried up.

Man's quest for Gold, has left us destitute and illiterate in our own land.

There are 295 active gold mines on Western Shoshone Lands. The largest of these (American Barrick) profits at $4 Billion per year. To generate this kind of income it takes 10 TONS of Gold/Silver-bearing ore (earth} to extract 1 oz. or to make one gold ring.

This mine produces over 10 Million oz.(10,000,000) of Gold/Silver. To get that amount of Gold/Silver they must move, process and destroy 100 Million tons (l00,000,000} of earth every year, year after year. Combined, 295 Gold and Silver mines process 29 Billion tons (29,000,000,000) of earth within the Western Shoshone Territory every year.

Our most sacred Mother Earth, debowelled and destroyed.


  1. Donate your Gold/Silver Jewelry. We will turn your donated Jewelry into funds for educational and social programs.
  2. Donate the money you were going to spend on new jewelry for our programs.
  3. No more new gold; recycle your old Jewelry gold.
  4. Don't buy a new ring. Have the one you now own redesigned.
  5. Help create an International Boycott against the mining industry.

Send a message to the big international mining conglomerates that they can't destroy mother earth and her creatures and displace human beings in the quest for gold to make into jewelry.

Send to:
Corporation of Newe Sogobia
HC 30
Box 272
Spring Creek, Nevada
USA 89815

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