Pointers To Links On Makah Whaling Issue

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Hi there! I have compiled some links (hopefully in a non-partisan light) about the Makah Nation whaling issue. I hope it may be useful to anyone interested. I think this controversy exposes the many facets of the whale-kill issue as well as the diplomacy, intelligence and good humor of the native people of North America, in the face of intolerance and ignorance.

Whaling and the Makah people.

Here are web sites of the Makah nation and some other Makah pages. Whether or not you agree or diagree with whaling I'd advise everyone to visit them for information from the Makah perspective.

Here are some anti Makah-whaling sites, containing much information on the importance of preventing the Makah from harvesting any whales. Whether or not you agree or disagree, it would be a good idea to visit these sites.

Here are some pro Makah-whaling sites. Visit these too.

Here are some very good articles with lots of links:

Here are some recent CNN transcripts - they put the date in the links:

I have found a number of misc links relating to this issue: