Hopi Baskets
Basic Basket Weaves

Three Basic Weaves

The three basic types of basket weaves are a) plaited, warps and wefts are indistinguishable; b) wicker, warps are vertical and wefts are horizontal; and 3) coiled, warps are hortzontal, wefts vertical. (From Tanner 1976)

Two Types of Plaits

The two types of twill plaiting are: a) over-two-under-two; and 2) over-one-under-three. (From Tanner 1976)

Wicker Weaving Techniques

Wicker weaving techniques: a) In plain wicker, wefts are passed over and under one, (see top figure, middle) or two warps at a time, then alternated in the next row; b) In twined wicker, two wefts are woven one over and one under single warp elements, twisted over each other between warps, and alternated in the next sequence; and c) The process in wrapped wicker is a literal wrapping of the weft element about each warp. (From Tanner 1976)

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