The Uses of Hopi Baskets

Hopi baskets tend to be versatile, and are made with various uses in mind. Jars, serving bowls, storage containers, burden baskets and trays are just some of the many types of baskets that have been made throughout the years. Burden baskets, as the name suggests, were used to carry heavy objects, for extended periods of time and were usually strapped to the backs of men or loaded onto burros. Interestingly, burden baskets and peach baskets are the only baskets believed to be made by men, making Hopi basketry a distinctly female art-form.

Hopi baskets

In recent times, tourists have found much use for Hopi baskets as well. Bigger baskets are used stylishly as planters or clothes hampers, and peach and piki trays make good contemporary fruit trays. Medium-sized wicker bowls are also popular with tourists, who tend to use them as wastebaskets.

Hopi plaque

Coiled plaque with Hahai-i Wu-uti Kachina.

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