Indigenous Peoples' Law and Legal Issues

This site is dedicated to information about law and legal issues related to indigenous peoples of the world. The 'main page' sometimes highlights items of urgent or special importance. Otherwise, all material is organized under separate headings.

Topical Reference Sites

This category includes information about specific subjects (e.g., religious freedom, prison rights, land title issues) and organizations specifically devoted to indigenous law, territorial and cultural integrity, government relations, etc.

Cases & Controversies

This category includes information about specific legal cases or controversies -- both current and historical -- including documents filed in some cases.

Speeches, Articles, & Essays

This category includes speeches, articles, essays, book notices and reviews dealing with indigenous peoples' legal issues.

International Documents & Sources

This category includes materials from the United Nations and the International Labor Organization dealing with indigenous and colonized peoples and human rights, as well as treaties and documents issued by indigenous international organizations.

Government Documents & Sources

This category includes documents (statutes, reports, court decisions, etc.) and agency information from nation-state governments related to issues affecting indigenous peoples.