Firehair's Eastern Tribal People's Support and Coalition List

Begun in early 1997, this list is mainly a news serve, distributing global news, and particularly US and Canadian news, of any kind regarding the daily status of native and Indigenous issues. The list also runs jokes (in good taste) poetry, requests for information, resources, some genealogical requests, events, and always, prayer needs.

A list/auto server is not used, the mail comes in, the long posting lists, the numbers, etc, are cut, pasted out (not everyone has a big band width, or time to scroll past stuff) -- and sent back out.

Rules are simple. No flaming, no public nastiness to anyone. All opinions are printed; if you don't give permission in the original post, it is asked for. No accidents -- without the auto serve, everything comes to me -- again, I ask if it's meant for public viewing!! I edit out nothing -- have been known to correct typos/separate into paragraphs for easier reading. If I comment -- it's signed. Anything I post on my list may be resent. The subject lines are specific -- read, delete, whatever. Urgent stuff is so noted.

Send a note to, and you are "in the address block." The posts run anywhere from 10 to 30 per day. Originals generally kept on file about 10 days or so.

All input, news, welcome.